Trader Joe’s Fresh Linen Scent Hand Soap Reviews

(22 customer reviews)

22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fresh Linen Scent Hand Soap Reviews

  1. Wes

    This smells really good (very similar to the promised “fresh linen” scent), but it doesn’t lather up enough. It’s too thick to get a good lather with.

  2. Anonymous

    Drips of product turned to glue on the bottle and on my bathroom counter. I had a hard time scrubbing it off. I liked the bottle design, I like the smell, but the when it dries on the counter and bottle it becomes really, really sticky. I will not buy again.

  3. Stephen R Cornwell

    Here it is 2017…
    Nothing has changed…I have to agree.. this soap is sooooosticky.
    I love the fragrance… And I love the packaging.
    2017…It still is like a “Sticky glue” on the sides of the bottle down onto the countertop. On top of the stickiness… In our area… It’s even attracts gnats!!
    As a matter fact… it is so sticky I have difficulty cleaning the soap off the countertop… soap doesn’t work!
    I tried everything…
    Some of it had sat for a while in the spare bathroom. Easy off oven cleaner was finally the solution. However I had to leave that sit for about 10 minutes

  4. Logan Holloway

    I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and used their bathroom and they had this soap to use. The smell was so amazing I had to have it! Unfortunately when I went to find it I couldn’t. I asked a employee and he told me it’s discontinued! He did give me the bottle from the bathroom for free..which is awesome but kind of gross at the same time! I loveeee this scent though!

  5. jennifer oconnor

    Please bring back the fresh linen pump soap!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Don’t miss the poorly designed pump that left a drippy mess, but I sure do miss this antibac soap. It was wonderfully fresh smelling but dissipated, so it was great for use in the kitchen.

    Please bring it back TJ! (Call me paranoid, but I’m starting to think that the product managers at TJ’s follow me around & discontinue everything I regularly buy. Yeesh.)

  7. Jay

    Bring this item back!!!! Its amazing!

  8. Anonymous

    Please bring this back it’s my favorite hand soap

  9. a. lewis

    Please, please bring this back! It’s the only soap that does not irritate my hands and isn’theavily perfumed. I agree that the bottle can become sticky, but I found that rubbing with hot water cleaned most of it off, all it I worked at it awhile.

  10. Susan

    Yes, it’s sticky. Yes, it drips. But it smells sooo good, and a little goes a long way! Please bring it back!

  11. Suzan

    Love the scent and the fact that it’s antibacterial
    PLEASE bring it back!!

  12. LG

    PLEEEEASE bring the Fresh Linen soap back. Had I known it was going to be discontinued, I would have bought cases!!! It’s fabulous!!

  13. Amy Eversole

    Please bring this soap back. The smell is amazing. I too find it gets sticky, but you can add a little bit of water to the bottle and it helps. The fresh smell is worth the little bit of mess!

  14. Donna

    I was a devoted user for several years…why was this product discontinued? This soap had the best perfume of any of the TJ line. Maybe redesign the bottle and bring it back! Please!

  15. Amy Connelly

    I love this soap and was so disappointed when it was discontinued. The light scent is wonderful. Working in a dental office I’m washing my hands constantly, this wasn’t overly harsh and dry my hands like others have. Since there are no TJ’s where I live I would stock up and haul them home, that’s how much I love it!

    Please bring this one back!!

  16. Heather

    Please bring back thishand soap! It smells amazing and works great! Why was it discontinued?

  17. Heather

    Please bring back this hand soap! It smells amazing and works great! Why was it discontinued?

  18. Diane Maxwell

    PLEEEEEEEASE bring back this wonderful handsoap–sticky, gooey sure!!! It’s the best hand soap ever. If you think about bringing it back, please think about opening a store in Columbia MO!!!

  19. Vicki Anthony

    Boo to Trader Joes. I loved the smell of the Fresh Linen soap and am so disappointed to learn that it has been discontinued. It’s the main reason I went there to shop. Until you decide to bring the soap back, I’ll go elsewhere to shop.

  20. Heather Bunkley Allen

    This is my favorite soap and I am so sad that it has been discontinued. The last 3.5 years, I lived 4 hours from the nearest Trader Joe’s but would stock up on this soap when I was near. Now I am down to my last bottle and am so sad. Everyone that uses it at my house loves it and raves about the scent. Please consider bringing it back. It was the only scent I could find other than unscented that wasn’t heavily floral or perfume-y scented and it didn’t aggravate my chemical allergies. I dislike the foaming soap that TJs has replaced this with and don’t feel like my hands are clean after using it so I will have to find another option at another store. Makes me sad since I have now moved back to an area with a TJs and was looking forward to replenishing my stock. Boo on this discontinuance.

  21. Dana

    Please bring this product back!!!!

  22. Steve C

    I complained about the leaking onto my counter in 2017…but I take that back! Since then TJ’s has discontinued. I stocked up…ran out, and then found one last bottle. Please bring it back!..and you don’t redesign the bottle…I’ll be MORE THAN HAPPY to transfer to dispenser of my own. No prob.

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