Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Reviews

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A traditional Mediterranean recipe of ground fava beans, chickpeas, and spices.


1 review for Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Reviews

  1. Char

    My family loves falafel pita sandwiches. During the pandemic we needed to find a way to make them at home. On its own, it’s a good mix. Far better flavor and texture than the tough frozen falafel balls TJ’s also sells.
    Getting the perfect restaurant-type (crunchy outside and soft inside) falafel from a mix has been a quest. This mix is a little wet and a bit heavier than we like, but it has great flavor. Manischewitz is another mix that has a courser grind and often ends up dry and crumbly. So we mixed one packet of TJ’s and one packet of Manischewitz. Wow! It made really tasty and great-textured falafel balls. So we buy this mix frequently now.

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