Trader Joe’s Chhurpi Dog Chew Reviews

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Long last chewy dried Himayalan cheese dog treats.


45 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chhurpi Dog Chew Reviews

  1. Valerie Z.

    Bought this today. Our girl is a chewer. Nothing we have given her from rawhide to bully sticks has lasted. These chews are amazing. After 20 minutes of chewing the chew is still almost whole. We switched it out to give her a break. 2 chews for around $5. Well worth it. Definitely a great chew. Will buy more. T.J.’s never disappoints.

  2. Chuck P

    I have seen these type of chews priced much higher online so for $4.99 I thought I’d give them a try. And am I glad I did! My dog loves them! He started off just licking the chew but once he started chewing he hasn’t stopped. I like these because they aren’t sticky or gummy like rawhide can get. I will definitely be purchasing these again.

  3. Charles P

    I have seen these type of chews priced much higher online so for $4.99 I thought I’d give them a try. And am I glad I did! My dog loves them! He started off just licking the chew but once he started chewing he hasn’t stopped. I like these because they aren’t sticky or gummy like rawhide can get.

  4. Jamie

    Our dogs love these. We made a special trip today to TJ to find out these were no longer available. So sad! Without warning, or I would have bought more last time. Please bring them back.

  5. Emily Lewis

    great product, long lasting, best chew!
    I hope it’s not true that they have been discontinued!

  6. Mia

    Love it! My dog chewed on it for hours.

  7. Melanie

    I love these. My pups devour them. Can’t find the anymore. Wah

  8. Debbie

    Same issue here – would have purchased a lot more packs if I had known they’d go from the “new products” shelf to all together disappearing 2 months later. Have never seen our “grumpy old man” enjoy treat more than these!

  9. Alex

    Same! Doggie loves them! What the heck happened to them 🙁

  10. Chase Mellen

    Bring back Chhrupi dog chews! Our three dogs are mad for them, and now, having experienced paradise, nothing else will do (though beef bones and even the previously adored milkbones still appeal) . Of course, thousands of insatiable dogs everywhere may have drained the entire available Yak milk. Please explain your supply problem. Inquiring dogs and the humans they have manipulated to feed and shelter them need to know.

  11. B

    Please bring these back. It’s the only thing my dog can enjoy that lasts a few days instead of hours.

  12. Beth

    Bring these Churpi dog chews back please

  13. Gin

    Please bring these back. Our dogs love them!!

  14. Ula

    These are great:)! Bring them back:)!

  15. Esther Cronson

    My doggie loves them, have not been able to find them again. I live in the Dallas area, can you tell me which store has them?

  16. Karl

    Totally agree with everyone else.. our dog loves these and they last forever. Just came back from our local trader Joe’s and they were out of stock…asked employees about it and all four of them at the front desk knew exactly what I was talking about and love it for their pets as well. These need to be a permanent addition to your inventory! Please bring them back!!!

  17. Amy

    These are the best! Long lasting and at a great price. Please get more!

  18. Sandra

    Where are the Himalayan Yak Dog Chew. Our Frenchie group just recommended them. Last week I went to buy more and was told the discontinued them. How many signature do you need to put them back on the store shelf?

  19. JD

    THE BEST TREAT for heavy chewers!! My dog loves these and they are extremely well-priced, please bring them back!!!

  20. Rachel

    My dog is obsessed with them. The first time I gave her one, she slept with it all night, and woke up to make sure it was still there. Please bring them back. I can’t find them anywhere except on amazon and they’re SO expensive.

  21. Chris

    Please bring them back. Our dogs love them.

  22. Monica

    kept both of my dogs quiet for 3 hours straight, please bring them back!

  23. Tiff B

    I bought three packets and am sad they are no longer available. Please bring them back!!

  24. Anna Oh

    I was expecting my dogs to finish chewing on these in like 20 or 30 minutes, but they are still working on these sticks a few weeks later! (although the sticks are definitely getting smaller). These chews are very clean and not sticky at all, and they also don’t have much smell and don’t make a mess (my dogs are pretty sloppy when they eat).

    I can’t find this product at Trader Joe’s anymore and I’m very sad about that. Please please bring this product back. I promise I will buy a lot, both for my dogs, my friends’ dogs and the rescue dogs we foster!

  25. Dog HuMom

    Purchased these in early March for my 8 week old Labrador puppy. They have been a god-send. Whenever she would head toward furniture legs or electrical cords I would divert her with the cheese chew. She is 4 months old now and my furniture and electrical cords are unharmed. She now looks for a chew when the destruction urge hits. Unfortunately the chew is getting small enough that I need to toss it and give her a new one but I can’t find them on the Trader Joe shelf. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. Additionally, they did not upset her digestive system at all.

  26. Anonymous

    These work great and are an excellent value. Please bring them back!!!

  27. Nuuana Robinson

    I love these for my dog! He’s so picky and gets bored easily but not with these! I even bought them for my friend’s dogs! What happened to them??? I tried to buy replacements but he knows the difference! 😉

  28. Jing

    Regret not buying more for my baby, wish Trader Joe could bring it back, it’s my dog’s favorite

  29. Tracy

    Like all the other reviews I see… my doggo LOVED these!!! Please, please, pretty please bring them back!!

  30. Sam Creigh

    This treat killed my dog. Most unsafe chew toy on the market. Not digestible at all and causes blockages. Lawsuits will follow and these will be pulled within a few years

  31. Troy

    Avoid at all costs. My dog is a huge chewer and nothing seems to last so we tried these chews and within 2 minutes she cracked her tooth and was bleeding everywhere. Absolute nightmare.

  32. Dave Parcher

    I recently tried TJ’s version of the Yak cheese chew and my dog loves them! Long lasting and my dog easily enjoyed these as much as the chews I had purchased at my local pet store. Great chew and great value at TJs. Thanks!

  33. Alyssa Rose

    Whenever these are in stock, I will buy 5+ packs. These are my shepherd mix’s favorite of all time and they’re SO expensive everywhere else. The TJ’s ones are comparatively small compared to most, but I’ll take it for the price. If you have a chewer, like a CHEWER chewer, you need these.

  34. Christine

    My dog needs them (he had explosive diarrhea after finishing a bully stick and vomited after eating a fake rawhide chew) and at this price point these are amazing.

  35. Sally

    Just gave to my power chewer of a dog and after 3 min I saw blood on the toy and rug. I’m still not able to address what is bleeding exactly but it’s definitely due to this chew. I’ve never had that happen before and he’s chewed SO many different types of bones/toys. Please be careful and monitor your pup if you choose to try these. I will be throwing mine away.

  36. Vicki

    Please bring these back; my two dogs love them! Apparently so do a lot of other dogs. The bones were a great value and a long-lasting treat for my avid chewers. By following the directions for the stumps, I could give them a final, coveted, blown-up crispy treat.

  37. Shirley

    Yes , please bring them back, my dogs were finally happy with a treat! Please! We need them! Healthy and happy dogs are very good for your thousands of dog owners!!

  38. Stephanie

    I am so sad that these are gone. These were the best bones for my dog better than any other yak chews we’ve tried. Please bring them back!

  39. George

    My dog LOVES them! Much to my chagrin, they have been missing from the shelves at Trader Joe’s. BUT, they are coming back! I’ve been calling my local TJ’s every month and 2 stores in Atlanta confirmed that they are coming back in May. The stores state that they can order them in May but cannot confirm if they will be a regular item or not so stock up if you see them!

  40. katie

    I hope these come back soon!! they are my super chewer bully’s absolute favorite and the only thing that takes her more than 20 mins to chew!!!

  41. T.S Jones

    My pups love these!! We have two toy poodles, so each chew lasts forever. I made the mistake of cutting one in half. They break almost like obsidian or stone. The cheese can break with a razor-sharp edge. My dogs literally fight over who gets the biggest piece of cheese. TJs, this product is a keeper!

  42. George

    My local Trader Joe’s in Atlanta has them back! Stock-up since they state that they are a limited buy!

  43. Margaret Wynn

    My dogs absolutely devour these. The price is excellent- I’ll be stocking up for when they pause production next time. So glad they’re back again!

  44. Tosca

    I don’t know how to review these. The dogs love them, but my Heeler had horrible diarrhea about 10 minutes after eating them and it lasted through the entire night. But my chichi is fine with them.

  45. LaiNaiya

    My Min pin and Yorkie love these! Its great for their teeth and breath too! 10/10 would recommend for this amazing price!.

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