Trader Joe’s Honey Butter Potato Chips Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Honey Butter Potato Chips Reviews

  1. Wes

    These chips are quite tasty! Both the honey and the butter flavors are present but not overwhelming, and it’s a surprisingly good mix of tastes. Not my all-time favorite TJ’s potato chips (which would be the salt & vinegar chips), but definitely a fun change of pace and worth trying if you like potato chips.

  2. Jennifer

    I think these are (were) the best chips I’ve ever eaten….anywhere!! Please PLEASE bring these back!!!!!

  3. Traitor Joe

    The best $2 I’ve spent there. They’re not carrying them anymore primarily due to a mislabeling of nutrition facts. I stocked up when I was told they’d be off shelves until corrected. I’m willing to let go of my last bag for the right price though 😉

  4. CJN

    These are crazy good and I hope they come back!

  5. Karen Hanson

    Best chips I’ve ever eaten. Please bring them back. We were told they have been discontinued! Say it isn’t so!!

  6. mahatma jeeves

    i went into shock when they were out,in napa. luckily, the dr. at the local e.r. ordered an immediate infusion of high dose butter,honey and potato extract in an i.v. when i told them i was an addict,they were all empathetic. all the nurse and dr.s are going through similar withdrawal symptoms. please bring the product back. other wise,it could become as deadly as the opiod crisis. jk.

  7. Judy Fallon

    I love these chips. I had bought 10 bags for a party and everyone loved them as much as I do. Please bring these back. They are by far the best tasting ever.

  8. Jared

    Bring them back pleaaaasseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jamie Hill

    Would give it a million stars if I could these are the best chips ever!! Please please please bring them back I’ll buy them by the case!!

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