Trader Joe’s Just The Clusters Ginger Almond & Cashew Granola Reviews

(107 customer reviews)

107 reviews for Trader Joe’s Just The Clusters Ginger Almond & Cashew Granola Reviews

  1. joy

    The ginger candies in it are delicious and full of flavor.

  2. Jaye

    Love this sweet and spicy treat!

  3. Kay

    It tastes good, but make sure you really like ginger cause the ginger bits are kinda strong! Also, these TJs cereals often come all broken up into sand unfortunately

  4. Sky

    Im a loyal regular customer. Howeve, re: this cereal:
    So sad that there is load of poisonous sugar in this delicious tasting cereal.
    Also canola oil used in this(and a ton of ur other products) is horrible for our health.(Google how they make canola oil).
    Trader Joe’s people who are in charge of approving the products really need to be spoken to. We rather pay a little more money not to eat loads of poisonous sugar in what is supposed to be a healthy product.
    This is also not organic. So who knows what chemicals were sprayed on it. You have sophisticated customers who love a lot of your products. I buy tons of your products since you opened here in sarasota fl… But this one needs help. Make this cereal organic with a better oil, and loads less sugar and I’ll definitely buy a load of this cereal. P.S. Get rid of sunflower and canola oils and I’ll buy many other products too. Unfortunately I have to go to other stores to buy 1/4 items on my list bc of the poisonous ingredients in some of your supposed to be healthy products. Also if you spend the money to put the non-gmo seal label on your products instead of that blanket statement on your website, oh would I buy so many more items. By skimping on this one little aspect, you’re losing so much money. My friends and I don’t go near items without that label.
    The more you care for your customers, the faster you’ll remove the poison and consider the rest of this note. And you’ll make even more money and sleep much better at night.
    On a lighter note, you do have a lot of good products, so that’s a good thing.
    Good day.

  5. Maxwell Hunter

    I like this cereal.

  6. Mark

    The cereal is really good – the ginger is prominent (so you’d better like ginger). But as another person mentioned, there is way too much sugar in this ‘nothing but the clusters’ cereal (all of these cereals have way too much sugar).

  7. je

    My favorite cereal in the whole world!

  8. DMC

    Awesome cereal with a unique flavor that I haven’t been able to find in any other product or brand. Always gets added to my cart when I make a trip to Trader Joe’s. Frankly I hope that TJ’s never listens to the the nut jobs like the reviewer “Sky” who seems like the kind of person to shove one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s yoni eggs up her twat… go munch on some broccoli and shut up about “sugar poison.”

  9. P Hansen

    Ginger/almond granola cereal so good and something I enjoy most every day. Why are you discontinuing it???

  10. Joann Moser

    So upset it is being discontinued!

  11. Mary L.

    I’ve been a big fan of this granola for the past 20 some years. Before TJ’s opened in GA, I had friends from CA send it to me. Another product that would be so Sadful if you discontinued it

  12. JOANNA E.

    Best cereal in the WORLD. This is the absolute most delicious food I’ve eaten in my whole life. The sweetness is just right; the crunchiness is perfect, and most importantly the GINGER: you can *really* taste it. I eat it for breakfast AND dessert. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rbt

    This is my primary reason for going to TJ’s. If it’s really discontinued, I don’t know when I’ll return. Love to know more about how these decisions are made.

  14. klee

    noooOOOOOOOO PPPLLleeeezzsay it’s coming back!!! omg please!!

  15. Selina

    Sooooooooo sad that I had it the first time this past weekend. Only to go to the store to stock up and find out it’s discontinued. Not sure why. I’m not a cereal eater, but going to make an exception. Bring it back, pleaaasssee.

  16. Anonymous

    I am so upset that this cereal is discontinued. I don’t understand why since the cereal has been selling so well!!!

  17. jg

    I have eaten this cereal (with a sprinkling of blueberries) for breakfast every day for years – please reconsider discontinuing it!

  18. Jane

    Went to get some more of my favorite cereal and learned it has been discontinued! What?!!! This is THE BEST cereal, not only at Trader Joes, but anywhere. So incredibly disappointed! Please reconsider reinstating this delicious cereal.

  19. WAK

    Agree, please don’t discontinue this product; my favorite cereal; eat it 3-5 times per week for years.

  20. Kathie w.

    I am heartbroken!! I drive a half an hour to my closest trader Joe’s and this cereal is one of the reasons. A handful over yogurt and fruit is one of my favorite breakfasts!! In googling the product, i see it has gone black market on ebay already for as much as 14.00 a box. This should be saying something to TJs!!! Im just saying…waaaaaaaaaa!!!

  21. David Winter

    The best cereal I have ever eaten. I’m 83, and the rude, incoherent comments of reviewer “Sky” fall flat in the face of my robust health.
    Please bring it back!

  22. Polly Ewald

    I have stopped shopping at Trader Joe’s now that my favorite cereal and a staple of my diet has been discontinued despite it always being low in stock in the Richmond, VA area. I am tired of relying on products that are pulled without notice. This was a bad decision and I hope that corporate reconsiders.

  23. Lonna Speer

    PLEASE PLEASE re-instate Ginger Clusters cereal. If I’d known it was going to be discontinued (according to my store manger), I would have put in a supply to last me the rest of my life. It’s my favorite in the whole world. The 5 stars are for the product, not for TJs for DC’ing it.

  24. Lisa

    This is literally the only product that I specifically go to Trader Joe’s to get. I do like other products there and buy them while I am at the store. If this cereal is no longer available, I probably won’t bother going there much at all. This is not a boycott or anything…just don’t see myself going out of my way to shop there without my ginger crack cereal.

  25. Murali

    I don’t usually write reviews. Writing here hoping product marketing and merchandising team get one more voice if dissent. Ginger Almond Cashew cereal has been a staple breakfast at our home for several years. Can’t believe it isn’t a top seller. Why discontinue?

  26. RL

    Best cereal ever, should not be discontinued. Like other commenters said, I specifically go to T.J. for this and may not otherwise. Bought the maple pecan instead and it just does not compare. Bring it back!

  27. Mike Ferrero

    This is our favorite cereal. Can’t believe it’s been discontinued. Is a primary reason for going to TJ’s.

  28. Alan

    Love it, but now it’s gone — really? I found a few boxes on Amazon. Now I’m making my own by adding organic crystallized ginger from Mom’s Organic Market to your Maple Pecan clusters.

  29. Michele Serchuk

    Nooooo, it’s discontinued! This has been my breakfast staple since … I can’t even tell you how long. At least a decade or more. I go to TJs sometimes just to get it. Bring it back, pleeeeeeeease!!! I tried the other clusters. Meh, lame.

  30. Anne

    Please, please don’t discontinue this! One by one my reasons for going to Trader Joes are disappearing. First the Ginger Turmeric Granola, now this??? Its the only cereal I eat!

  31. Phil

    this cereal is my reward for eating other cereal during the week. yes it’s full of sugar but I don’t care. I have one box left so now it’s down to once a month. so sorry to see this go. it’s the only cereal i buy at trader joes. I hope they will reveal the manufacturer and/or the recipe.

  32. Julie

    Ditto everyone’s comments re ginger almond clusters. So disappointed. One of the main reasons I shopped TJ’s

  33. Susan van Houten

    So sad that the Ginger/Almond flavor has been discontinued. As many others have noted it’s the main reason I go to Trader Joe’s. PLEASE bring it back.

  34. Jean Abbe

    I really miss this cereal. I have been eating it for years, just a little, on Trader Joe’s Honey Greek Yogurt. Tlhe maple kind isn’t bad, but I love the ginger.


    I absolutely LOVE this cereal and have been eating it for many years now. Went to get more yesterday only to be told it had been DISCONTINUED!!! SO BUMMED over this. It was a great seller as evidenced by how quickly the stock emptied each time. I WISH THEY WOULD BRING IT BACK!!! They did the same thing to my favorite lg. tub yogurt and now only sell it in single serve-the greek non-fat vanilla with the purple label…

  36. Anonymous

    This has been a go to breakfast for me for decades! Why? Have the ingredients become cost prohibitive? The replacement flavors taste like kid cereals. Bring it back! You have noticed that your clientele is mostly adults with a different palate than kiddies looking for the next sugar rush delivered with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

  37. Seriously?

    Could a TJ spokesperson please explain the decision to discontinue? This really is an iconic cereal. I had promised a box as a wedding gift. I had introduced my niece to this. We share a love of this cereal – and an implicit deprecation of our mild addictions to the stuff. Wouldn’t mind a bit less sugar. Maple pecan is great also, but it needs to be alternated with Ginger Almond & Cashew. Can make a happy mouth on any given day.

  38. Ashley Kraft

    I picked some up about a month ago, and loved it! Went back last week and it was gone so I decided to look it up on the site to find out it is discontinued , please bring it back!

  39. Allison

    Huge Disappointment. Tried another flavor, but it was no good. Will have to make my own.

  40. Amy

    This has been one of my favorite cereals for years. I’m so disappointed that it has been discontinued. It seems like every time I go to Trader Joe’s, another one of my favorites is missing, but this is the worst one so far. I’m not sure I’ll continue to shop at Trader Joe’s – it’s not worth the extra drive when they don’t have what I want.

  41. Tina

    Please bring this product back…it is so good and always in demand, why would you discontinue it!

  42. Gail

    My favorite cereal because it is different from all the other same old cereals. Just like many of the customers, we would go to TJs, (2 in CT abt 20 miles from us) to stock up on this cereal and other products that we love. Those other products I can get closer to home, so why go 20 miles ? Please bring back the Ginger granola.

  43. Jason

    As MANY others have said and feel, PLEASE BRING THIS CEREAL BACK!!! Don’t listen to the people talking about how healthy it may or may not be. Some of us know how to workout and take care of ourselves and look forward to treats like this! Let them eat plain cornflakes and not this if that’s how they feel. This is seriously upsetting and was one of the ONLY reasons I ever shopped at TJ’s. I probably will no longer shop here if not returned.

  44. DDL

    This is the best cereal i have seen in ages. I would always buy two boxes, when it was available as it seemed to sell out quickly. Based on the comments above, I am surprised it is being discontinued. I would occasionally stop at the local TJ’s just to see if they had it! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

  45. Annie H.

    This cereal is a favorite with my family and we always bought several boxes. In the last months I thought maybe there was a temporary supply problem when I wasn’t seeing it until yesterday when they told me at the store that it is discontinued. Is this a decision that could be reconsidered?

  46. MaryLou Graham

    Absolutely my favorite cereal/granola. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back. The vanilla and almond are NOT substitutes. I have been loving this seral for over 20 years.

  47. Amy S.

    This was my favorite cereal anywhere, ever, and I got the rest of my family hooked on it too. I’ve tried your maple and vanilla varieties, and I agree with several other reviewers that the ginger cashew is far and away the best. Honestly, it would just depress me to try to replace it with something else I know I won’t like as well. I had stocked up months ago and recently finished my last box; I was so disheartened today having learned it was no longer being carried at all that I left my local Trader Joe’s empty-handed. I join my voice with everyone else’s above to suggest that you bring it back. Fans of ginger adore it, and I have never tasted its equal anywhere. There are no acceptable substitutes. It was one of a kind.

  48. MissP

    My 91 year old mother is beyond disappointed that this is no longer available. Holy cow, do us all a favor and bring back this serial!

  49. Dori

    Please bring the TJ’s ginger, almond, cashew cereal back. We have made special trips (150 miles) to buy this cereal and are hoarding the last of our boxes. The other Just the Clusters cereals are not nearly as good!

  50. Beth

    OK, please read everything above and do what your customers want, BRING THIS CEREAL BACK! I also went specifically for this, but also would pick up other items along the way. Tried the Maple Pecan, it was not as good, but ok. Now it is gone

  51. Joseph Janesic

    Have been a recent purchaser of this cereal and not usually a cereal consumer but once I sampled it bought multiple boxes whenever it was on the shelf. Please reconsider and bring it back; it is a loved part of your store offerings.

  52. Anthony

    Best cereal ever. Please bring it back, or explain to us why it was discontinued.

  53. JT

    To the reviewer a few posts above mine who was hoarding a few boxes still. Do you have one box to spare? What’s your asking price? Maybe just one bowl? PLEASE BRING BACK THIS CEREAL

  54. Sandy

    I just found out my very favorite Trader Joe’s Ginger Almond Granola cereal has been discontinued. I’ve been buying it for years!

  55. Michelle Ryan

    Well I’m tardy to the party, since my nearest TJ is 100 miles away, but this was the main reason I shopped at Trader Joe’s! No other cereal available is as good as this was.

  56. Linda Carr

    I was introduced to Trader Joe’s by my younger daughter up north. I immediately began buying several cereals that I enjoyed, but one by one they’ve been discontinued. Now that the Ginger Almond & Cashew has been discontinued, I won’t have a reason to drive so far to shop. (Still miss your chewy triple ginger cookies. too!)

  57. Bryan

    I really loved this cereal. Hope you bring it back!

  58. Carla

    This is my favorite cereal, which I have purchased since our local Trader Joe’s opened. Please bring it back if at all possible!

  59. elisssss

    I haven’t been back to Trader Joe’s since I found out this was being discontinued. I think it was just The Last Straw. There is absolutely nothing else like this cereal on the market.
    After regularly buying this cereal for LITERALLY 20 years, (and I’ve been a customer for far more than that), I kinda feel personally betrayed that it is gone

  60. carol madigan

    my favorite cereal. PLEASE bring it back…or at least give out the recipe

  61. Chris Madden

    THis is the best cereal in the WORLD. I stopped going to Trader Joe’s since it was discontinued, because it makes me too sad to remember how badly I miss it…. I used to go to TJ’s for this cereal and spend another hundred dollars every few weeks! Now, nothing at all.

  62. Emily

    I Love this cereal! I look forward to the days when I will have it for breakfast. It tastes so good. Yes, I like ginger. In some parts of the world ginger is used to settle an upset stomach so I think it’s good for you too. Please, please, please bring it back.

  63. Haley King

    Crossing my fingers you’ll reinstate this ginger cereal soon… I have no reason to go to TJ’s if there’s no ginger granola!

  64. Ellie B

    Why?!?! I love this cereal! Don’t get rid of it! I’m not interested in another granola product.

  65. Debby Benson

    I never enjoyed a food this much before or after 🙁 I won’t go back to Trader Joe’s until they bring this cereal back

  66. Reji Patel

    Please bring this back!

  67. Quentin Milorski

    This cereal was my only reason to go to trader joes. I was shocked when I went to stock up and couldnt find it 🙁

  68. Dominic Wilkinson

    Any chance of bringing back this granola? IT was the best invention in the whole history of cereal. Thanks.

  69. mimi

    I hope Trader Joe’s brings back the ginger almond cereal. It was really the only thing I would drive to TJ’s for and would always buy 4 boxes at a time. I am just devastated since there is no other cereal to match it.

  70. Birdie Smith-Milan

    This was such a wonderful product. It was my go to for adding to yogurt. Wish they’d bring it back. Discontinued last July 2022. Why’d ya do it, Joe????

  71. Sergio

    Bring it baaaaack

  72. Clive Michaels

    Best cereal ever… not going back to Trader Joe’s until they bring it back.

  73. Maureen

    I’ve come all the way from Canada to pick up my absolute favorite cereal and it’s discontinued!!!!!!! I was planning to stock up on 10 boxes, now what do I do? Please pay attention to all of our comments, it will be a long 3 day drive to pick some up but I’m willing to do that.

  74. Mabel

    Absolutely my favorite cereal of all time. It is hard to find it in stock. Last time, I bought 5 boxes. If I had known it would be discontinued, I would have bought more. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  75. Carmen G.

    When you bring this back, please make sure and advertise. I don’t go to TJ’s now since it’s been discontinued (anything else I used to buy there is available at Food Lion) so I need you to post ads to let me know!!!!!!!!

  76. Mike K

    I love this granola, it is the only reason I go to TJ but while there end up buying other items. Went in last week and it was out so I left, I didn’t feel like buying anything else now I see they discontinued it. I really wont go back

  77. Anonymous

    Bring it back! Or, make another ginger, almond and vanilla granola. I was so happy to find this, because my favorite almond-ginger granola was discontinued years ago and I have tried so many other granolas since, even added ginger, but nothing was as delicious… until this. Then, it was discontinued?! The guy in the store suggested trying to make it with the candied ginger and vanilla almond, but it fell flat. I miss this.

  78. Please

    Bring it back! Or, make another ginger, almond and vanilla granola. I was so happy to find this, because my favorite almond-ginger granola was discontinued years ago and I have tried so many other granolas since, even added ginger, but nothing was as delicious… until this. Then, it was discontinued?! The guy in the store suggested trying to make it with the candied ginger and vanilla almond, but it fell flat. I miss this.

  79. Ryan Duffy

    This was the cereal that put Trader Joe’s on the map.

  80. Sheila Zinsser

    I thought my 90 MINUTE drive to get Ginger-Cashew-Cluster granola from TJ’s was a trek…but Maureen comes over from CANADA!! Please bring ginger-cashew granola back, if not for my 90 minute drive then for Maureen. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!

  81. Cy Banks

    Best cereal. CAme on here to see why I can’t find them anymore. Can’t believe TJ’s discontinued their best product.

  82. Birdie S.

    PLEASE BRING THIS PRODUCT BACK! It was the only one like it on the market. Nothing tastes better for breakfast than this with yogurt!

  83. Wendy j

    Adding my name to the ranks of dismayed customers Learning that this has been discontinued. For the last 10 years I would come down from Canada to Washington state to buy this specific cereal. It literally is the only ready-made cereal that I eat. I will go look for a recipe I guess and try to figure it out but I really hope that Trader Joe’s would reconsider this. I was told by an associate there that Canadians love this and come drown to buy it so it’s quite popular in Washington states but it wasn’t in other states hence it being discontinued.

  84. Kelly Lepage

    Can’t wait to get these back!

  85. Roy Barnstone

    Greatest cereal ever… when are you going to have it in stock?

  86. Amber Williamson

    Definitely miss this serial — was the best!

  87. Elizabeth

    This cereal has sustained friendships for me. I am heartbroken by its discontinuation. While I love so many TJ’s items, I haven’t had the heart to keep going since this, my favorite product, disappeared from shelves. In college, my friend and I would walk a mile in the snow each way regularly to buy this cereal. And we’d load up on as many other items as would fit in our bags while at it. In grad school, another friend and I would make road trips to the nearest TJs just for this gingery goodness (no TJs in town at the time). Fast forward many years, and I have regularly dragged my husband an hour outside our way to stock up on 3 boxes at a time of this cereal. I ran out of my stock a few months ago and was sad to see them out and didn’t bother buying anything else in my sadness. I’ve repeated this experience several times before finally checking if it’ll ever come back. PLEASE bring it back 🙁 🙁 🙁

  88. Atlantic Pacific

    Add me to the list of those who still miss this cereal. Had promised “a case” of this wonderful stuff as a wedding present for my niece in Singapore. Had to make do with a couple boxes of Maple Pecan carried in my luggage. It is delicious also, but just not the same thing. Unfortunately her dad ate most of it before her return from her honeymoon!

  89. Jean

    Why was ginger almond cluster discontinued ????? This is a crime against humanity..seriously..

  90. Stephanie Becker

    I mourn the cereal same as Elizabeth, and I’d walk a mile in the snow now (even though I live in Florida and we don’t get snow) to get my beloved cashew ginger cereal. There’s nothing as good in the world. Bring it back, TJ’s!

  91. Duncan Cooper

    I feel ya, Atlantic Pacific! The only reason to go to Trader Joes was this ginger cereal. Nothing like it. In the world.

  92. Lisa Renshaw

    Why oh why would you discontinue the most delicious cereal you sell? I don’t want maple. I don’t want vanilla. The Ginger Just the Clusters was the BEST. All by itself or sprinkled over yogurt to give it some “cronch”. Whoever decided to discontinue it should be SACKED!!

  93. Brian Paulson

    came her to sing the praises of ginger granola. I echo Lisa Renshaw. I don’t want maple. I don’t want vanilla. I don’t want chocolate and I definitely don’t want coconut. The ginger clusters are teh absolute best cereal in the world — something Trader Joe’s could be proud of.

  94. Dave Silvers

    Best granola. Bring it back!

  95. Steven Owens

    Googled this cereal to see if it was on its way back. I’ve been craving it real bad lately and nothing else will hit the spot. Come on Trader Joes, you know you want to give us our favorite cereal back!

  96. Desi Camille Jones

    Like Elizabeth, I’m heartbroken that the best cereal in the world is gone; like “Seriously?” I am shocked that TJ’s would shoot its business in the foot (if not heart) by removing its best, most iconic product (hands down) from the shelves. Time for an about face, TJ!

  97. John Papadopoulos

    I miss this cereal.

  98. Wayne Biggs

    Best cereal ever. Please bring it back

  99. Ray Patel

    bring it back

  100. Adrienne

    Still check TJ’s to see if it’s back. All their other cereals are the same as everyone else sells. The Ginger just the Clusters was unique…and so delicious! I usually enjoyed it for a late afternoon snack. It was the best, and always made me excited to just go into TJ’s knowing I would get some. Not the same feeling when I go in (which now is not nearly as often!).

  101. Betty York

    I have only one box left, and even though it’s expired it’s delicious. So much better than all your other products put together. Please consider reinstating this cereal, your best product.

  102. Marilyn Abdul-Fattah

    I am boycotting TRader Joes until the ginger granola comes back. It’s so good, I can’t bear to shop at TJ’s and not get any. Why oh why was it abandoned?

  103. Karen Nelson-Melber

    This was your best product, Trader Joe’s. THe ginger. THe cashews. The perfect crunch! You shot yourself in the foot by discontinuing it. Has anyone found anything similar at another grocery store?

  104. Missy Anderson

    Best cereal ever! Missing it something terrible now that the holidays are almost here 🙁

  105. Jay

    I’m back to check and see if it has returned and it has not. Well it’s been a little over a year now since I’ve shopped at TJ’s after realizing it was no longer available. I WILL NOT shop here until it returns.

  106. Walter Burgess

    just opened the last box of Just the Clusters Ginger Almond and Cashew Granola Cereal which we have been rationing. There are products their customers become addicted to having.I became a customer two decades ago and used to drive 150 miles
    for two buck chuck which I would no longer purchase today. Some products Gummy Tummies, Spicy Apple Cider and Hot and Sweet Pepper Jelly fly off the shelf when available. With their seasonality they become products to horde. Either my tastes are strange or Trader Joes is missing out on an opportunity. Premium products encourage you to shop at their stores. As your customers age they tend to become more affluent or at least know where they want to spend their money.With some products
    seasonal marketing just does not make sense.

  107. Walter Burgess

    None of the cereals you try to redirect me to has ginger. I have tried them and found them wanting. At one time you were my
    number 1 grocer. You now trail Costco and Lidl.

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