Trader Joe’s Organic Pesto Tortellini Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Pesto Tortellini Reviews

  1. Parker Henderson

    Not bad, but I would buy the Amy’s pesto tortellini bowl over this one. It doesn’t seem quite as flavorful.

  2. Lauren

    I love pesto and I love tortellini so I couldn’t pass this up. I was pretty disappointed, however. The cheese inside the tortellini wasn’t substantial enough and the pesto sauce was just weird and kind of watery. It did in a pinch but I won’t be buying this again.

  3. Tina

    So bland, no flavor at all. Couldn’t finish and ended up throwing it away. Maybe you could add flavor and chicken to spice it up. It’s not bad it is just like eating nothing.

  4. Elizabeth W.

    I love tortellini and I love pesto, but this was so incredibly bland. I wanted to love, but I did not. At all. Won’t be doing this one again.

  5. Fart Barfunkel

    Salt!!!!! Did u guys taste this at all? The pesto is mid level at best. Its like a pesto pooed in the middle over some frozen torts. I get frozen but come on. It said cheese…where… I expected better from a company i love. I cook for my whole family. Thats not pesto, its an excuse to not add fat or salt to something and disguise it as a complete dish. Rethink it joes.

  6. Bekah

    Love this but found a small stick in it so be aware!

  7. Annie

    I agree with the previous reviews that the flavor is lacking. Although, I buy this item frequently due to it being an easy lunch and my not prioritizing meal planning. I happened on this website while looking online to see if anyone had a similar experience to mine…I just finished the meal for lunch and noticed a few small, sharp, shards as well as what appeared to be at least two short, fine hairs. Not sure if this can be attributed to a stick like in Bekah’s review from July of this year or something much worse…

  8. Barbra

    If I could give this a zero star rating, I would. This by far was the worst frozen meal Trader Joe’s produces. It was horribly bland, the pasta’s texture was disgusting and just an all around disaster. Save yourself the money and do not buy this product. It’s a shame because i also buy Trader Joe’s pesto from the refrigerated section and that us delicious! Almost as good as my homemade pesto :-). You are better off boiling some pasta and throwing on a couple of teaspoons of TJ’s pesto. That with some garlic bread and Shaw wine and now you have a great meal!

  9. Angela B

    Pretty bland, and some pieces are hard and the cheese inside doesn’t go well with the torallili
    Would not buy again
    Heard Amy’s Kitchen’s Version is much better

  10. Erika L

    Truly needs salt or something else to give it some flavor. I can not taste any of the components of this meal, I started eating this and had to google some reviews since I thought it might have been a bad batch. It is not, apparently.

  11. Molecule

    I love this product. I hope it’s coming back. It has been missing for days now and the options TJ has are so limited for Italian frozen food.

  12. nora

    I hope this product is coming back

  13. Anonymous

    This is my favorite frozen meal

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