Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bagels Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bagels Reviews

  1. Wes

    These bagels are great for eating on their own, toasting, or making a bagel sandwich with. Perfect amount of pumpkin taste without being too sweet or too subtle.

  2. Rachel

    These are perfect with TJ’s pumpkin cream cheese! A great fall treat or breakfast.

  3. Anonymous

    Really good! A lovely, soft, subtle pumpkin flavor. Not too sweet and not too spicy. It’s just right.

  4. Diane DeNuccio

    Taste is of the same spices used in traditional pumpkin dishes but there’s not much of any pumpkin flavor itself. These are not pre-sliced and are difficult to slice at home due to the abnormally large, very wide center hole, so a thin ring of actual bagel area that collapses inward while slicing. Actually, I feel this product is more of a soft pretzel than a husky bagel.

  5. Jason

    I love almost all pumpkin spice products and I love almost all Trader Joe products but I could not eat these. They bagel itself does not crisp up much – it must be the pumpkin in the flour but it stays soft. Moreover, the taste is odd. I love pumpkin spice muffins, bread, coffee but this product tastes cloying, strong, strange to me. It’s neither sweet nor spicy as someone else says but neither is it pleasant. I’m so cheap I rarely waste food but these are going into the trash. I couldn’t eat 1/2 of one.

  6. Maxwell Hunter

    I love to pick these up when they’re in season. I would smear them with the pumpkin cream cheese.

  7. Bri

    These pumpkin bagels were disappointing. It almost tastes like a plain bagel. Maybe it would be better with some butter, but even the trader Joe’s cream cheese (which doesn’t compare to Philadelphia cream cheese), overshadowed the pumpkin flavor of these bagels. I barely tasted any pumpkin, so I’m going to try the pumpkin brioche next.

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