Trader Joe’s Beef Birria Reviews

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Slow cooked beef in a savory tomato and chile sauce.


20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Beef Birria Reviews

  1. Larry

    Way too salty, and not cleaned up enough for my taste, meaning grisly.

  2. Tommy

    By far the best birria. Much better than most taco trucks I have experienced.

  3. Balraj

    The taste packs a wallop BUT
    way too salty and greasy! The greasy I take care of by thawing in the refrigerator and taking the solid layer of fat off before heating. I know it packs flavor so leave a wee bit in.
    Wish there was some way to take care of the salt.

  4. Jenny

    Wayyyyyyy to salty!

  5. Michael

    Clearly whoever made this did not try it out, otherwise they’d pull it off the shelf because of how much salt is in this…

  6. Juan

    Awesome Birria. Very authentic and flavorful. Good Job TJs.

  7. Juan

    This Birria is excellent. Very meaty and flavorfull. Made 4 tacos and had broth to dip.

  8. Samuel

    Just had this Birria and it is by far better than any other on the market. Even better than a lot of home cooked birria. Well done TJ

  9. Rick

    We just tried the beef Birria from Trader Joe’s. Disappointing all around. The so-called sauce was like water and the so-called beef was nothing but chunks of fat. Don’t bother buying this unless you enjoy eating salty fat chunks in water

  10. Anonymous

    I absolutely LOVE this Birria. So flavorful and delicious. Definitely recommend it!

  11. Mark

    If you like fatty cow assholes with a hint of body odor, this Birria is for you. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat ass like it’s going out of style, but this even turned me off. Fatty chunks of cow sphincter in tomato salt water. I expected more from Joe.

  12. Jerry

    People say too greasy. Three oil is for you to soak the tortilla and pan sear it. The saltiness works if you make a taco with it. The gristly texture is part of the dish. People here expecting NY strip in the mix. Most of complaints are from folks that don’t care for the culture. Overall great product tasty!

  13. Catarina Cabrera

    This one pound package of meat is very deceptive. There is one small boneless beef short rib floating in a very salty and greasy broth. It still has the large tendon that attaches to the bone which is inedible. Overall, it’s very grizzly and once you remove the tendon, there’s about 1/3 cup of meat. It’s just enough to make 3 corn tacos which can’t possibly be 2 servings. Very disappointed.

  14. Janet

    I was so excited to try this birria. I think the flavor is good but my meat was at least half of inedible fat. I know this type of meat needs fat in order to be flavorful but it was awful. It completely turned me off from eating any of it.

  15. Renee

    Delicious – after the first meal of tacos, we ate the leftovers over baked potatoes.

  16. Don

    Not a good value and poor quality. The meat was full of gristle and connective tissue and there was a HUGE knob of gristle in the meat so I paid for waste. The meat wasn’t even that tender: I had to spend time cutting it up and then picking out gristle. Taste was unremarkable. This $8 tub of mostly red broth and a few chunks of essentially poor quality pot roast made 4 small tacos with no leftovers. This is likely the worst thing I’ve ever bought from Trader Joe’s.

  17. wyepacket

    Two solid balls of gristle and fat. Had to carefully cut away maybe 2 Tablespoons of meat. Sauce was good, but what a massive disappointment!

  18. DC

    It’s just not that good. Salty, but not flavorful in any other way.

  19. Anne

    It’s a good starting point for a dish, but not particularly tasty as offered. I removed ~50% of the fat prior to cooking it, added half an onion and a jalapeño, and a significant amount of water. After cooking it down for ~90 minutes, the fat remaining on the meat had been rendered and the added vegetables cooked down.

    I agree with the reviewers who complain about fatty meat; it clearly wasn’t cooked for long enough a period to render the fat down. After some modifications, it made a nice meal, but I doubt I would have enjoyed it unadulterated.

  20. Bill

    If you remove the fat and salt you’re left with $ 8.00 worth of gravy

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