Trader Joe’s Ginger Chews Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Ginger Chews Reviews

  1. Diana B

    If you like candied ginger (which I do), you’ll love these! They’re quite strong so I can only handle a few at a time, but I’d say that’s a plus in a dessert.

  2. Wes

    These were much better than I expected. Some ginger products can be too strong and bitter, and while these did have an intense aftertaste, they were not too bitter or gross. The sugar definitely adds up, though (10g per chew).

  3. Nancy Barnett

    I’ve loved these and make a special trip to keep stocked. But the bag I bought the utter day is awful – WHAT HAPPENED??? This new bag has a much, much milder taste – and a gummy bear texture. I’m hoping this is just a bad batch!!!

  4. former ginger chew fan

    what’s wrong with this different Ginger chews??

    so i usually buy 5 to 8 bags of ginger chews and my latest purchase wasn’t the same as usual.

    apparently. they have changed the way they make these chews.

    they taste like flour textured gummy ish.. that doesnt even taste like ginger.

    i thought it was just that bag only, but to my surprise, all of them were like that.

    it feels like i could taste less than 10% of ginger content than the previous ginger chews.

    very disappointed . will not buy again.

  5. Markos Hudsonovitch

    This batch was rock hard, and difficult to get the wrapper off without a lot of paper sticking to it.
    I just eat them anyway. A few fragments of paper fiber shouldn’t kill me.

  6. Anna

    I bought a bag of these from TJs and another from Natural Grocers. The pieces are individually wrapped, but the TJ’s version had addition paper wrapping to pull off. What a pain!! The Natural Grocers pieces was just open the wrap then pop the chew in your mouth (in less than 30 seconds). The TJ pieces took about 2 minutes (open the wrap = 1 sec., pull off the paper = 90 sec.). TJ’s version makes for less than desirable experience.

  7. Kuguru

    Great ginger candy! I always pick this up when I’m at TJ’s. Not a TJ brand but it’s great that they carry it. I pick these up every chance I get. Good to have on hand for a cold, to toss in a cup of tea, and good to share.

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