Trader Joe’s Grand Blue Blue Cheese Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Grand Blue Blue Cheese Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    I love it—-creamy,delicate yummy blue —-perfect with Comice pears & water crackers & walnuts if you like!

  2. NJtoTX

    If you want a plain creamy cheese that looks a little like blue cheese, you can have it.


    I Loved Grand Blue Blue cheese. I want it back ..!!! My entire Adult members of family thought it was fabulous. Very flavorful…

  4. Wendy

    This is one of the best cheeses that I have ever had and I LOVE cheese. Please bring it back!

  5. Diane Alford

    I LOVE Grand blue .!!!! Trader Joe’s hasn’t had it in a few years . Please please bring it back . We have 2 Trader Joe’s in our town .It was available around Thanksgiving.My friend and I will go to each one and buy as many as they had .

  6. Melissa Dale

    Oh my! This is pleasure on a cracker! Please tell me you will carry this year round.

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