Trader Joe’s Guajillo Salsa Reviews

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A spicy & flavorful salsa with smoky undertones.

7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Guajillo Salsa Reviews

  1. Brad North

    This salsa is excellent! I’m usually not a huge fan of most Trader Joe’s salsa, as I feel like they often taste kind of “flat” to me for lack of a better description. But this one knocks it out of the park. It has the perfect smokiness and spice, where it’s not extreme heat that will have you sprinting towards the nearest pitcher of water, but it’s still super flavorful. Actually might be my all time favorite Trader Joe’s salsa (since the discontinued avocado salsa of theirs, which I loved). Tastes like one that would be at a salsa bar at a Mexican restaurant!

  2. Jenny Bruseaux

    My grandmother made kickin’ salsa just like this in Mexico that was so delicious, smoky, and tangy. I’m glad TJ’s is providing such a culturally authentic salsa that all Latinx people would instantly recognize as an indigenous indulgence.

  3. Delia Garcia

    Flavor of salsa is excellent but disappointed that I found a large piece of plastic inside the jar. Hoping it is just an isolated incident. Will be taking back to place of purchase.

  4. Will V.

    Smoky and spicy. In flavor and consistency it reminds me a great deal of the “adobo sauce” in the little cans of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Would be excellent on steak tacos.

  5. Dave

    Good stuff, but the label does not specify where it is made. Isn’t that a legal requirement for all food sold in the USA?

  6. ab

    Dave, for what it’s worth, a jar of Frontera brand salsa I have on hand also doesn’t say where it was made.

    I found the Trader Joe’s Guajillo Salsa to be a bit spicier than my (low) expectations, and I think it would work well with meat and chicken, though I have only tried it on chips.

  7. Attila Szendrodi

    Good flavor but way too hot. They don’t list the heat level on the jar and I usually prefer a decent amount of heat, think medium. But after 2 minutes of eating it all I could get was burn, totally muting what was a decent profile. Also, it was too watery for dipping. Feel like it could work as more of a sauce over eggs or meat.

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