Trader Joe’s Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Reviews

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23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Reviews

  1. Harry

    First time I tasted this cake I said the is great, I’m going back to get another cafe. A week later I went back to buy another cake I was told it is discontinued, that’s very disappointing to here.

    Is that carrot cake with cream cheese frosting discontinued at all Trader Joe’s or just some stores. If so can you tell me where I can buy one

  2. Patrica T Wallace

    I just had Trader Joe’s Carrot Cake and it is one of the best I have tasted. I hope it is not discontinued since I was planning to heard over and pick one up today.

  3. Val

    Just picked one up today and it’s out of this world!!!

  4. Lynn

    This is the best carrot cake i have ever had, i bought at least one a week. I told all my friends and family and they love it to. Now no one can find it??????

  5. Karl Powell

    This is the best cake I’ve ever tasted. It’s perfectly moist and the cream cheese frosting is to die for! I was told it’s seasonal.

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  7. L Morgan

    This cake was the best. Now I can’t find it at any location. Ugh. Tried a different cake and threw it away, it was horrible. Trader Joe’s, maybe you should stock the items that people want???

  8. Gen.

    Please bring back trader Joe’s carrot cake with cream cheese with frosting, it is the best.please , bring it back.thank you.

  9. Robin Woodstock

    When are going to bring this wonderful carrot cake back

  10. Rebecca carranza

    Bring back this carrot cake. Listen to the customers. I hate the way trader Joe’s brngs in products And then removes them. This was a popular product and I introduced your store to many people. Do the right thing bring back this product

  11. Belle

    When my boss brought this in the office i didn’t know what to say but when i had the taste of it I was shocked. It was so good, super moist and just everything! When i checked towards the fall season last year it was all gone and was told it was “discontinued”. I figured the fall season would have been perfect time for this cake but i was so sad to not find it in stores any more. Please bring this back! Sincerely, one of your loyal customers.

  12. Jose

    Shame on you for removing the BEST dessert evvvvaaa!!!

  13. ms coop

    Hello please bring back the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting !!! CRaving it!!! Best thing u had in store!!!

  14. Sam

    Begging you to bring this back

  15. Josie

    Bring it back, PLEASE

  16. yyyubi

    Very good. Also, I don’t think it’s discontinued, it’s only available in the spring

  17. Lawrence Grochocki

    Better then bakery Carrot Cake !!!!

  18. NYC

    Was at my local Trader Joes today and it’s available – found it in with the frozen desserts. I loved their original Karat Cake. Wonder if this is comparable?

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  20. johnwwwatson

    1/31/21 No carrot cake in the Costa Mesa freezer aisle but, awesome4-pack carrot cupcakes!

  21. Steve Clendenin

    When will this item be back in stock?! I Love this Carrot Cake and TJ’s in San Mateo, CA has been out of it for 6-8 months!

  22. Octavia N.

    Still waiting on Trader Joe’s to bring back the Karat Cake. I am a carrot cake connoisseur and this is by far my favorite carrot cake. I would keep 3-4 of them in stock in my freezer. I wish I had known they were discontinued. I would’ve packed my freezer full! I really missed that carrot cake.

  23. Linda Keene

    Where is the carrot cake??? I have checked different locations and they tell me it’s discontinued, WHY!!!!! I am going to hold my breath until you bring it back

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