Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Bagels Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Bagels Reviews

  1. Donald Lyons

    The 2022 edition of these bagels is dramatically worse than in previous years. As someone with celiac disease, these bagels were always a highlight of my fall and I would devour them. No more. The texture is cake-like, not bagel-like. Worse is that the taste is awful. Instead of allspice flavor, they are bitter and not at all aromatic. Please go back to the old supplier next year.

  2. Samantha

    My 5 year old has to be gluten free and these bagels were always his favorite that we looked forward to each fall. Fall 2022 version are NOTHING like previous years. He didn’t even want to finish half of it. I tasted it and it’s absolutely terrible. Zero pumpkin flavor. Dry, tastes of cloves and nothing else. Such a disappointment!!

  3. Jessica

    I thought I was crazy until I found this site! The bagels this year totally suck. I was really looking forward to them, too! What did they do??

  4. Kristin

    Such a letdown! Totally different from years past! This was my FAVORITE fall food to look forward to and the best GF bagel for taste and consistency. Was so excited to finally find some this year and they’re small, dense and flat tasting. Nothing like the fluffy ones of years past. Totally redid their recipie. SO dissapointing !!!

  5. Anonymous

    I stock up on these every year and they’re consistently really good. This year I bought 20 bags and I’m regretting it. So disappointing.

  6. Jael Suarez

    These bagels were my favorite. But something is way off with them this year the taste is horrible. I hope they see the reviews and change them back to the way they used to taste.

  7. Anonymous

    Every comment previously stated on this is completely correct. The taste and texture of this year’s version are so disappointing. I won’t be buying another bag if this is what they will taste like. Last year’s vendor/recipe was a thousand times better.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Michelle

    Bring back the previous recipe!! These are not even comparable to last years! Sadly I bought 2 bags, totally bummed!! These were something that I always looked forward to. Even the shape is different 🙁

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