Trader Joe’s Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts Reviews

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24 reviews for Trader Joe’s Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts Reviews

  1. Wes

    These chicken tenders are so good! Way better than I would expect any type of frozen chicken tenders or nuggets to be. The meat was very tender and juicy – not at all tough or jerky or gristley like a lot of frozen chicken.

    The breading was flaky and soft as well.

    The chicken tenders really did taste like they could have come from a restaurant – great with TJ’s ketchup and buttermilk ranch!

  2. Rachel

    I really enjoyed these chicken tenderloins, especially the inside. The meat tasted really good quality.

    I also liked the breading, though I would have liked it even better if it were a little more thick (like crunchy KFC-style breading).

  3. A Smith

    Its delicious, but I wish you made them with out Soybean oil. As studies have show Soybean oil good for you and there are many Soy allergies., yet its in everything. So I have stopped eating this product.

    Tyson brand chicken strips does not contain this product. sad that trader Joes does.

    ), breading set in soybean oil.

  4. Dolly

    Been buying for years…..much better than that Tyson or Purdue crap… only complaint is that 1 out of every 3 or 4 pieces comes with tough, rubbery skin in there, it’s so gross….’c’mon Trader Joe’s, why can’t you clean up the chicken better?

  5. Lori

    I used to love these and eat them several times a week (so good). But the last three bags I’ve purchased have a strange flavor (burnt or Smokey) i’m Hopeful this is a bad batch and not intensional, because the new flavor makes them un-eatable for me.

  6. Keith Klein

    I love these and just found out they don’t have them anymore due to a pricing issue! All the stores in my area are out of them and have no idea when they will get them back in!! Totally disappointed.

  7. Heather

    I love them! I’m not a big fan of chicken but I need the protein from chicken. The breading is light so I don’t feel like I’m cheating too bad on my paleo diet.

  8. Vince

    Five stars for the old version. They have a new recipe that is drenched with salt. it also comes with more calories and fat.

  9. Catherine

    I completely agree with Vince’s Feb ccx 21st rating! 5 stars for the old version. The new version tastes horrible. I couldn’t swallow my first bite. Please bring back the old recipe!

  10. Bill

    I agree with Vince and Catherine. 5 stars for the old version. I usually buy 4-5 bags per shopping trip. The new version is so bad, I won’t eat them. I will either take them back or throw them away!

  11. Bill

    I agree with Vince and Catherine. The old version was great! I usually buy 4-5 bags per shopping trip. The new version is so bad, I won’t eat them. I will either take them back or throw them away!

  12. Bill

    The new recipe is really bad!

  13. Bill

    New recipe is really bad!

  14. Leigh

    PLEASE bring back the old recipe! If it’s a price issue, we’d rather pay more than have this trash new recipe. The old recipe was 5 stars.

  15. Ike

    I used to love this chicken. The last bag I bought has a terrible taste. If they did change the recipe, change it back. The new version is inedible!

  16. J. E.

    These are so inferior to the old recipe you can’t even bring yourself to eat them. They are that bad.

  17. Brenda Hutcheson

    Bring back old version. I buy 6 to 8 bags at a time & eat everyday but that will stop bc I had new version last night & it’s gross

  18. MPP

    The new ones are gross – taste like they have gone bad. TJs – this is a terrible mistake. Are you going to go back to the original?

  19. Anonymous

    The new ones are horrible! We loved the old ones! Please TJ bring the old ones back!

  20. Bill

    They were no longer in stock this week. I asked the manager and he confirmed they had a quality issue and were working on fixing it. That gives me hope so I will give 2 stars and cross my fingers.

  21. Bill

    Trader Joe’s are now stocking Pilgrim’s Crispy Chicken Breast Strips – Fritter Style. They are pretty good – better than Tyson’s and other brands. Hopefully, they are a temporary replacement for the original Trader Joe’s Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts which I hope they bring back. If they don’t bring them back, I will continue buying the Pilgrim’s product but I will be on the lookout for other brands elsewhere. John Soule’s brand, available at most grocery stores, has an assortment of pre-cooked frozen chicken in various formats that are pretty good.
    Come on, Trader Joe’s, bring back the good stuff. You know, the ***** rated Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts.

  22. Qikiq

    The Pilgrim’s Brand are AWFUL! So much fattier and greasier. Why did they change them? The originals were a staple for me and I’m lost without them.

  23. Chloe

    I’ve only found Pilgrim in 1 local store – disappointing because these were a staple – snack tenders, sandwiches, chicken parm, etc.

    I think they were 8.99? I think many of us would pay up to 12.99 at about $1 a piece.

  24. Anonymous

    Bring back the good Trader’s Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloins. For years and years, we used to have these for dinner one or two times a week. Several years ago we noticed a drop in quantity and the quality of the shapes of the pieces, but we got used to it. We are very upset they are now discontinued! Much less motivation to go to Trader Joe’s now.

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