Trader Joe’s Karat Cake Reviews

(76 customer reviews)

A carrot cake previously sold in the frozen section, discontinued as of summer 2016.

76 reviews for Trader Joe’s Karat Cake Reviews

  1. Kahlee

    Best carrot cake ever!

  2. Ttrockwood

    Best store bought cake ever!!!
    But! Be sure to remove the cake from all the packaging while still frozen before defrosting or the icing gets stuck all over the wrap and makes a mess.
    Really dense moist cake with carrot flavor and exactly the right proportion of nuts and icing.

  3. Joanne

    This cake is delicious. I always keep one or two in the freezer.

  4. Elsy

    I was so disappointed to find out today that my absolute favorite carrot cake from Trader Joe’s is being discontinued! Why???

  5. Heather

    I made a trip to Trader Joe’s today to specifically buy my all time favorite dessert, TJ’s Karat Cake and was crestfallen when told it had been discontinued from ALL trader Joe’s stores!! 2 random people in the frozen food isle stopped to console me. I bought the mini carrot cakes in the bakery section as a consolation but they do not hold a candle, cannot be compared to the Karat cake. Is there any way to bring it back even temporarily so I can buy several and stock up?!?

  6. Julie

    So, so sad!!! Trader Joe’s Karat Cake is gone!!! The best Karat Cake and favorite of my family and Air Force Academy Cadets:( …Please bring it back!!!

  7. Anonymous

    My Favorite! PLEASE bring it back. It is the best

  8. Gardener carrot-cake lover

    Unbelievable!!!-it was by far the best store-bought carrot cake I have ever had. It was even better than most home-made ones. It was so convenient too – could buy a couple and keep them in the freezer for a special event. What are they thinking???

  9. TJ’s Karat Cake

    This is INSANE. I am a regular at TJ’s and went to get my favorite dessert ever and they told me it is gone and discontinued?!?!?!?

    The karat cake was the best thing TJ’s had and I go there a lot, but i will never go again if this isn’t brought back. I will buy 50 if you bring it back

  10. Jae

    My mother and I made a special trip to Trader Joe’s the other day…just for this KARAT cake and it was GONE! WE were heart sick!!! What happened…?!?!?!?!? Bring it BACK…even if it’s just for the holidays….!!!!!!!

  11. Misty

    Just found out today that there was no Karat cake…eek! Please bring it back!

  12. Susan M Meyer

    TJ’s KARAT cake is my family’s favorite carrot cake ever!!! We always kept 1 or 2 in our freezer for the times we had surprise guests. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T DISCONTINUE THIS
    I’M with all those that are begging you to BRING IT BACK

  13. Theresa barnhill

    Well I also can’t believe they discontinued the best carrot cake so upset many of my friends and family loved it too just don’t get it

  14. Karen

    Also so disappointed to hear that Trader Joes discontinued one of our favorite desserts please n
    Bring it back! Where can we buy it?……?

  15. Alice

    I’m so bummed that this is discontinued. I LOVE this cake. I was just about to buy five for party. Bring it back, please!!!!

  16. SB

    Why did TJ’s discontinue this??? This cake was awesome. Bring it back!

  17. RB

    It is a MORAL IMPERATIVE that Trader Joes bring the Karat Cake back. I eat it weekly as my treat! It is not ok that you have stopped making it. Look at all these people who love it! Bring it back! Bring it back! I am going to close my eyes really hard and when I open them, it will be there waiting for me!

  18. Cecile Do

    Today was my brother’s birthday and the karat cake is our family favorite. What a huge disappointment to know that the cake is discontued! We are devastated and agree with all the other fans that this cake was perfect and a usual purchase always when we would shop at trader joes. Please bring it back!!! It’s the best cake and dessert ever!!!

  19. Val Cohen


  20. Cecilia

    This was the best carrot cake I had ever eaten I always bought this cake everytime I went to trader Joes. No other carrot cake taste as good as the one they had at your stores and its gone now. Ive bought other store ones and trader joes was the best they didn’t even come close to this carrot cake ive even bought very expensive carrot cakes cause carrot cake is my favorite type of cake they didnt not compare. I’ll miss this cake

  21. Anonymous

    I’m in Santa Barbara and just was told today that Karat Cake has been discontinued. It was a perfect product and it is more than a disappointment to find it has vanished into thin air. The carrot cupcakes to which I was directed look horrible: dry cake with a BIG blob of icing….obviously full of preservatives, as it is not frozen. This is a low blow, Joe.

  22. Susan

    Went to Trader Joes specifically to buy Karat Cake for a birthday. It is discontinued! What? It is one of the main reasons I shopped there! I will have to switch to another grocery chain. whah!
    Went on the internet today just to find out where else I could buy this carrot cake. Sad to see it is no where else!

  23. Brenda

    I love this cake please bring it back ASAP!!!!!

  24. María López


  25. Barbara Elliott

    Bring back the Karat Cake. Moist and real cream cheese frosting. What’s the problem? I’d even pay more for it!!!


    Please bring it back it was so good .
    I went into the store today to look for it i was
    So disappointed in trader joe’s

  27. shelly

    I am deeply saddened by the discontinuation of this amazingly delicious carrot cake!! My fiancee and I loved it so much that we even planned on having it at our wedding and now our dream wedding is ruined!!! 🙁 It was our weekly tradition to have a slice of Karat Cake along with our coffee. This was hands down the BEST carrot cake I’ve ever had. I just can’t believe it is gone. 🙁 PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! PLEASE!!

  28. Gale Webber

    Whyyyyyyyyyy is it discontinued???? Best karot cake ever! What can we do to bring it back???

  29. Heidi Wackrow

    Please consider bringing back the karat cake! It is a family favorite and we miss it! Best karat cake ever!!!!

  30. Anonymous

    Went to buy the Karat cake today for a special occasion desert. I looked and looked for it and then a employee came and told me they lost the Baker that made it… I found that odd. Either way, this cake was so good. I hope somehow it comes back to the stores.

  31. S. Hoffman


  32. Linda

    The reason I would shop at Trader Joe’s. So sad. 🙁

  33. Kate

    Holiday Season without the cake, so sad:( Please, bring it back for Christmas, it will be the best gift!

  34. Evie Hernandez


  35. Penny huber

    Love this Karat cake and can not believe they discontinued it. Please bring it back. Bought it for my boss for her birthday and she loved it too. Please please bring it back !!!!!!

  36. Jonathan Charm

    Please restore our Karat Cake!

  37. Judy Jameson

    Have communicated with my local TJ’s and they claim they discontinued it because of poor sales. What??? It was supposedly made for them and cannot be purchased otherwise. If enough interest, they may consider bringing it back. I will not return there otherwise. Everyone who feels this way, pls. write T.J.’s and maybe they will listen.

  38. EK

    It’s a family favorite and one of the best desserts TJ’s had. I go to the frozen section on every shopping trip hoping that you brought it back. I cannot believe that sales of it was low. The president of TJs needs to try this product to understand why we love it. Please bring back in 2017.

  39. Clair Waagen

    This is an amazing product. Bring it back!!!!!

  40. Dawn

    Big mistake discontinuing the Karat Cake! Why discontinue such a great product? It was what brought me into Trader Joe’s, always stocked up on this when I went there so I would have a great dessert for unexpected company. No reason to shop Trader Joe’s now…

  41. Shelly

    Please bring back the karat cake. Best cake ever!

  42. Ron Zack

    I agree with the other readers. I can’t believe you discontinued this cake. It was the reason I went to your store. I just realized I have only been back one time since you discontinued this item.

    I joint the chorus of people who say’ BRING IT BACK!

  43. Tony Vallentine

    Please bring back this cake product is rated best, traders rated low for discontinuing the cake

  44. Carrie

    I was truly upset when I went to purchase and told same thing. No reason why, just no longer available.

    PLEASE bring it back. A favorite for our entire family.

  45. Martha Garza

    Please bring the Karat cake back, the is the best carrot cake ever!

  46. Cheryl

    Could they at least share the recipe then????? Can’t believe it was discontinued!

  47. alex sarmiento

    Bring the Karat Cake back!
    I stopped shopping at Trader Joe’s since this cake was discontinued.
    This is the best carrot cake ever….

  48. Belinda Wilson

    I’m a frequent customer of Trader Jo’s (W. 72nd St.). I specifically stopped in for their Karat Cake (after giving in to the relentless two week craving). I was devastated, & decided to empty my shopping cart and not buy anything that day, because I had to find a store or bakery that could come close to the Karat Cake.

  49. Lois Scampini

    First you discontinue the aebleskiver and now the karat cake! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Are you trying to get rid of your customers too? Well this one customer who says no karat cake….I’m GONE!!!!

  50. Susan

    TJ’s Karat cake was delicious and I can’t believe it was discontinued. Please bring it back asap!!!!!!

  51. Krystal A

    This Karat cake was the best I’ve ever had and I was sad to see it was discontinued 2016 I still haven’t found a comparison. Is there anything that can bring this cake back..PLEASSSSE…..

  52. ACV

    Please bring it back!

  53. KO

    This was my favorite carrot cake! So sad to see it’s been discontinued! Please bring it back!!!

  54. dilly emery

    please bring it back. This was the only carrott cake that was like homemade. Miss it terribly.

  55. Sass Crawford

    Not having Karat Cake ruined my holidays. THANKS A LOT

  56. Scott

    Bring back the cake….

  57. Sony

    This is the best carrot cake-dense, moist and carrotty without coconut or pineapple (yuck) I always kept a few in the freezer for unexpected guests or late night movie watching. Please bring it back!!!

  58. kw bklyn

    first the the choc. choc. joes then the pom. blueberry sorbet and now the karrot cake whats going on

  59. Lindsay Passmore

    BRING IT BACK. I don’t see how they can say it wasn’t a good seller when half the time I went in to purchase it they were out. I agree, best carrot cake and it didn’t have coconut or pineapple.

    The low rating is for TJ’s, not the carrot cake

    At least get us the recipe.

  60. Thelma Lewis

    Please… please…please… we will pay more bring it back. I am sick the karat cake is my all time favorite desert. When I found this cake I fell in LOVE with it. I gave it away to family and friends for Xmas gifts and they fell really in love with it. Now TJ told me they don’t love me back because the karat cake is gone. Please let’s fall back in love and give me my Karat cake back. Please

  61. Lindsay Passmore

    Does anyone at Trader Joe’s read these? I was told that tTJ’s Karat Cake is (was) made by a company in Escondido, CA.

    Hey Trader Joes….if you ready this
    1) Bring back the Karat Cake (it’s a fav of a lot of people)
    2) Tell us the name and location of the company who made it so that we can go to them
    3) Get us the recipe

    And last, please reply.

  62. Dary T.

    TJ’s should be charged criminally for cancelling this karot cake. Best one ever made available from a store.

  63. Keith S

    Hi everyone, I was googling good carrot cakes to make my wife for her bday since we can’t buy the TJ’s one anymore. I found this “copycat” recipe, can someone pls try it and let me know how it is? I will try to do it also, and report back.

  64. Donna Garcia

    If you don’t sell in your Trader Joe store’s – where can we buy it? We love the Trader Joe’s carrot cake- Must have!!!!

  65. CAtherine

    Bring it back!!! Love me some Karrot Cake!

  66. Becca carranza

    Ok if you don’t want to bring back the most popular carrot cake then direct us to who made them for trader Joe’s or send directions so I can try to make it myself

  67. VJ

    I agree give us the recipe, let us know where we can buy it or bring it back! Sadly the one you have now is not half as good as the old one. I have never even liked carrot cake until I tried your Karat Cake.

  68. Eugene M.

    The sad truth, I believe, is that Trader Joe’s discontinues products that significantly outsell their other offerings in the same category. I have seen this happen before with other items such as Hot & Spicy Dill Pickle Chips. They were all anyone wanted and their other pickles languished on the shelf. Now you have no choice but to try and buy their other pickles. I believe this is what happened to the Karat Cake. They will never admit it. I still love Trader Joe’s though and understand the necessity of this practice.

  69. Cynthia

    This was the best cake ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

  70. Safiyya

    I miss this cake. Who made it? Would love to support them. Best store brought cake!!!

  71. Safiyya

    Best cake. Recipe please

  72. Victoria

    Still craving that Karat Cake. Please bring it back!

  73. Kyle

    We’re all STILL waiting for Trader Joe’s to bring back the best item they ever had on their shelves – TJ’s Karat Cake !! I used to be a regular customer until it was discontinued. Is anyone at TJ’s “listening” or “reading” these reviews? New management? What gives??? Doesn’t seem they care enough to what the public wants – which is a shame. (5 stars for the cake – 1 star rating for Trader Joe’s now)

  74. Lorraine

    I need you back, Karat Cake. Indulging is no longer the same word without you.

  75. Mois Pasta

    A very good article. Congratulations

  76. Robin

    I am a professional baker And I still miss this Cake! We need this cake back on the shelf, otherwise please give us the recipe.

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