Trader Joe’s Garlic Chipotle Salsa Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Garlic Chipotle Salsa Reviews

  1. Diana Hill

    This salsa is SO good!! It’s been my go-to for parties ever since I first tried it. I like serving it with the Trader Joe’s Restaurant Style White Corn Tortilla chips. Delish!

  2. Karen

    We use this salsa as an addition to our go to Herdez Salsa. On its own, it’s pretty good too.

  3. Toni

    Some jarred salsas have added sugars, making them too sweet for my taste. This one is perfect. I throw in a little TJ’s smoked ghost chilies if I want it hotter.

  4. Anonymous

    Honestly, this salsa is my new found love. I find it to be absolutely delicious, and my favorite salsa by far.

  5. Person who hates watery salsa

    The flavor of this salsa is TOP tier. HOWEVER, I wish I was not so watery and more chunky please and thank you 🙂

  6. Steve M

    My favorite salsa for several years now. Could it be a little thicker? Sure, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t discontinue it!!! OMG I miss your regular mayonnaise SO MUCH!

  7. Gwynn B

    Love the flavor of this salsa! Fear it’s been discontinued at my local TJ. Please bring it back!

  8. Linda

    Best salsa ever!!! Your other ones are crap

  9. Amy M

    This is honestly the best salsa I have ever tasted, and it is one of the main things that has kept me coming back to Trader Joe’s. And now I fear that it has been discontinued. Please please please bring this back! It is truly a gem!

  10. Lori

    I’m SOOOOO disappointed to get back from traveling and find that there’s NO TJ’s garlic chipotle salsa!! WHYYYYYYYY do they ALWAYS cancel their absolute BEST items?!?! (TJ’s Champagne Vinaigrette) Their jalapeño hummus is ALSO gone. This chipotle salsa is by FAR better than any salsa I’ve ever tried. It’s the perfect blend of everything a salsa should be. Now we’re stuck with average/typical tomato salsas instead of something that was unique and high end restaurant quality.

  11. Anonymous

    Very disappointed that this appears to have been discontinued. This was a weekly staple for us, and we have yet to find a reasonable replacement.

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