Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Teriyaki Reviews

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Barbecued chopped dark chicken meat with teriyaki sauce.


10 reviews for Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Teriyaki Reviews

  1. Ashley

    Quite tasty, i make this with the organic frozen brown rice and broccoli… yum!

  2. Debbie

    Yummy! I always have a bag or two of this on hand for those lazy nights when I don’t feel like cooking. Great over steamed rice or with a bowl of ramen. It comes with extra bags of sauce but I don’t even use them as the chicken is flavorful enough.

  3. Serenity Guedel

    I used to love this one. It honestly was the first TJ’s frozen food option that I loved and trusted.

    Now it’s…serviceable. It’s okay. It just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I prefer something with a vegetable or two or a richer or spicier sauce. If I cared more for this one I’d doctor it up, but I can’t be bothered.

  4. Anonymous

    Nice dish with real chicken and teriyaki sauce. Serves about 2.5 people. Sauce is flavorful, but is a bit on the sweet side.

  5. Marie

    This was a disgusting display of meat (questionable if it was chicken) that included the gizzard, heart and what were small pieces of mostly dark “meat”. I could not eat it – and after trying three small pieces that I thought might be chicken, I threw the remainder away. It is garbage. I brought it back for a refund and when I asked is where it was produced, I was told that everything that is “distributed by Trader Joe’s, …” and never a country of origin is made in the USA. I don’t believe that. I think this is a cheap China product and God only knows what kind of meat it is. A lot of products are marked country of origin, “Import of Italy”, “Canada”, Belgium , etc. If it were made in the USA they would have specified it. I am buying less and less from Trader Joe’s – overall quality has gone downhill. Guess they trade off quality for low prices. No thank you!

  6. Charlie

    This product was absolutely inedible! The worst cuts of grisly dark meat chicken. Not barbequed and very little Teriaki flavoring. It should be pulled off all Trader Joe’s stores!

  7. Anonymous

    Absolutely inedible. Sauce is soy flavored sugar. Chicken is rubbery, with a weird flavor. TJ missed the mark on this one.

  8. Melissa

    Gizzard anyone!?? this not only smelled off it had gizzard in it. I was completely disgusted. Took one nibble of what looked like chicken and threw it out. Save your money and appetite.

  9. Elly Lister

    The chicken was nasty! It was bits an pieces of everything including fat. Very little edible meat. Made me gag to look at it. Definitely not a product of the USA.

  10. Joyce G.

    Terrible. The chicken had an off taste, inedible. We threw it away. I guess you get what you pay for. Am generally a huge fan of Trader Joe’s entrees, but this was awful. The cat wouldn’t even eat the chicken. Ugh ugh ugh.

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