Trader Joe’s Tiramisu Torte Reviews

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31 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tiramisu Torte Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe I’m just a tiramisu snob, but I was really underwhelmed by this product. The texture is odd and the coffee flavor (a critical qualify of good tiramisu!) was vague and indistinct. Again, it may just be that I’m too accustomed to real, proper, handmade tiramisu. If you’re just looking for an interesting coffee-flavored frozen dessert, you might like this. If you actually looking for something that resembles tiramisu…keep looking.

  2. P hansell

    Best flavor. Give it a try.

  3. Shane Bockrath

    Lousy product.
    More like soup.

  4. Toni Belknap

    terrible soupy like melted cool whip . Do not buy

  5. Duffy

    Avoid purchasing this item. Followed defrosting directions & the result was a complete melted mess. We weren’t able to cut it like a cake – ended up scooping it into a cup & it was very gritty tasting. If I could give it a negative rating I would.

  6. anonymous

    It melted the plastic container it came in, hours after being thoroughly defrosted. I read the ingredients and don’t know what could have caused this. I didn’t want to eat it.

  7. Anonymous

    I defrosted it and it turned into a soup. Expensive garbage. There’s a comment from 2019 calling it soup – how are you gonna have a product like that and not fix it after all that time???

  8. Cherry

    Tiramisu Soup .

  9. Chun

    The Tiramisu is actually delicious. However, unlike those who don’t like it, I eat it frozen. The texture is really good when it’s frozen.

  10. e

    so good straight out of the freezer, no need to defrost wow

  11. Anonymous

    Don’t defrost it! Serve it frozen. It can be cut beautifully with a sharp knife. It’s delicious and light.

  12. Anonymous

    Makes a delicious frozen tiramisu ice cream cake. As others have said, eat it right out of the freezer.

  13. ANON

    I thought it was good not too sweet, but yes the reviews saying it turned into soup is true! Coffee taste could definitely be stronger. Just serve it frozen and wait a minute before eating it then it will be the right consistency.

  14. Lisa

    The flavor is decent but I didn’t realize it would turn to “soup” in my refrigerator (given that I only found these reviews **after* buying and trying the product for the first time).

    Has anyone tried refreezing this product? I know the box says NOT to, but why? What’s the worst that can happen? (Yes, I’m going to try it, LOL)

  15. Mary cassidy

    I followed the directions for the frosting and it turned into a sloppy liquidy mess. I had purchased it to serve to company and was terribly embarrassed. Do not buy.

  16. Ramon

    Frozen!!!!! Eat it frozen and you will not regret it!

  17. Ray Fleits

    I don’t know. It was a total MESS! Maybe try it frozen.

  18. Mikey

    Zero stars. Followed the instructions on the box. Turned into soup. Plus the bottom of the container fell apart. Why are they selling this item with all the bad reviews? Nothing is said as to eat before thawing!

  19. Verena

    Delicious, the real thing, every time I travel to the States I go to TJ specially (among others) to buy Tiramisu

  20. Verena

    Delicious, the real thing

  21. Anonymous

    the people complaining lack intelligence. check on the tiramisu after 30 mins in cycles and make sure to tap a corner with a fork to test consistency! its really good if you can follow instructions right. the ladyfingers part is soo yummyyyy

  22. robyn yoder

    I love it. Take it out if the freezer cut a slice and give it 10 minutes and yum it up

  23. Claudette

    Horrible consistency, very runny and ugly presentation when plated
    Soupy and blah,never buy again,yuk.

  24. Claudette

    Horrible consistency, very runny and ugly presentation when plated
    Soupy and blah,never buy again,yuk.
    Powdery topping was hard to deal with too….cutting and serving was impossible

  25. Alan Scott

    This is a terrible product, designed to be eaten only at the perfect temperature. Too cold and it is rock hard. Thaw it in the fridge overnight? Liquid goop.
    The “chocolate cake-ish” top layer is chalky and dry. Lousy texture, little flavor.

  26. CC

    It’s light and delicious. I am disappionted when it is discontinued…

  27. Deena

    Love it!
    Upsetting it’s discontinued.
    Was surprised to see so many bad reviews.
    I kept it frozen… probably that is the secret?
    Maybe maker needs to change the box and call it ice-cream coffee desert or something…

  28. V

    Great, yummy desert!

  29. Philly Bands

    All of you are a bunch of haters man whats wrong with you people? some bad reviews got this discontinued?? Come home from jail and went to grab these today and they’re discontinued. What a shame. Frozen or melted it was always amazing…many times I ate the whole box straight to the dome. Disheartening we live in a world where people gotta ruin good things. Only reason you ever catch me in a Trader Joes was these jawns..and now the replacement is HALF the size but costs MORE. Make it make sense

  30. Ceasar Dangilan

    Our family loves this tiramisu. Eat frozen in slices while cold and it is refreshing, tasty and addicting. When they had it as a sample, went to the dessert aisle right away and bought it. Our go to dessert contributions to parties, celebrations, work pot lucks, etc.

  31. Lou Cretella

    I really loved this desert. It was one of three reasons I would go to Trader Joe’s. I was surprised at the bad reviews. I would leave it in the fridge and couldn’t care less if it got “soupy” after a couple days. It tasted so good it rarely made it to the second day anyway!!!! I am truly disappointed that they discontinued this product. Unfortunately for them, a lot less money will be funneled to them through me. I cannot count how many times I’ve gone there specifically for the tiramisu torte and left with bags of groceries.

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