Trader Joe’s Garlicky Pasta Reviews

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Italian pasta in a creamy umami garlic sauce. Sold in the frozen section.


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Garlicky Pasta Reviews

  1. em

    Good chewy pasta with surprisingly flavorless sauce. Based on the smell while cooking I was expecting this to be a lot more flavorful, but I had to add some extra seasonings for this to really taste like anything. It’s a good value though for the amount of food.

  2. Chloe

    I agree with the previous review
    It’s way too salty, not all that creamy and flavorful
    There’s also not that much food, the standard amount for Trader Joe’s frozen pasta + sauce dishes sure…
    It would probably be cheaper to make it yourself
    I think this product is based of a viral tiktok recipe, I was expecting better
    Sometimes there was a strong flavor in the sauce at some points that I couldn’t quite put my tongue on, but that was ehh as well

  3. Lil

    I’m picky with my pasta and this is delicious! I added a little salt and the juice of half a lemon. So delicious! The noodles came out nice on the Al Dente side. Highly recommend for an easy dinner!

  4. Sean

    Thought it was great, added cut up chicken pieces, side of peas….. very good.

  5. Em

    Not a very pleasant taste. Noodles itself cooked up ok but there was an overwhelming. artificial garlic taste. Will not be purchasing this item again. Bring back your Thai eggplant please!

  6. Elena

    Picked this up because who doesn’t love garlicky noodles? I added a little bit of butter with a splash of heavy cream and a few shakes of pepper flakes. Came out amazing.!

  7. Tawana Cooper

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I thought I would just try it out so I bought only one bag because usually when I try something for the 1st time and I think I’m going to like it I buy multiples and end up not liking it.This however was not the case this time! I loved these! The only thing I did was add a little bit of salt and I sprinkled some green onions on top and I was– oh my gosh so delicious! In fact i’m going back to Trader joe’s tomorrow to buy a few more bags!

    It just goes to show you that everybody’s taste buds are different and you can’t always go by a review but it gives you some idea. I’m really glad I tried these!

  8. Anonymous

    ok but needed some capers. butter would also be nice but there goes the calorie count

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