Trader Joe’s Chocolate Raspberry Sticks Reviews

(2 customer reviews)

Dark chocolate covered raspberry jelly sticks.


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Raspberry Sticks Reviews

  1. Adrian Popescu

    Awesome goodness. I’ve been having these since they came out, 10-20 years! Where did they go?!

  2. Jellover2009

    These jellies get 5 stars from me. They made me vomit. In the best way. I couldn’t stop eating these delectable morsels of jelly goodness. I was down 2 boxes in one sitting on a road trip, and well, I didn’t get to savor them long to say the least. This is by no means the products’ fault, (or is it for being too good?). Anywho. Most likely you have more self control than myself with these little jellies of happiness.

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