Trader Joe’s Dark Morello Cherries Reviews

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102 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Morello Cherries Reviews

  1. Didi H

    These are SUCH a good find. They’re delicious to eat over ice cream or yogurt (if you’re feeling healthy), or just on their own. These are NOT maraschino cherries, they are natural (tasting) and awesome. The juice is also bomb just to drink, or to add to a cocktail once you’re finished with the cherries!

  2. Anonymous

    They are very tasty. I love them and would work well in a cocktail. I enjoy them a lot!!!

  3. KM Hart

    TJ’s Dark Morello cherries are a top product & a major reason for shopping there!!! Please don’t discontinue.

  4. joyce synek

    I called stores today to see if i could get them. I love love them . I made a special
    trip to get them and thought maybe they were seasonal but was told they we’re discontinued. I would like to know WHY when they are so popular and so versatile. please bring them back!!

  5. Judy & Roger McKenzie

    We absolutely LOVE the Morello dark cherries and cannot think why TJ’s has discontinued them. We have purchased many, many jars thru out the years and hoping TJ’s puts them back on the shelf for sale. Heavy sigh!!! Judy

  6. Anne Smith

    Please …. please, bring back the morello cherries!!!! I drove 75 miles just to get these cherries!!! Why on earth would you discontinue them!!!??????

  7. Paula Levy

    I love these tart cheries and bake with them almost weekly. Thier inclusion with a sweet cake meat is divine. I am dismayed that TJs has discontinued them and now have no where to turn to get them. This is very disconcerting and I do not know where to turn to be able to bake one of the most well received caekes I make. Anyone have any suggestions?

  8. Barbara

    Bring back the morello cherries…they are the absolute best!! They are the main reason I shopped regularly at Trader Joes. If these are so popular, why would you discontinue them? I have purchased them for several years and are very disappointed.

  9. Waltraud Speed

    My favorite item is discontinued. Bad move!

    Auf Nimmerwiedersehen Trader Joe’s!

  10. Tammy Nguyen

    Please bring back the morello cherries!

  11. Cheryl

    Please bring back the Morello cherries! Please! I eat some every night for what I consider medicinal reasons. I am so upset. I drive at least 40 miles to get these and usually buy at least 6 jars at a time. I absolutely love these tart cherries!!!!!
    Why did you discontinue? Please give me good reason.

  12. Dana M

    No, I personally bought more than 100 jars over the past two years. Please get them back!!!

  13. Lori Jermont

    I just received my latest issue of Cook’s Illustrated and was thrilled to find a recipe for Cocktail Cherries similar to the Luxardo Cherries from Italy. The recipe SPECIFICALLY called for Trader Joe’s Dark Morello Cherries in Light Syrup. I made a trip to Trader Joe’s (waited in line due to social distancing) only to find they had been discontinued…WHAT?!! This, unfortunately, has happened with many of my favorites over the years…so sad.

  14. Lana Zavalkovskiy

    Please, bring Morello cherries back!!! Why in the world you discontinued this item!!!
    I used them for baking, eating straight from the jar and juice is delicious to drink.
    Bring them back!!!
    0 stars to Trader Joe’s for bad decision:(

  15. Lenka D

    Please bring this product back. I have purchased many jars over the years. They are often the reason I go to Trader Joe’s, and end up spending money on all kinds of other goodies. They are amazing for baking. I rely on them for various recipes.

  16. Bettina Munn

    Please bring the cherries back.

  17. Tonya

    Like everyone else said, please bring back the Morello cherries! There is no good substitute for them and they’re so versatile! A quality product that deserves some shelf space in your store!

  18. Sharon

    This is probably the fifth product that Trader Joe’s has discontinued that has been essential to my cooking. I just don’t understand why they discontinue such great products. Please add the information in your flyer, so at least we can can a heads up and purchase all that is left in any store.

  19. Jeanne

    Please bring back the Morello cherries. They always lure me into Traders Joes

  20. Lynne Gudes

    Please, please bring them back. So many things I make with these wonderful cherries. Nothing replaces them. Please bring them back!

  21. Lynne Gudes

    This silly site claims i already pleaded for their return. I have not. It obviously knows how many people have said the same thing. Nothing replaces them. Please bring them back!

  22. Patricia Henning

    The review is for the cherries.
    My review for Trader Joe’s would be a 1!!
    As previously stated, these cherries were my go-to for making the best cherry pie! So disheartened to hear they have been discontinued…is an understatement! Who ever makes these decisions on the corporate level needs to re-examine their choices. Time after time, I see extremely well made & popular items disappear while they continue to sell some items that I wouldnt eat. All to cater to the crap food masses? I’ve been a loyal Trader Joe’s shopper for years, but I’m getting fed up with these type of calls on product. At the very least- inform the public of pending discontinuation so we can buy accordingly.

  23. Janet B.

    Drove over 100 miles, and no morello cherries!! Discontinued??!! How is that possible? How am I going to make cherry pie.? Unbelievable!! I might be done with Trader Joe’s. Always getting rid of popular items.

  24. DW

    The cherries get the 5 star rating but the fact that y’all discontinued them is blasphemy!!! I literally ran my pie business around those cherries and the restaurant stores can’t even compete with the crap they’re offering!!! I little business is definitely hurting this year

    I bought them by the cases every week!!

  25. DW

    The cherries get the 5 star rating but the fact that y’all discontinued them is blasphemy!!! I literally ran my pie business around those cherries and the restaurant stores can’t even compete with the crap they’re offering!!! I little business is definitely hurting this year

    I bought them by the cases every week!! My only reason for driving an hour to TJ’s …. haven’t been back!

  26. Kris Nash

    I have made my famous cherry pie with Trader Joe’s morello cherries for years. Have passed on the recipe to many friends and relatives, always specifying “use the Trader Joe’s Morello cherries”. They are the best. Please bring them back!

  27. Tine

    I really need TJ’s morello cherries back. I love them for baking my German cherry yeast cake and for so many other things.
    They are delicious and nowhere else to be found 🙁
    Please bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Rikki Poulos

    Trader Joes: PLEASE BRING BACK these Morello Cherries!!! Why did you discontinue this item?? America’s Test Kitchens rated them #1 of all the sour cherry products they tested. And for many years during the holidays, I always make my special cherry coconut cake recipe that you cannot find — a recipe passed down from my mother over 60 yrs ago. The quality of these cherries make it. All my friends wait for me to share some this time of year. And judging by all the comments, it seems to be one of the best, most popular items in your store. So, PLEASE, PLEASE, bring back the Morello Cherries! You will make so many of your customers happy.

  29. Lori

    So sad to learn that the Morrello Cherries were discontinue. Please bring them back to store shelves ASAP

  30. Glenn Fieldman

    Bring back the morello cherries! Their absence is one more reason not to shop TJs anymore. So many good things gone

  31. Sheila

    Morello cherries luxe like ones we adored when expat in Germany. PLEASE bring these back. We buy at least 50 jars a year to eat straight, add to yogurt, use in several recipes incl two that soecifically call for the – Great British Baking Sow and one in Cook’s Ill. Come on guys…. we love ‘em❣️Pleeeease.

  32. Mary Smith

    Please, bring back Morello Cherries in a jar. I was buying them 2-3 jars every week. Sugar free, full of vitamins, versatile, tasty. 23 years of joy and freshness and now they are gone. Please, allow customers to decide the final fate of iconic products.

  33. Elfie

    I miss these cherries
    Please bring them back They are one of my reasons to shop at TJ

  34. Elfie

    The best cherries ever
    Please bring them back They are one of my reasons to shop at TJ

  35. Elfie

    The best cherries ever. My family buys them every time we shop at TJ

  36. Lea

    I also depended on these cherries for my favorite pie recipe, but based on TJ history, they are unlikely to bring them back. Sooo, does anyone know of a reasonable alternative??

  37. Anonymous

    Why did Trader Joes’s. discontinue one of the best products on the earth, Morello Cherries?
    Beyond disappointing.

  38. Jennifer

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. Nothing compares for my husband’s favorite dessert… cherry pie!!!

  39. Linda Marshall

    I am SO VERY SAD and disappointed to learn that there these cherries have been discontinued! I cannot find them anywhere else without paying $20 a jar or more! PLEASE bring back the cherries!!!!

  40. Elizabeth

    This is mind boggling that these cherries have discontinued. They are high quality, amazingly priced (if that is why they were discontinued, I would still buy them if you needed to increase the price), and versatile. Brandied for candy, cakes, muffins, pie filling, cheesecake and ice cream topping, and just as fruit for yogurt or from the spoon. I always made sure to have 2 or 3 jars on my pantry shelf which meant it was at least a once/month purchase. I know that I’m not the only one who relied on these too. My mother and sister bought and used them regularly as well. I really hope that the buyers take heed and find a way to bring them back.

  41. Robin

    The cherries are gone.. Nooooo
    Seriously though TJs y’all need to do the right thing. I’ve pushed through & gotten over the loss of other DCd items I loved. But this is beyond beyond… Bring. Them. Cherries. Back.

  42. Kim

    Oh please, PLEASE bring back the morello cherries! They make the absolute best cherry pie filling, compote for fresh yogurt, etc. These are perfection – please, puhleeeaaase bring them back!!!

  43. Chris

    these cherries are singular – we can only get them at Trader Joe’s and no other comes even close – PLEASE bring them back. Tart, firm, rich and colorful. We used them like crazy and now we’re crazy with sorrow.

  44. Trish

    Are you kidding me? These cherries are the best. I shared a recipe with a local for marinating these for use in whiskey sours or a raspberry martini. They are also delicious over ice cream and make a great cherry tart. TJ…you got this one wrong!

  45. Grace

    I just opened my last jar of Trader Joe’s Morello Cherries that I’ve been saving for a special occasion. They have been my very favorite jarred fruit, and along with countless other people, I am extremely disappointed that they’ve been discontinued. Please, please, please restore this wonderful product to the store shelves!!!

  46. Dee

    Yese, these Morello Cherries were the best!! I also just used my last jar and hope it comes back soon.

  47. Dee

    Yes, the Morello Cherries were the best!! I also just used my last jar and hope it comes back soon. This was one of TJ’s best! Please come back.

  48. Barbara Letsom

    The Morello Cherries – Yikes! They weren’t there today! They said it was discontinued – NO! this cannot be! Please tell me they will be back – I just used my last jar a 2 weeks ago. I add them to yogurt, make sorbet in the summer, mix them with fruit salad or fruit cocktail. I MUST have them! Please let me know.

  49. Barbara Letsom

    Raise the price! We will still buy them – we will!

  50. Barbara Joy

    Raise the price! We will still buy them – we will!

  51. Cindy Maynard-Karg

    Your Morello cherries are the only cherries recommended by Cook’s Illustrated. I agree with Barbara – raise the price if necessary. The cherries will still be bought even if the price doubles.

  52. mercedes

    The Morello Cherries were my favorite TJ item. The last few times I was in Trader Joe’s I was told that they were seasonal (!) and would be back. Now I find out they have been discontinued. I am broken hearted. No more reason to drive 50 miles round trip now……

  53. SandraB

    My husband bakes cakes and uses these fantastic tasting cherries frequently. He’s so upset to find out they’re discontinued! Please bring them back!!

  54. Marjorie Hustead

    So sad, one of the reasons drive all the way to Trader Joes. Morello Cherries are the best for baking, or to eat out of the jar. Trader Joes does discontinue popular items to try new things, alwys seems as if my favorites are discontinued. I’ve tried other brands of sour cherries to bake, none are as good.

  55. SG

    Please bring them back! These are the reason I go to TJ’s, the always end up with a bag of stuff, but no reason to go anymore if you don’t have these!!

  56. C

    Very disappointed that Morello Cherries have been discontinued. Bad move.

  57. CGA

    They are/were a wonderful product. Please bring them back at a decent price. (I see them on Amazon for $15.00 each.

  58. Karen Cesar

    Sent my husband to TJ’s specifically for morello cherries. WTH? Discontinued? Noooooooo

    These are my pie cherries. Please please please bring them back!

  59. Sandy DeVries

    Where are the Morello dark cherries? I can not understand why you very often choose to discontinue your very best items.
    I relied on these as my doctor recommended them. You readily advertise new products but fail to notify us that you are discontinuing very good quality items that some of us have learned to depend on. I am very disappointed.

  60. Jay

    I agree! PLEASE bring back Morello Cherries in the glass jar!!!

  61. Mary Klein

    I add my disappointment to that of others who found this product perfect for several uses. The Morello Dark Cherries were on the very short list of items that brought me into Trader Joe’s. I agree at being surprised that some excellent products get discontinued while mediocre items seem to stay.

  62. John Neet

    Bring back the Morello Cherries. Essential part of a low uric acid diet

  63. Jestin

    Please bring back the dark morello cherries. We miss them!

  64. Eileen Wong

    I am just devastated that Trader Joe’s have not brought back these fabulous morello cherries! I found last November 2020 that they had been discontinued. I have just returned from a year living in Canada and hoping these jars of morello cherries would be back on the shelves. I bought them not only for myself for baking pies and Black Forest cake but gave them to friends who are avid bakers. We so miss these cherries. Please bring them back! It’s not too late!

  65. Liz Kroll

    For over 30 years I have bought the morello cherries from Trader Joe’s. Wish they would be brought back. They are the best!

  66. Anonymous

    I used them to make black forest cake a lot. Really love them. Please bring them back!!!!!

  67. R. Hovland

    I can’t believe these have been discontinued, I use them all the time. It is so hard to find good quality sour cherries, please bring them back.

  68. david

    Morello Cherries!
    Absolutely the best…Please bring back these cherries.

  69. Dore

    The Morello cherries are the and make the BEST cherry pies. The holidays are coming and now what will I do???
    Please bring them back!

  70. Sabrina Nelson

    These are seriously the best! Always liked to have them on hand for a quick dessert. Please bring them back!

  71. JP

    Please bring them back! Supposedly they are going to be available soon? I’m really hoping they come back, I will buy like 5 of them! They are absolutely the best cherries to use for baking or they taste great by themselves.

  72. CMC

    WHYYYYY would you discontinue one of your premiere items? I started buying them years ago after an in-store demo had the recipe to use the cherries and your Vanilla cake mix – baked into what became one of MY signature desserts. I don’t get it!!! PLEASE BRING BACK!!

  73. John Closson

    Totally bummed that they have been discontinued. they were one of your better products and no other store came close , if they even carried cherries at all. Such a shame.

  74. Mike

    Unbelievable that these are discontinued. What a terrific product. Please figure out a new source for these cherries, please!

  75. Gina

    Hey Trader Joe!!! What’s the deal???? Sun-dried tomato, pesto layered dip-gone. Perfect traditional tahini dip-gone. Orange Muscat Champagne vinegar-gone. And now even the perfect jarred, Dark Morello Cherries?????? What on Earth gives? What are we doing here? Please do what you have to do, but bring these back! We used these for pies, crumbles, chutneys, cheesecake topping and cocktail cherries, not to mention their straight out of the jar deliciousness in some of my more memorable late night pantry raids. WE NEED THESE CHERRIES!!!!

  76. Mike

    Are you kidding me? Let’s get on the stick here Trader Joe’s. You need to bring back one of your premium products.

  77. Sylvie

    Please bring these back!! We will pay more, there is just no comparison!

  78. Anonymous

    Please bring back the Morello cherries!!!!

  79. Steve George

    Agreed! Please bring back the Morello cherries!!! So disappointed these have been discontinued.☹️

  80. Anonymous

    My store told me the morello jarred cherries are seasonal, so imagine my sadness reading here that they’re gone for good! Please bring them back, TJs! Absolutely willing to pay more than their original price! There’s nothing like them anywhere else!

  81. Anna Speed

    Check Aldi stores near you.
    I bought 6 Dark Morello Cherry jars, $2.99 each, from Aldi in Tampa today.
    Aldi’s cherry jar is not identical with TJ’s, the weight is slightly less (24 oz vs. 24.7 oz) but enough for my Black Forest cake. It’s a German product as well.

  82. Jill

    Just finished my final stashed jar of Dark Morello Cherries. Trader Joe’s has a way of discontinuing customer favorites. I am so very disappointed with the company over this. BRING THEM BACK. Zero stars ought to be an option, here.

  83. Liz S.

    don’t know what to do without these cherries to bake with. Please bring them back.

  84. Michaela Shoop

    So disappointed you discontinued these outstanding cherries. Please bring them back. They were the reason for many trips to TJs. Please bring them back, we need them for Black Forest cake and ice cream. That’s a terrible loss.

  85. Carol G Stutzman

    Yes, please bring them back – the Morello cherries in 24.7 oz jars. I have recommended them to friends who are also wishing for them.

  86. Connie

    TJ’s Morello Cherries in a jar are the BEST. I am not sure why they discontinued them. Hopefully they will bring them back before summer. These cherries are amazing for any cake recipes, for cocktails, with ice cream. In the summer I bake a light fluffy white cake, cut it in half and freeze one of them, then use the morello cherries, add a cornstarch slurry to thicken the juice, throw the cherries back in and put that on the cake. Decorate with dollops of whipped cream after it has fully cooled, and serve.
    So refreshing!

  87. Marge Lawrence

    Bring back the jarred cherries, please!

  88. Rob Bertram

    Please bring them back, even if as a special order item ( I will buy them by the case, gladly!!)
    There must be a way for TJ’s to stock such wonderful items even if not as widely appreciated as they should be.
    These are the best on muesli with yogurt!! and many other things!

  89. Gourmet from GE

    DARK MORELLO CHERRIES – the only Sauerkirschen from Germany affordable at Trader Joe’s (ALDI) are not here anymore, WHY? These are the best Cherries ! Please bring the product back on your shelfs soonest!
    I have seen a lot of products cancelled at Trader Joe’s; the majority of the list is ‘convenience’ food or mixed foods — the only pure fruit preserved in a jar had to be cancelled. There is nothing which can replace pure fruit!
    Bring it back into the stores! Thank you.

  90. Molly


  91. Lisa

    Bring them back! Five stars for the product, zero stars for discontinuing them.

  92. Steven

    Sorry they have been discontinued, luckily Lidl still has them.

  93. Ron Failing

    For the love of GOD, bring back the Morello cherries. Do you not see the pain you have inflicted on these people? TJ! I am calling out to you! From the wilderness, a voice rings out, “bring back the Morellos!” Seriously, I put these in my Tequila Sunrises so quit screwing around and do the right thing.

  94. AR

    As everybody else since 2020, we’re disappointed that the dark morello cherries were discontinued. But we were told that it’s a supply chain issue in the wake of the pandemic and that TJ’s is actively looking for another supplier.

  95. RD

    Please bring them back! There is nothing else out there like these cherries. These are the only cherries I use for the Black Forest Cherry Cake. Why even discontinue? They were a huge hit and often sold out in our stores.

  96. GJ

    I join the outcry; bring back Morello cherries! PLEASE!!!

  97. Ravensmith

    It’s pie season again and once again, I miss the Morello cherries. Please, please, please bring them back! My cherry pie isn’t the same without it!

  98. EK

    Five stars for the cherries. Zero stars for discontinuing them. Please, please, please bring back the Morello cherries. There are no substitutes!!! Or at least publish the reason you no longer carry them. They were the reason I shopped at Trader Joe’s. Perfect with cream puffs, cheese cake, or Schwarzwälderkirschtorte.

  99. Beya

    Please, please, please bring them back !!! They were perfect!!!!

  100. Mary P

    Best ever cherries for baking or trifles! TJ please bring them back!!!!

  101. Julia

    I keep looking for the jarred Morello cherries and now see they are discontinued on this site. I am SO disappointed and request they return. I make a great cherry pie with them. I am a regular at TJ’s since it opened here and until covid hit could always find them. 5 stars for the cherries but NOT for the discontinue.

  102. Melissa

    YES!!! Bring them back. Great in pie, great to mix the juice with seltzer, great to put on ice cream, great to eat straight out of the jar. SO SO sad to realize that they have been discontinued.

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