Trader Joe’s Corn & Cheese Arepas Reviews

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Two corn griddle cakes with a layer of mozzarella cheese in the middle.

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1 review for Trader Joe’s Corn & Cheese Arepas Reviews

  1. Maggie G

    HEAVENLY! I saw the new arepas in the freezer section & actually exclaimed out loud, “ I love Trader Joe’s!”!! I watched a Netflix show that was set in Colombia and the characters were eating “Arepas”—they looked delicious. I was curious to try them because I love anything with corn & cheese. San Francisco has some fancy-schmancy restaurants that do offer arepas, but they seemed complicated (jackfruit, chorizo, etc…). I just wanted to try a simple arepa with cheese. Anyway, I just happened to stumbled upon the new arepas at Trader Joe’s! Omg! The Trader Joe’s Arepas are amazing! Scrumptious even! The arepa itself is kind of a cross between a corn tortilla and the masa of a tamale then grilled. The Trader Joe’s arepas are made with sweet corn and are shaped like tortillas with a slice of cheese smushed in between 2 arepas. Just defrost and throw in a pan. They came out perfect—a slight crisp on the outside, soft inside, and melty cheese in between. Mouthwatering! If you like Latinx cuisine—these are a “must-try”— you’ll love these arepas! Note: Try with a side of black beans & avocado. I think I even like these better than pupusas & definitely better than any plain old boring quesadilla! TRADER JOE’S PLEASE KEEP THIS PRODUCT IN STOCK AS PART OF YOUR REGULAR FROZEN FOOD INVENTORY! Thank you Trader Joe’s and I love you! Your new Arepas are delicious! 5-STARS

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