Trader Joe’s Crispy Quinoa Stars Cereal Reviews

(18 customer reviews)

Quinoa and rice cereal sweetened with cane sugar and honey.

18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crispy Quinoa Stars Cereal Reviews

  1. Dr. Jim

    Best cereal ever–bring it back to your shelves.

  2. Sandy Martin

    I went to replenish my Quinoa Stars box of cereal the other day only to find out Trader Joe’s has done it again. Introduce a product and then cancel it. I’m so disappointed.

  3. “RC”

    THANKS TRADER JOEs for eliminating one of be very BEST CEREALS I have ever tried. Quinoa Stars is a tasty & crunchy
    breakfast cereal, plus sprinkling it on ice creme and gelato makes for an extra special treat. I can eat the “stars” directly from the box. So, please consider bringing back Quinoa Stars.
    I have tried finding the product at other stores, but have been unsuccessful so far. Please re-stock your shelves with this excellent cereal.

  4. Kristen Ward

    This item was a godsend for my child with gluten allergy. Please bring it back.

  5. PETRA Pazz

    So very disappointed and sad with TJ discontinuing our MOST favorite cereal EVER ! My daughter has many food allergies and sensitivities and crispy quinoa stars were THE one cereal that she had zero reaction to ! We were eating it straight out of the box with a spoon :))
    Please PLEASE pleeeeeeease bring it back !

  6. DM

    Ditto the above. This is a wonderful cereal for those, and particularly young people, who have food allergies and sensitivities and need GF selections. It really hurts when you loose a choice that you look forward to. I think you really do still have a market for this so seriously, please do consider those shoppers who are so very grateful for the few products that they can look forward to safely and thank you for this consideration.

  7. Heather Berry

    I echo the above! Please bring back quinoa stars!!!

  8. Mary Pags

    I ditto everything written above. Why discontinue something so good, so crispy, so healthy for those of us with Celiac Disease

  9. Maluhia Shaw

    This was the only healthy cereal I could eat with my food allergies, and it was good!
    Please consider bringing it back!

  10. Lisa

    PLEASE bring back the only cold cereal I can actually eat and I “LOVED” it!!!!

  11. H. Carley

    Please bring it back!! The only good gluten free cereal you had and you took it away☹️
    Can you also bring in Nature’s Path gluten free cereal with Turmeric?
    Not much gluten free cereal except some for children?
    Thank you!

  12. Stacie W

    Please bring back crispy quinoa stars cereal . Love it ! I could eat it cold or straight out of the bag .

  13. Lisa

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, bring it back!!! I really miss it.

  14. Regina Lewis

    Really enjoyed your Quinoa Stars. Very healthy and delicious. Wonderful for those who have food sensitivities. Bring it back if you can 😉

  15. Lisa


  16. Amara

    Bring it back TJ! We miss this great cereal

  17. Lisa

    PLEASE bring this back

  18. Lisa

    PLEASE bring back this cereal!! If you can’t is it being boxed under a new name brand??? Please

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