Trader Joe’s Dried Mandarins Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dried Mandarins Reviews

  1. Lily

    Like glorious mandarin candy! These have a ton of sugar, so I don’t think they’re particularly healthy, but they ARE delicious. And it’s fruit so it’s, like, better than real candy, right? RIGHT? I’m still partial to the nothing-added dried mango, but these are a good way to mix it up.

  2. Kahlee

    I wish they had these all year. Wonderful in salads and in combo with nuts and dried orange cranberries as well as dried montmorecy (sp?) sour cherries.

  3. kdk

    Theses are quite sweet (I think they could back off a little on the sugar), but otherwise very good. There are only 10 calories per piece and honestly 3 or 4 pieces would satisfy most people. I think I’m going to dice some up and put them in my next batch of chicken salad

  4. Ttrockwood

    So good! Like jelly beans only all natural. Great chewy texture.

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