Trader Joe’s Ode to the Classic Potato Chip Reviews

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Classic plain potato chips.

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Ode to the Classic Potato Chip Reviews

  1. Buck

    These are a worthy ode to the classic potato chip! Not the best chips I’ve ever had, but better than most, and less greasy than Lay’s.

  2. Minni Sota

    There are certain foods that I need to cut WAY back on due to health issues; however, I buy these chips once in a blue moon. They are so DELISH! I prefer them to kettle chips (which are OK), but I prefer the light and airy crispiness of a classic potato chip.

  3. vsimbjdbpe

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  4. Glendalough

    Not bad, but tastes like they dumped spoonfulls of salt in the bag. Wow. I ate a lot of potato chips growing up in the 1960s, but I don’t remember them being this salty. It’s like McDonalds with their french fries, they used to be covered in salt, no longer. But Wendy’s is now doing that with their fries.

  5. Dj

    I think they taste great nice flavor, classic chip!

  6. Anonymous

    If you like classic Lays, which I don’t, then you might like these.

  7. SD McMichael

    These potatoe chips are so delicious, such a great reminder of the good old days. You guys did an excellent recreation of what chips are to taste like.

  8. Frank

    Great classic potato chips, I’m not a fan of kettle chips and these aren’t, these are like potato chips from the good old days. My favorite were Laura Scudders. The red and yellow squares on the bag remind me of Old Dutch potato chips (Canadian brand), are they?

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