Trader Joe’s Corn & Cheese Arepas Reviews

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Two corn griddle cakes with a layer of mozzarella cheese in the middle.

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17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Corn & Cheese Arepas Reviews

  1. Maggie G

    HEAVENLY! I saw the new arepas in the freezer section & actually exclaimed out loud, “ I love Trader Joe’s!”!! I watched a Netflix show that was set in Colombia and the characters were eating “Arepas”—they looked delicious. I was curious to try them because I love anything with corn & cheese. San Francisco has some fancy-schmancy restaurants that do offer arepas, but they seemed complicated (jackfruit, chorizo, etc…). I just wanted to try a simple arepa with cheese. Anyway, I just happened to stumbled upon the new arepas at Trader Joe’s! Omg! The Trader Joe’s Arepas are amazing! Scrumptious even! The arepa itself is kind of a cross between a corn tortilla and the masa of a tamale then grilled. The Trader Joe’s arepas are made with sweet corn and are shaped like tortillas with a slice of cheese smushed in between 2 arepas. Just defrost and throw in a pan. They came out perfect—a slight crisp on the outside, soft inside, and melty cheese in between. Mouthwatering! If you like Latinx cuisine—these are a “must-try”— you’ll love these arepas! Note: Try with a side of black beans & avocado. I think I even like these better than pupusas & definitely better than any plain old boring quesadilla! TRADER JOE’S PLEASE KEEP THIS PRODUCT IN STOCK AS PART OF YOUR REGULAR FROZEN FOOD INVENTORY! Thank you Trader Joe’s and I love you! Your new Arepas are delicious! 5-STARS

  2. Little Red

    Delicious! You need to sell this all year long!!!

  3. Lee

    As someone who has been to Colombia and had street Arepas, these are amazing and super authentic, also with all Trader Joes meals the pricing is great.

  4. Sandra Borbon

    OMG!!!!! delicious a little bite of colombia !

  5. Anonymous

    A little bland on it’s own, but I add a bean dip spread to it, and make some guac on top. SO yummy with those fixings!!

  6. Anonymous

    These are amazing! Although I can not find them in store any more. Hopefully they bring them back.

  7. Katherine

    I’m so bummed, I love these to death. They’re Delicious! But more than once lately, the arepas have literally been full of pieces of plastic?!?!? Clear, plastic film. Horrifying.

  8. Nancy Crease

    I actually found these to be too sweet and sooo many carbs. Please take out the added sugar and make them taste like traditional corn cakes.

  9. AA

    Amazing ! Simple ingredients . Love love love!

  10. Marisa

    They taste amazing but had little pieces of plastic in them

  11. Shannon

    Nothing about there is good, cheese isn’t favorable and the corn cakes don’t taste like anything

  12. Chelsea

    It’s ok but it’s sweet. If there was no added sugar it would be great.

  13. Anonymous

    Absolutely horrendous. Weirdly sweet and cheese has no flavor. Couldnt even eat them. Arepas taste nothing like this.

  14. Ale

    Very cheesy and delicious! They taste like authentic arepas de choclo.

  15. Marisa L.

    Please don’t ever discontinue these! They are really good and filling to eat. I noticed they don’t have a lot of fat grams but they satisfy the craving for something with cheese and crunch.

  16. TRAE49

    Gluten free? I had the runs the next day and that is all I ate the day before.

  17. Monica

    I have never eaten an arepa that was sweet before. I couldn’t eat more than a couple of bites. Please make these without the added sugar!

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