Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese Brick Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese Brick Reviews

  1. Jonathan Shakarisaz

    I love TJ’s but this product was very bad, the xanthem gum made it so… fake feeling it was like spreadding rubber, it was messy and stuck to the wrapper, tasted odd… and I was shocked to see so many chemicals (non organic additives) in a TJ product, No offense but I would never buy it again.

  2. barbara r marcus

    No character whatsoever. Blah quality, taste.

  3. Eden Compton

    This is the worst cream cheese I have ever used. Truly regret not getting the standard brand for my cheesecake for Thanksgiving. As noted above – it completely sticks to the wrapper and has a weird consistency. It literally froze my heavy duty food processor. I’ve never seen anything like it. Never Again.

  4. Vickie Miller

    Beyond horrible. Ruined my TG cheesecake.Trader Joes should be ashamed to sell this disgusting product in their stor

  5. EDonato

    My daughter is widely known for her amazing cheesecake. Yesterday, she made her trademark cheesecake again, but this time she used Trader Joe’s cream cheese … and it came out all wrong. It almost had a watery taste and texture. Trader Joe’s quality is usually quite good, but not this time. Just as two other reviewers stated, this brick cream cheese will RUIN your cheesecake. So, you have now been warned.

  6. Amy

    Horrible. Do not use for cheesecake. Trader Joe’s should be ashamed to sell this junk.

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