Trader Joe’s Spicy Smoky Peach Salsa Reviews

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22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spicy Smoky Peach Salsa Reviews

  1. Wes

    I was surprised how much I liked this. I’m not a big fan of most of Trader Joe’s salsa, but this almost tastes like chutney. I like that the peach is subtle yet still full of flavor.

  2. Lena

    I would totally buy this again. It’s different, but it works.

  3. John Varela

    Candy sweet and watery, little salsa flavor.

  4. Betsy G.

    So – if you don’t love traditional tomato-y salsa, this is perfect! This (and the Safeway Select peach salsa) are my absolute favorite salsas. Yes, it is sweet, lots of fruity flavor, not so much tomato flavor. I HATE cilantro too, and I don’t think it has any, or it it does, it is so faint you can’t taste it. Nice and thick too – GREAT on chicken.

  5. Laura P

    We read the book dragons love tacos, and my three year old really wanted to try salsa after that. We gave this a go and it’s totally family friendly. I like the sweetness of the peaches complimented by a little heat and some chipotle flavor. My 3 year old calls it his special dipping sauce and he puts it on anything and everything. It’s great on fish, chicken, tacos, or just with chips. Has become a staple for my household that is ALWAYS in the pantry to take dinner up to the next level.

  6. Scott

    Honestly the best salsa at TJs. So sad it was discontinued. Please bring this back!

  7. Lillian Ortiz

    DISCONTINUED! So sad! literally went today just for this…sadness

  8. Veronica Moran

    Best salsa ever. Nothing else comes close to this Peach salsa. Hope you bring this item back Trader Joe’s nothing else tried comes close.

  9. Teresa G

    This peach salsa is the best I’ve ever had. It goes especially well with any food that needs sauce, like chicken tacos, shrimp tempura, or many of their appetizers! I’ve had the salsa with many vegetarian and asian dishes, and it’s a yummy and different alternative to soy sauce.
    **Please please bring this TJ’s back, because I only have two jars left and I will cry when we’re out!! Tragedy.
    Their pineapple salsa is good, but nowhere as good as this one!! Thank you!

  10. Dee T.

    Best salsa ever!!!!! If I knew this was being discontinued, I would’ve cleared the entire shelf! Now I have none left 🙁 Puhleaseeeeeeeee bring this back!!!!!!

  11. Colleen.

    Go to quickie less than ten minutes, meal ~any Trader Joe’s ( try spinach) ravioli cooked, one jar, no need to heat, Trader Joe’s Peach Salsa (Now, sadly discontinued ☹️☹️☹️), freshly grated asiago cheese on top, viola ! And no longer possible
    please fix this Trader Joe’s, please.

  12. Theresa N

    Please bring this back! Why was it discontinued? It’s been a staple of mine on fish and chicken for years. Nothing else you have comes close. I’m very disappointed.

  13. Jennifer Johnson

    Please bring the Smoky Peach Salsa back!! The best salsa by far!! I always purchased ten jars because my family and friends loved it so much! Great on tacos and with tortilla chips!!

  14. Chloe


  15. Steve

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK! There is nothing like it anywhere. I know business is business, but if business is the reason, then business sucks.

  16. Bart Weitzman

    I am looking at my last unopened jar of your spicy smoky peach salsa. I think Trader Joe’s has made a huge mistake when the discontinued this product. It has a passionate following and should have been a good seller. I know my family devoured this salsa routinely for years. Please reconsider this miscarriage of a decision and bring it back. Thank you.

  17. Teresa Hartter

    This is the best salsa. Please bring this salsa back. I can’t find this anywhere else. Nothing compares to this salsa. Start making it again!!!

  18. Catherine Balck

    Please bring this salsa back! It is the only salsa I like from anywhere!

  19. moonpie

    bring it bacccckkk. pllllleeaaaasssssreeeeeee!!!!

  20. Anonymous

    PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back!!!

  21. Anonymous

    I miss this salsa soooo much

  22. Britney C

    So sad this is discontinued. Opened my last jar today and shed a tear

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