Trader Joe’s Guara Almonds Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

With extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.


9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Guara Almonds Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Almonds taste good but are wayyyyyy to salty!

  2. Anonymous

    I thought they were almost as good as Marcona almonds…and they could have a little less salt

  3. Rebecca

    I agree with the other reviews. They were good, but too salty.

  4. tjlover

    Salty, sweet and crunchy almond deliciousness. I don’t even miss the Marcona almonds that I currently can’t find. Well, I do but I find these are a great substitute.

  5. Jennie

    Amazing. Perfect amount of olive oil and salt. Best nuts I’ve had from TJs! Love!!!!

  6. NanaP

    Bought these on a whim. They’re perfectly delicious! Great cocktail snack item

  7. Donna

    I do not use a lot of salt and I did NOT find these too salty. I think they are really good!!

  8. Sue N.

    These are delicious!!! They’re fairly salty, but I mix them with other nuts that are unsalted. But why can’t I find them at my local Trader Joe’s anymore….have they been discontinued?? I sure hope not!

  9. Lee

    Yet again another item no longer available at TJ’s but then Amazon had it for $10 more than TJ’s sold it for. Not spending $14.99 per package. This is so so disappointing. Trader Joe’s please bring them back

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