Trader Joe’s Cheese Tortellini Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cheese Tortellini Reviews

  1. Elia Flores

    So good! Pair it with a sauce or throw them in a soup, yummy balls of dough with a creamy cheesy center. Also good just tossed with butter and garlic.

  2. Khrissy Smith

    One of my go to’s at Trader Joe’s. I keep minimum of 2 packs in my fridge at all times due to the quick prep time and versatility. I can toss them with veggies and italian dressing for a quick salad or cook them in a sauce or soup, and if I’m feeling tired, just cooked and drizzled with butter and parm..yummmy!

  3. Matthew

    Pasta washes out into a kind of paste… becomes translucent… as a former period bookbinder I made lots of paste from flour… I know wheat paste when I see it.

  4. Kim

    I agree with the bookbinder. This pasta is awful. Impressively bad. Maybe it’s a hood deal for people with children who are going to dump Ragu on it otherwise it’s TJ’s worst item

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