Trader Joe’s Cranberry Orange Relish Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cranberry Orange Relish Reviews

  1. Kahlee

    Yay! It is here!!! Better than the fresh cranberry sauce, I buy multiple containers through the holiday season to ensure I have some on hand at all times. SO delicious! I’d rate it a 10 if I could.

  2. Deana

    My favorite… I cannot seem to duplicate It, but thankfully TJ’s is just down the road. I love using it for puffed pastry with brie and topped with the cran relish. Of course it’s perfect with turkey, but its also a great ice cream topper. I’m known to eat it straight from the container too.

  3. Hedy S Getson

    I learned my lesson last year. I bought three (3) containers and ran out.
    This year I’m buying a minimum of five (5) or six (6).
    Trader Joe’s CRANBERRY ORANGE RELISH actually stopped me from making my DELICIOUS, HOMEMADE CRANBERRY SAUCE.

  4. Lisa Freedman

    I cannot believe that Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell their Cranberry Orange Relish until New Year’s eve! They stop it by Thanksgiving. And that is just stupid stupid stupid!

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