Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Homestyle Pancakes Reviews

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17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Homestyle Pancakes Reviews

  1. wes

    These are okay, not bad. If you don’t have the means or ingredients to make your own pancakes, they’re decent with some syrup and/or butter.

    However, if you are able to make regular pancakes, it’s easy to find good gluten-free and dairy-free mixes that taste a lot better than this.

  2. Katherine

    TRADER JOES! CHECK your products before selling! You claim this is a gluten free and DAIRY free product yet…..upon reading the label THERE IS EGG POWDER!!!! THIS IS NOT A DAIRY FREE PRODUCT!

  3. BEY

    Uh…..eggs are literally NOT a dairy product. Scientifically. Google it. These pancakes are pretty great. Are they VEGAN? No. Are they 100% DAIRY FREE? Yes. @katherine

  4. Vishal Mathur

    Not sure where I can find the expire of this product on the box? not sure if this is safe to eat unless I know the expire date

  5. Vishal Mathur

    Not sure where I can find the expire of this product on the box? not sure if this is safe to eat unless I know the expire date. I purchased this however I am confuse.

  6. David

    Agree. Where is the expiration date on this product?

  7. DT

    No matter how I heat them according to the directions on the box, they always seem undercooked, raw! This also hinders the taste in a really big way. I rather just buy the mix and make them myself.

  8. Patricia

    These taste amazing for gluten free dairy free pancakes. They are also ready made. I have a child that is Anaphylactic to dairy and gluten. These are a godsend. My kids have hit an age where they want to be able to make things themselves and eat like other kids. I.e ready made foods and junk. This let’s my allergic child feel like other kids when he can get something premade and warm it himself. Most food has to be homemade for him. And he can’t eat out. So very grateful TJ’s has this option. Not to mention the time it saves to have them ready to go out of the freezer. They do taste amazing to me. I warm in the toaster oven. Kids at this point prefer the softness that comes from warming in the microwave.

  9. Heather

    These are amazing. We got them on accident, not realizing they were gluten/dairy free and besodes them bwi g chewy (in a good way) I didn’t notice, and neither picky kid complained. I honestly prefer these over the regular pancakes because of the texture (probably from the tapioca flour? A tiny bit reminiscent of mochi? Rubbery in a good way?)

  10. Lisa Sauer

    Perfect pancakes, nice to have on hand for GF guests and a quick breakfast for workday mornings. With or without syrup, whipped cream, butter, or fruit, they are flavorful enough to stand alone or to be dressed up.

  11. Sina

    Giving this a five star hoping to cancel out Katherine’s July 23, 2019 review. She’s completely upset because this product contains eggs and is marked “dairy free”. I have NEWS Katherine: Cows don’t lay eggs. There is no dairy in eggs. CHICKENS make eggs. So if you see something marked “no poultry” and it contains eggs, that might be worth some of your ire, but not this product….

  12. Marvin Pave

    Love ’em, especially with blueberries, syrup and margarine. I am lactose intolerant and they sure beat dairy free waffles in the toaster oven.

  13. Ct

    These are delicious for being gluten and dairy free. I usually kind of fry them in fake butter (miyokos) on low instead of microwaving and they come out nice. Slightly reminiscent of like a mcd pancakes so it’s nostalgic for me.

  14. Kristen

    A bit soft and squishy, but that’s okay. Pretty good. Also, if you asked “Where is the expiration date?” Frozen food does NOT have an expiration date. Frozen foods don’t expire. They just freezer burn which is when it stays inthe freezer too long and will not taste very good after about 2 months. Hope this was helpful!

  15. Anonymous

    Love these glutenfree pancakes!

  16. Julia

    These are great if you put them in the toaster and put almond butter on them, yum!

  17. Patricia McHenry

    These were my go to. Best ever gluten free. Now my store in Minnesota says you are not carrying them anymore. Are you going to get another brand in? I cannot eat the froze silver dollar ones as they have gluten in them

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