Trader Joe’s Guara Almonds Reviews

(10 customer reviews)

With extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.


10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Guara Almonds Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Almonds taste good but are wayyyyyy to salty!

  2. Anonymous

    I thought they were almost as good as Marcona almonds…and they could have a little less salt

  3. Rebecca

    I agree with the other reviews. They were good, but too salty.

  4. tjlover

    Salty, sweet and crunchy almond deliciousness. I don’t even miss the Marcona almonds that I currently can’t find. Well, I do but I find these are a great substitute.

  5. Jennie

    Amazing. Perfect amount of olive oil and salt. Best nuts I’ve had from TJs! Love!!!!

  6. NanaP

    Bought these on a whim. They’re perfectly delicious! Great cocktail snack item

  7. Donna

    I do not use a lot of salt and I did NOT find these too salty. I think they are really good!!

  8. Sue N.

    These are delicious!!! They’re fairly salty, but I mix them with other nuts that are unsalted. But why can’t I find them at my local Trader Joe’s anymore….have they been discontinued?? I sure hope not!

  9. Lee

    Yet again another item no longer available at TJ’s but then Amazon had it for $10 more than TJ’s sold it for. Not spending $14.99 per package. This is so so disappointing. Trader Joe’s please bring them back

  10. Kevin Madison

    This was by far and away the best p[roduct trader joe’s ever sold, so naturally they discontinue it. Yet they keep the rosemary and truffle almonds that absolutely SUCK. This has happened way to often lately where I find something I really like and it gets discontinued. So now I have to make a stand. I have not been back to Trader Joe’s since it was discontinued and I will NOT be back until they bring this item back!!!

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