Trader Joe’s Mint-A-Breath Bones Reviews

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Mint chew bones for dogs, made with alfalfa, parsley, fennel, dill, and peppermint.


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mint-A-Breath Bones Reviews

  1. Matt

    My dogs love these Mint-a-Breath Bones. They look forward to getting one each day, one of their favorite treats.
    My only worry is when Trader Joe’s will stop carrying these, like they did when they stopped carrying the Glucosamine tabs.

  2. Taylor

    I’ve given my dog (Golden Retriever) one of these every day at 7p. It is like clockwork, he is obsessed with these and gets all excited for his “Denta-Bone” time. Agreed with Matt though, I worry about the day they remove them. I also gave the glucosamine and had a good supply that lasted a couple months after they stopped selling them. Now I use Yu-Move which seems decent.

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