Trader Joe’s Light Cream Cheese Brick Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Light Cream Cheese Brick Reviews

  1. Jackie Picazo

    Tasted too sour but was still edible. Will not buy again.

  2. Jean C

    Too sour

  3. Sara

    Very sour tasting

  4. Tammy

    Was very sour. Doesn’t taste as good as other store brand light cream cheese. I was afraid it had gone bad due to its sour taste but discovered it is the brand. I will not purchase again

  5. Annette Lalka

    I am rarely dissatisfied with a Trader Joes product. In the reviews area I looked up the soft spreadable cream cheese to read comments. I am glad I did, as the general feeling is the cream cheese is sour tasting. Is this the way true cream cheese is supposed to taste? Well, it is different, I am just not a fan of the tart flavor.

  6. Matt Winslow

    So sour I thought it was rancid. Nasty.

  7. Wa

    I bought it twice. The first was great, taste like regular cream cheese with lower calories. But the second time i got it was yesterday, and had it this morning with bagel, it’s too sour. I’m not sure if it goes bad or it just tastes like this.. but I’ll just stop having it.

  8. Molly

    As everyone said above, this cream cheese tastes nothing like cream cheese. It is so sour I also thought it was bad.

  9. Matthew

    Way too sour!! I literally had to look at the label to make sure it wasn’t some new kind of brick sour cream.

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