Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps Reviews

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Cookies made with fresh crystallized and ground ginger.


17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps Reviews

  1. Diana B

    Solid (physically and metaphorically) ginger snap cookie – great to pair with coffee or tea, or top off a vanilla ice cream with. Strong ginger taste which, as a ginger-lover, is fine by me!

  2. Cindy Wood

    The best hands down.

  3. Trader Joe’s Shopper

    I regret only that they are not a “crisp” … and rather are a hard cookie, containing lots of air. An approximation of the texture (for you cookie lovers, out there) is the regular Chips Ahoy brand cookie.

    To Trader’s and Co: Because these are sold by weight not volume, please juggle the recipe so that y’all produce a ginger snap, instead of a cookie. The contents and price will be the same, even if the volume is reduced. Snap-lovers care about such things.

  4. kdk

    These are not your typical ginger snap. They have tiny bits if crystallized ginger that make them AMAZING. It is also they reason they don’t “snap”. There are plenty of snapping ginger cookies out there for you with those concerns. Trader Joe’s. ..DO NOT ALTER THIS RECIPE. It’s perfect

  5. Shazia

    Love these! Been a fan of these for the last few years. I think they are perfect in texture and taste and very gingery- always fresh. Love them! No need to alter the recipe. Just yummy.

  6. Ttrockwood

    Seriously the only gingery cookie that i have found that actually tastes like ginger!! I love the bits of candied ginger and that they are small and crunchy. In the summer they’re perfect for mini ice cream sandwiches and in the winter i like dunking them in coffee.

  7. Caitlin

    Wonderfully buttery and gingery. Most so-called “gingersnaps” taste like cardboard compared to this product!

  8. Michele

    Deee-lic-ious! Buttery, gingery goodness. Crunchy w/bits of crystallized ginger, so good! I eat 4 at a time. Great w/a cup of hot lemon tea or green tea. I could see these crushed up as a crust for pumpkin cheesecake.
    Way better than those horrible apple cider cookies. 2nd to the awesome vanilla wafers but unfortunately they are not sold in the round plastic packaging. Only in the bags for the same price.

  9. Go back to original recipe

    When I first had these cookies they were wonderful but I have notice they are not like the first time; they have change something in recipe—trying figure out what! I tried two more containers thinking I got a bad batch but want waste anymore money. They have definitely altered the recipe. They are just ok now!

  10. Jane K Poucher

    These gingery cookies were hands down the best around. We picked some up yesterday and it had been a long time since we had them.
    The recipe has been altered…… They are not as gingery as before and they are very crumbly. What a big disappointment.
    Please bring back the former recipe.

  11. Dotty Hawthorne

    We used to love these. They were our favorite cookie. But the last box we bought was a different receipe. Big disappointment. Please bring back the old receipe!!!!!!!!

  12. Suga

    these cookies have changed they used to be wonderfully ginger flavor with a deep molasses taste and darker color they have changed the original recipe and not for the better. They have not been as good for years since this change PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL RECIPE TRADER JOE’S

  13. Sean Derrickson

    Flavor has changed and now very crunchy. Bought yesterday and instead of eating…. Threw away.
    Ginger flavor is all but absent with more of a butter flavor now.

  14. Sean Derrickson

    Flavor has changed and now very crunchy. Bought yesterday and instead of eating…. Threw away.
    Ginger flavor is all but absent with more of a butter flavor now.
    Two stars since still edible.

  15. J. bell

    Changed for the worse. I hadn’t had these in awhile, but they used to be much better. They are not the snappy hard cookie they once were. They are light and airy more like a nabisco wafer. The two stars are only because they left the ginger pieces in them. Boo hoo.

  16. Anne Vohl

    Excellent when fresh but more often than not when I buy them they are stale and just crumble. I return them.. Will not buy again. There’s no way to know whether they are fresh. it’s a sealed package.

  17. Nan N

    What a shame that TJ’s changed the recipe. They used to be very spicy, with bits of chewy ginger throughout the cookie. They now taste like a cheap supermarket gingersnap. I will never buy them again.

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