Trader Joe’s Alaska Cod Fillets Reviews

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Alaska Cod Fillets Reviews

  1. Diane

    There are usually stores with large fish markets but I decided to have cod and picked up a pkg. It is the best cod. It’s got just the right size and thickness for each filler. The texture is perfect. I make it with the TJ’s Pablo and it comes out perfect Everytime.

  2. Adele

    These are the best cod filets you can buy for the price. They contain no sodium triphosphate, an additive that keeps fish moist so it can be frozen for longer periods and plumps up the fish-then you cook it and it shrinks 50%-not this cod…there is nearly no shrinkage at all. I like it well seasoned, breaded with panko and pan fried. It makes a great fish sandwich with some home made tartar sauce.

  3. Gina

    Unfortunately, we were going to make dinner tonight with a package of this fish, but when I opened the seal and took out the two pieces of fish… my eye immediately zeroed in on what appeared to be a worm about 1.5 inches long.
    There were other similar anomalies within one of the two pieces of fish… but the initial alarming ‘wormlike thing’ was not IN the fillet, but ON it.
    Pointy on the ends, it is slender and pinkish in color.

    Even though I knew we were going to be cooking the fillets in a pan, I felt we shouldn’t risk it — parasites are not something to trifle with.

    I’ve purchased this type of fish previously, and while it isn’t one of TJ’s most stellar frozen items (the cook needs to add the flavor), it has never had this look before.
    I want to be straightforward here… we do not know what the thing(s) could be, but it certainly looks like a worm.

    I will let my local Trader Joe’s know.

  4. Sharon Tooley

    I tried a package and WOW! This was one of the best pieces of cod I have ever eaten. I prepared it simply to better review the cod. Pan fried in a little butter. Added salt and pepper.
    The texture was perfect. The taste was amazing! I will enjoy this many times I’m sure and would feel very confident serving this to guests – possibly a little fancier!
    Another satisfied Trader Joe shopper – AGAIN!!

  5. CGS

    My wife and I love it. Defrosts easily. Solid texture. No shrinkage. Flour, egg, panko breading and pan fried. So easy. Great value.

  6. James Rasmussen

    The very best cod, period.
    Now however, my local Trader Joe’s has not stocked it for awhile….what happened?
    Signed, Sad in Rochester.

  7. Carel

    The frozen cod I purchased began to ooze a lot of milky white liquid as soon as I started to cook it, which means it was dipped in sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP). and it was as tough as shoe leather. Inedible. STPP does not have to be listed on the package (it was not), but it is a neurotoxin and can cause problems for anyone with chemical sensitivities, and pain and a bad flareup for anyone with an autoimmune disorder, which is a lot of people. I also found a lot of worms in their frozen salmon (I did another review). Ugh.

  8. behavior in westfield parking lot reveals low character

    anybody know how to cook these suckers without turning them into shoe leather? I’m a great cook but can’t seem to wrangle these guys aside from braise in a tomato base or cook at 250 forever

  9. Lori

    I recommend you put your $10 through the shredder you will be more satisfied. I tried this again after many years and I’m sad I did. Nothing has changed it’s a brick. Can’t even cut it with a knife.

  10. Kristie Eubank

    Trader’s Joe’s Alaskan Cod used to be the best. A few years ago I noticed the filets were tough, cut from the end of the fish with gristle and cooked up like leather. I’m not wasting my money one more time. They’re obviously getting the worst parts of the cod from bargain basement fisheries and their price per pound is not cheap. Why bother selling something so inferior when most everything I purchase from Trader’s is top notch?

  11. Nancy

    Against my better judgement I tried another batch of Trader Joe’s Alaskan frozen cod thinking it would be okay this time. It wasn’t. Again, it was like a rock and rubbery and we couldn’t cut through it with a steak knife. Waste of time, energy and money. I don’t know who the supplier is, but someone should be checking for quality control.

  12. Jeff

    It was horrible. Very difficult to cut with a knife. Like rubber.

  13. Jody

    Horrible. Just horrible! Ugh. Looked and smelled totally unappetizing out of the plastic but I thought it might seem better after cooking. Oh no….Can’t even think about it without feeling sick.

  14. Nina

    Terrible cut of fish. “Like rubber” is correct. Only baked for 15 minutes and impossible to cut.

  15. Teodora


    The bad news is , they discontinued !

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