Trader Joe’s Bavarian Rye Bread Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Bavarian Rye Bread Reviews

  1. Robert Aiss

    Found this product on the shelf by accident this evening at the PALM SPRINGS location.
    As a born and raised New York City food snob, my expectations were far from high.
    Much to my delight, this bread has excellent chew factor, slightly sweet, exceptional rye flavor that holds it’s own when compared with anything that New York has to offer.
    Try it toasted as well….heavenly!

  2. Bianca Gadi

    I grew up in Germany and breads over there are totally different from what Americans are used to. A bread, left outside, is old in one day, and that is the way it is supposed to be. This Bavarian Rye is a PERFECT BREAD. It is super tasty, light, and the slices have the perfect thickness. Bread often gives me a tummy ache. Toasting this bread makes it super easy to digest and the taste is even better. This truly is a superb quality delicious light typical grey German bread, this BAVARIAN RYE is the very best you will find. I buy 2=3 loaves at a time. I keep one in the refrigerator, and the others in the freezer. Always tastes fresh, and in my opinion, toasted is even better. Heavenly!!!!

  3. mk

    It’s soft gooey bread that tastes nothing like deli rye…

    Don’t waste your money

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