Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps Reviews

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Cookies made with fresh crystallized and ground ginger.


49 reviews for Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps Reviews

  1. Diana B

    Solid (physically and metaphorically) ginger snap cookie – great to pair with coffee or tea, or top off a vanilla ice cream with. Strong ginger taste which, as a ginger-lover, is fine by me!

  2. Cindy Wood

    The best hands down.

  3. Trader Joe’s Shopper

    I regret only that they are not a “crisp” … and rather are a hard cookie, containing lots of air. An approximation of the texture (for you cookie lovers, out there) is the regular Chips Ahoy brand cookie.

    To Trader’s and Co: Because these are sold by weight not volume, please juggle the recipe so that y’all produce a ginger snap, instead of a cookie. The contents and price will be the same, even if the volume is reduced. Snap-lovers care about such things.

  4. kdk

    These are not your typical ginger snap. They have tiny bits if crystallized ginger that make them AMAZING. It is also they reason they don’t “snap”. There are plenty of snapping ginger cookies out there for you with those concerns. Trader Joe’s. ..DO NOT ALTER THIS RECIPE. It’s perfect

  5. Shazia

    Love these! Been a fan of these for the last few years. I think they are perfect in texture and taste and very gingery- always fresh. Love them! No need to alter the recipe. Just yummy.

  6. Ttrockwood

    Seriously the only gingery cookie that i have found that actually tastes like ginger!! I love the bits of candied ginger and that they are small and crunchy. In the summer they’re perfect for mini ice cream sandwiches and in the winter i like dunking them in coffee.

  7. Caitlin

    Wonderfully buttery and gingery. Most so-called “gingersnaps” taste like cardboard compared to this product!

  8. Michele

    Deee-lic-ious! Buttery, gingery goodness. Crunchy w/bits of crystallized ginger, so good! I eat 4 at a time. Great w/a cup of hot lemon tea or green tea. I could see these crushed up as a crust for pumpkin cheesecake.
    Way better than those horrible apple cider cookies. 2nd to the awesome vanilla wafers but unfortunately they are not sold in the round plastic packaging. Only in the bags for the same price.

  9. Go back to original recipe

    When I first had these cookies they were wonderful but I have notice they are not like the first time; they have change something in recipe—trying figure out what! I tried two more containers thinking I got a bad batch but want waste anymore money. They have definitely altered the recipe. They are just ok now!

  10. Jane K Poucher

    These gingery cookies were hands down the best around. We picked some up yesterday and it had been a long time since we had them.
    The recipe has been altered…… They are not as gingery as before and they are very crumbly. What a big disappointment.
    Please bring back the former recipe.

  11. Dotty Hawthorne

    We used to love these. They were our favorite cookie. But the last box we bought was a different receipe. Big disappointment. Please bring back the old receipe!!!!!!!!

  12. Suga

    these cookies have changed they used to be wonderfully ginger flavor with a deep molasses taste and darker color they have changed the original recipe and not for the better. They have not been as good for years since this change PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL RECIPE TRADER JOE’S

  13. Sean Derrickson

    Flavor has changed and now very crunchy. Bought yesterday and instead of eating…. Threw away.
    Ginger flavor is all but absent with more of a butter flavor now.

  14. Sean Derrickson

    Flavor has changed and now very crunchy. Bought yesterday and instead of eating…. Threw away.
    Ginger flavor is all but absent with more of a butter flavor now.
    Two stars since still edible.

  15. J. bell

    Changed for the worse. I hadn’t had these in awhile, but they used to be much better. They are not the snappy hard cookie they once were. They are light and airy more like a nabisco wafer. The two stars are only because they left the ginger pieces in them. Boo hoo.

  16. Anne Vohl

    Excellent when fresh but more often than not when I buy them they are stale and just crumble. I return them.. Will not buy again. There’s no way to know whether they are fresh. it’s a sealed package.

  17. Nan N

    What a shame that TJ’s changed the recipe. They used to be very spicy, with bits of chewy ginger throughout the cookie. They now taste like a cheap supermarket gingersnap. I will never buy them again.

  18. Rose

    We are ALSO extremely disappointed in the VERY bland flavor. On a cross country road trip and brought the box out with great anticipation of a terrific treat – and yuck! Our hotel tonight happens to be by a TJ store. Am planning to stop in tomorrow morning to share our thoughts in person and ask for a refund-on principle.

  19. Davy

    Don’t listen to the people complaining about the recipe. What makes these special is the At they AREN’T like every other finger snap. You want a thin, snappy cookie? Go get one of hundreds of brands. These are thick, soft and chewy inside, crunchy outside. Delicious, amazing, with yummy chewy ginger chunks. PERFECT exactly as is, no recipe changes please, Trader Joe’s!

  20. Anonymous

    Bring back the old recipe. These are not the same.

  21. Anonymous

    These Gingersnaps dont SNAP, nor do they have the spice kick that they used too have! The recipe was changed and on principal I too will be getting a refund. Please fix the supply chain or whatever was adjusted from the years of purchasing. No longer my favorite cookie 🙁

  22. Jill

    This new version of ginger cookie is SO disappointing! Why would you change a winning recipe?! Horrible. I will not buy these ever again….

  23. MS Beeler

    Ditto to every review that pans the new cookie version and begs for the return of the old, gingery, spicy cookie. Our familyl is trying to be no-sugar lately, but as a very special treat, my husband bought a tub of what he thought would be a heavenly indulgence, based on past experience. What a disappointment! Who in the corporate hierarchy makes these decision? Some beancounter who figured to save 3 cents per package by cutting out the ginger? Whoever it was should be fired, because Trader Joe’s has lost a host of customers over a two-bit change. Shame!

  24. Nancy

    The recipe has definitely changed. So disappointing. I hope the “powers that be” will restore the original. I’ll happily pay a bit more.

  25. Mel cam

    Cookie has significantly changed, and now lacks flavor and crunch. I will no longer be buying these cookies and am hesitant to buy other Trader Joe’s products since they thought it was a good idea to change them without letting the consumer know.

  26. Robert

    Awful and very disappointing. No flavor, no texture, no ginger, no good. What the what?
    I am crushed that someone decided to ‘improve’ the recipe. Double Ditto on every recent bad review.

  27. Lisa

    Awful. Bring back the old recipe! You ruined it. Very little ginger flavor, no crunch, hardly any crystallized ginger. I will not buy these again and neither will my mom.

  28. Lisa

    Awful. Bring back the old recipe! You ruined it. Very little ginger flavor, no crunch, hardly any crystallized ginger pieces. I will not buy these again and neither will my mom.

  29. Shelly V

    Agree with all the others. New recipe is not as good. Not as crisp. Not as flavorful. These were the best ginger snaps around. Why mess with perfection? Bring back the old recipe please

  30. Cathy Corrigan

    Very disappointed with this bland ginger snap . Please bring back the crispy old recipe.

  31. Susan Graney

    Too bad on the triple gingersnap cookies – my husband and I loved the originals. We had been so displeased lately and thought we had a bad batch, but now realize the recipe has changed. There’s always someone wanting to fix something that isn’t broken, even at Trader Joe’s! The cookies are no longer crisp, but more cake and less moorish. You can eat only one of these and not crave another:) so calories would be a lot less. However, will not buy again. I’m sure Trader Joe’s can repurpose and repackage them into something better than this – perhaps a ginger ice-cream sandwich! If you love a thin, snappy cookie, try the ones in the red decorative tin which are carried at world market at Christmas time.

  32. Ann Freeman

    Bought the TJ triple ginger snap yesterday ( Oct. 17th, 2022) for the first time since 2019 due to not having driven a good distance to the closest Trader Joe’s because of the pandemic, and , darn it, these ginger snap cookies are not the same at all. My taste buds noticed immediately. And no, it’s not COVID! The previous recipe was so much better. The previous version of these cookies was genuinely special, with lots of ginger flavor and a less crumbly texture. I am so disappointed in this new version. I would rather pay more for the old version, if it was a change due to cost. I was interested to see all the reviews here mentioning the change. It’s obviously very noticeable.

  33. Ann Vohl

    i used to love these, bought them frequently. last few times – purchased in Reno, NV – the wee stale, crumbled to bits when I bit into, Packages were well-sealed. how did cookies get so very stale?

  34. Lorrie Oldenburger

    The WORST ginger snap cookie I have ever bought! Very little ginger flavor and so bland I spit it out! The only thing they’re good for now is maybe dog treats.

  35. Lynn

    Like others noticed these have changed and not for the better. Used to have a crisp sugar crystal crackliness. The candied ginger is missing in most, all one tastes is the bite of dried ginger powder. Won’t make the mistake of buying again.

  36. Amy

    TJs has clearly changed the recipe. This is so disappointing. Please bring back the original.

  37. Karen Moore

    Do you think if we write lots and lots of bad reviews they will change these back to how they were? I would write every day to make that happen if I thought it would work. These triple-ginger snaps were my all-time favorite, I’d drive two hours JUST to get them and now…just plain AWFUL. Been on a quest for a replacement since my first taste as there is no TJ close by and none have come close but this new recipe ranks with the worst of the generic grocery ginger snap. I don’t even think it’s real ginger I’m biting on, tastes more like bits of wax. I’m sure they won’t go out of business because I don’t buy their ginger snaps anymore but also I don’t drive two hours and spend $200+ on the other stuff while I was there anymore either. Reading through these reviews, the people have spoken! Is it about money? As I recall they cost a fair bit already but I for one am willing to pay for a quality cookie – BRING BACK THE TRIPLE GINGER SNAP – PLEASE

  38. Bob Bassett

    This WAS my favorite cookie, fire the person who made the change and bring back the old recipe. Did anyone even taste the new recipe? Obviously not!

  39. Claudia Bradley

    I agree that the cookies don’t taste the same. I used to buy 6 tubs at a time. Go back to what they we’re supposed to be. Please!!!!

  40. Gary

    I agree. They raised the price slot. And the tub I purchased is terrible, good luck finding any criticized ginger in them. I sent a complaint to corporate, they encouraged me to return them, which I will do. Remains to be seen if they will solve the problem.

  41. Kate

    I loved the old version but hate the current one. They were a favorite gift I bought for ginger lovers. I always thought that TJ’s copied the cookie from the very successful “Beth’s Triple Ginger Cookies” which sadly no longer exists. Does anyone know how to duplicate the original version that TJ”s had? Or Beth’s?

  42. Babs

    This used to be my favorite ginger snap to eat with vanilla ice cream. Haven’t had them for awhile but disappointed. The new recipe is too crumbly and lacks snappy ginger flavor.
    Would have returned but my husband ate all of them. Will not be buying again and have to wait for the Christmas ginger boys. Oops” people”.

  43. Kia

    Back in 2006 I used to buy these cookies in bulk. They were that delicious! You could taste the butter, the mollases and the crystallized ginger was spicy and rich. The cookie had a nice crunch and snap to it. Whatever these new ginger cookies are, they need to be destroyed. They taste dry, and lack the deep, ginger taste of the original. Please bring back the original recipe, these new cookies are absolutely disgusting.

  44. T. M.

    On 6/11/23 I sent Trader Joe’s an email regarding how bad the triple gingersnap cookies changed and how there were a lot of crumbs and broken cookies in the packaged tub. To date (7/21/23) I have not received a response from them. These cookies have definitely changed for the worse. Bring back your original recipe and also respond to your emails saying someone will contact me….poor customer service!!!

  45. Mark

    Like everyone is saying. Ginger snaps are thin, snappy and spicy. TJ’s used to the the best. I won’t be buying these again.

  46. Kathy Jewell

    Haven’t bought them in a couple years, as the nearest trader Joe’s is 90 miles away. I absolutely adored these cookies— but not any more. Bought a pkg yesterday — the wonderful ginger flavor is gone!! The texture isn’t the same either. I won’t be buying them again.

  47. Sophe

    I have to agree the recipe has changed and the taste seems, different than before . I think it has too much sugar, and not enough ginger so it no longer a well balanced cookie. I threw mine away. Decided to just find good recipe and bake some myself.

  48. Crystal

    These were a favorite. I just bought a container and the recipe change is terrible. Please bring back the original recipe. I would pay more if the change is due to price.

  49. Kathleen Davis

    The trader joe’s triple ginger snap cookies used tobe a staple on our boat and when traveling. We haven’t had them since the pandemic began and I haven’t seen them on the shelf at the nearest TJs when I looked for them recently. I was delighted to see them today and bought a tub. Tonight I was shocked at how much they have changed! The flavor is not remotely close to the ones we loved so much. The texture and mouth feel is like eating flour from the bin. I noticed they looked different from what I remembered, thicker and rounder. BE WARNED the recipe is not the Triple Ginger Snap cookie We have loved so long.

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