Trader Joe’s Tiramisu Torte Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tiramisu Torte Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe I’m just a tiramisu snob, but I was really underwhelmed by this product. The texture is odd and the coffee flavor (a critical qualify of good tiramisu!) was vague and indistinct. Again, it may just be that I’m too accustomed to real, proper, handmade tiramisu. If you’re just looking for an interesting coffee-flavored frozen dessert, you might like this. If you actually looking for something that resembles tiramisu…keep looking.

  2. P hansell

    Best flavor. Give it a try.

  3. Shane Bockrath

    Lousy product.
    More like soup.

  4. Toni Belknap

    terrible soupy like melted cool whip . Do not buy

  5. Duffy

    Avoid purchasing this item. Followed defrosting directions & the result was a complete melted mess. We weren’t able to cut it like a cake – ended up scooping it into a cup & it was very gritty tasting. If I could give it a negative rating I would.

  6. anonymous

    It melted the plastic container it came in, hours after being thoroughly defrosted. I read the ingredients and don’t know what could have caused this. I didn’t want to eat it.

  7. Anonymous

    I defrosted it and it turned into a soup. Expensive garbage. There’s a comment from 2019 calling it soup – how are you gonna have a product like that and not fix it after all that time???

  8. Cherry

    Tiramisu Soup .

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