Trader Joe’s Apple Blossoms Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Apple Blossoms Reviews

  1. Wes

    This is one of the best Trader Joe’s desserts I’ve had. Heat them up in the oven and add a little cool whip or vanilla ice cream (or eat plain) – delicious!

  2. Keshia Kola

    I was pleasantly surprised. Light, delicate and delicious! Perfect treat for a sweet tooth.

  3. Anonymous

    Tastes homemade. Delicious.

  4. Anonymous

    Best little blossom ever! I always have these little guys in the freezer. Quick easy dessert for company.

  5. Mia MacDonald

    Outrageously delicious. Even heated in the microwave!

  6. gracie

    these are amazing! they stay nice and gooey inside and flakey and delicious outside.

  7. Becky

    Delicious! These are always in our freezer year round!

  8. Violet

    This is delicious! The ratio of crust to filling is perfect. I also love how the buttery flakiness of the crust complements the sweet apple filling. The size is also just enough for 1 person.

  9. Tommy Hodges

    I love Ap0le Blossoms. Delicious

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