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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Art of the Still Organic Gin Reviews

  1. Donald Feltham

    I’m a big gin fan and when I saw this at my local store this past weekend and at only $13.99, I figured I would give it a try. It’s terrific!!! Great botanical flavor very refreshing. I highly recommend it!

  2. DJ

    I agree with Donald! I have never had it before & decided to try a gin new to my palate. I was pleasantly surprised. It is good neat & I also mixed it with Trader Joe’s Sparkling Limeade + some mint on the rocks. Quite good!

  3. Bill D

    Very disappointing. In place of the aroma and flavor of Juniper berries there is a heavy scent and overwhelming taste of pine needles. If you like turpentine, you might like this product.

  4. FurrierTransform

    This is my favorite gin. It’s less flavorful than say, Tanqueray, but it’s very smooth. Maybe because it’s organic, I can drink 4, 5, oh maybe 6 martinis in an evening and not feel terrible the next day.

  5. Patrick Largent

    I had it at a friend’s. Pretty good. I like the botanicals. I drink martinis, no vermouth, with a twist. This works. Lower Alcohol percentage than 209, Spirit Works, Junipero, et all, but cheaper.

  6. Joe G.

    This is one of the best gins I have had, particularly in this price range. I find it to be comparable to good botanicals costing nearly twice as much. It makes a great martini or gin and tonic. I still like more expensive gins better but for about $16 a bottle, its outstanding.

  7. James

    I can’t believe this is even called gin. It tastes so much like chemicals after my first sip I had to do a double take to check that my gin and tonic wasn’t spiked with disinfectant. After my surprise I re read the bottle and it says it is made from corn, which I didn’t even know was a thing. I dont think I will be able to pass this gin on to guests its that foul.

  8. Ken

    Not a fan. It’s a deal for the price but it just doesn’t taste right. Definitely better guns out there

  9. NLK

    Tastes like water. No botanicals at all. Not worth the price. I’d’ve tossed the bottle after the first martini, but am too cheap.

  10. Mary Thornton

    We thought we’d try this gin on a whim because it was reasonable and we pretty much love everything at TJ’s. We were sadly disappointed. It tastes like rubbing alcohol and the aftertaste is even worse, if that’s possible. Take our advice and don’t bother.

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