Trader Joe’s Belgian Chocolate Pudding Reviews

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19 reviews for Trader Joe’s Belgian Chocolate Pudding Reviews

  1. Tim

    So ridiculously bad, you should bypass on this product and save it all for me! 😀

    Seriously…my midnight snack of choice and possible necessity. Get outta my way, you in front of the pudding section!

  2. trish

    This is amazing please keep it in stock. 5 star rating

  3. Kayla

    Loved this pudding!

  4. Barb

    I love this stuff! But unfortunately just realized it contains Carrageenan 🙁 – hence the 3 star rating.
    I have digestive issues so I do my best to avoid Carrageenan. Sure wish it could be made without it 🙁 🙁

  5. Joanne Dusatko

    Not fond of this chocolate pudding. It seems sort of grItty and grainy. Not smooth on the tongue like a pudding should be. Also seems very sweet. Won’t be buying this again.

  6. SK

    It has a great chocolaty taste, but the grainy texture could definitely stand to improve, and the amount of fat in the pudding is really high!

  7. Sophie

    I absolutely love this pudding! I agree though, there have been a few times when i’ve purchased this and the pudding seemed a bit gritty. Trader Joes needs to get on that to ensure consistent quality.

  8. Marc

    But I can never get the plastic liner off cleanly and without a major hassle.

  9. Olivier

    Great, nut-free so my daughter can finally have a store (vs. home made) bought dessert, and it makes for very decent ice cream if you leave it in your freezer!

  10. vkw

    Inconsistent quality–too runny and lacks quality chocolate favor. Will not be purchasing again.

  11. LA Woahman

    Entirely too sweet, a serving is 50% of the daily allowance for sugar. Terrible aftertaste as well. Never again.

  12. Chandelle Bullington

    Im disappointed in you for taking it off the shelf and cancelling it. Now I am trying to locate it at another store. I made this with fruit every morning and nuts These people complaining dont know what they’re talking about. Use a knife to take the plastic off.

  13. Jessica

    Loved, loved this product. Why would it ever be discontinued? But according to the Trader Joe’s near me, it has been as of Oct 2021. Such a terrible decision! Bring it back!

  14. Brad Chatellier

    How could you cancel the best chocolate pudding ever made?! Bring it back Trader Joes!

  15. Jim Esten

    WHAT?!? You cancelled this pudding? Are you insane? Are you smoking crack? PLEASE EXPLAIN. SHAME ON YOU.

  16. Stephani

    Love love love this pudding . Please please please get it back in stock or at least tell me where I can go to purchase it again. Thanks

  17. Lolo

    My life will never be the same without this pudding. Please bring it back Mr. Joe’s.

  18. csg

    miss this pudding- please please bring it back

  19. Mary Sherlock-Howard

    The yummiest pudding! So velvety and rich, PLEASE BRING THIS PUDDING BACK!!!!

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