Trader Joe’s Dark Morello Cherries Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Morello Cherries Reviews

  1. Didi H

    These are SUCH a good find. They’re delicious to eat over ice cream or yogurt (if you’re feeling healthy), or just on their own. These are NOT maraschino cherries, they are natural (tasting) and awesome. The juice is also bomb just to drink, or to add to a cocktail once you’re finished with the cherries!

  2. Anonymous

    They are very tasty. I love them and would work well in a cocktail. I enjoy them a lot!!!

  3. KM Hart

    TJ’s Dark Morello cherries are a top product & a major reason for shopping there!!! Please don’t discontinue.

  4. joyce synek

    I called stores today to see if i could get them. I love love them . I made a special
    trip to get them and thought maybe they were seasonal but was told they we’re discontinued. I would like to know WHY when they are so popular and so versatile. please bring them back!!

  5. Judy & Roger McKenzie

    We absolutely LOVE the Morello dark cherries and cannot think why TJ’s has discontinued them. We have purchased many, many jars thru out the years and hoping TJ’s puts them back on the shelf for sale. Heavy sigh!!! Judy

  6. Anne Smith

    Please …. please, bring back the morello cherries!!!! I drove 75 miles just to get these cherries!!! Why on earth would you discontinue them!!!??????

  7. Paula Levy

    I love these tart cheries and bake with them almost weekly. Thier inclusion with a sweet cake meat is divine. I am dismayed that TJs has discontinued them and now have no where to turn to get them. This is very disconcerting and I do not know where to turn to be able to bake one of the most well received caekes I make. Anyone have any suggestions?

  8. Barbara

    Bring back the morello cherries…they are the absolute best!! They are the main reason I shopped regularly at Trader Joes. If these are so popular, why would you discontinue them? I have purchased them for several years and are very disappointed.

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