Simply Eggless Plant-Based Egg Reviews

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Egg-free, cholesterol-free, cruelty-free vegan egg replacement.

102 reviews for Simply Eggless Plant-Based Egg Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    If you’re looking for a Just Egg replacement, this is not it. I imagine this product might be good for battering something, but that’s about it. On it’s own as a scramble, there is no texture. Very mushy and bland. Bummer!

  2. Anonymous

    Flavorless, scrambles to the wrong texture (like polenta). Very excited to see a Just Egg competitor, but this one does not compete. I didn’t try baking, but from scrambling it doesn’t seem to bind so I doubt it would work for that.

    Please reformulate! I want this to be good so I can do all my shopping at TJs

  3. Roy

    Every so often a product comes along and you wonder how did this ever get out of the lab/test kitchen. Well, Trader Joes Simply Eggless is one of those products. Imagine the most floury gravy you’ve ever tasted, let it thicken even more so that it won’t pour and now you have Trader Joes Simply Eggless. The mouth feel is not pleasant, the taste is almost nonexistent. About the only thing I can compliment them on is the color; some one seems to have remembered that turmeric added to just about anything kinda looks scrambled egg color. Too bad they don’t know about black salt to add some flavor. Honestly, even after adding my own black salt Simply Eggless left me simply disappointed. This product isn’t even close. They should simply start over.

  4. Andrew

    This is no where close to the quality of Just Egg. The texture was similar to that of mashed potatoes and flavor was nonexistent. I added black salt to help make it edible. I would not buy again.

  5. Anonymous


  6. FreddieFred

    Tasteless + texture is way off (too soft)

    Will not purchase again.

  7. FreddieFred

    I only intended one star

  8. Shirin Eshraghi

    so gross what a waste of money. I usually am not picky at all with food.
    I cooked and cooked hoping the texture would change but it is CREAMY as “scrambled egg.” it feels wrong. Has it gone bad? Confused.
    seems the more i cooked the creamier it got.

    two stars because the ingredients seem good.

  9. Claudia Turner

    I cooked this with all the works- spices, onions, garlic, black pepper, etc- and it was still awful. It’s actually gooey and doesn’t have a good taste. I’m vegan as can be so I’ve tried the gamut of products and this is a really lousy experiment. TJs needs to step up its game with alternative products.

  10. Carol

    Awful! The texture is gummy and flavor! Stick with JUST egg. Not even close Trader Joe’s

  11. Anonymous

    Simply Eggless is easily the worst product i have ever bought at TJs. It’s hard to believe it ever made it out of a test kitchen. Gummy consistency, difficult to cook with, absent of any flavor, and completely ruined all the vegetables I mixed in for a scramble. I’ll be returning the second bottle I bought.

  12. Jan Johnson

    Remember when Lays “fat free” potato chips were pulled because they had a fake oil called Olean that caused severe stomach issues and diarrhea? Well this “egg” product is sinister in its own way. Look at the ingredients. Lupin is a legume and many people can not digest this. No enzymes in the gut for it. Cattle fodder is its best use.
    There are better egg free alternatives. This is a big no ! And is tasteless. One caveat this is not a Trader Joe’s product. They are just putting it on the shelf satisfying customer demand for an eggless option. Perhaps they will formulate their own product in time.
    In the mean time do you want the following in your body.
    Filtered Water, Lupin Protein Concentrate, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Gluten Free Beta Glucan, Natural Flavors, Calcium Lactate (Vegan Source), Vegan Enzyme, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Agar, Xanthan Gum, Natural Extractives Of Turmeric, Natural Extractives Of Carrot, Nisin (a Natural Preservative).

  13. Anonymous

    agree with everyone else. Should not be marketed as egg substitute.

  14. Luis

    it tastes horrible. just egg is a million times better

  15. Haley

    Horrible! I had to throw a whole pan of soyrizo mixed with this “egg substitute” away after a few bites The texture is awful and mushy. I added it back to the pan thinking it might need to be cooked a little longer, but it didn’t help whatsoever. I will never buy this again. Just Egg all the way!

  16. Lek Narfs

    There’s eggs and there’s mash potatoes. Both can be soft, smooth and creamy. Simply Eggless is mashed potatoes. The “other” eggless bean-based product widely available is much better at the slightly chewiness of real cooked eggs. This product has none of that. And there’s no eggy flavor at all. As a scramble, this product forms chunks as opposed to a cohesive protien mass like real eggs or the “other” eggless product. A good try but way off the mark.

  17. Cbanaab

    Mixed with stir-fried veggies, spices, and hot sauce, this is delicious! Excited to have an option that is lower fat and much lower sodium than Just Egg.

  18. Noelle

    Healthier egg substitute than Just Egg. My mom really loves it and doesn’t want it discontinued because of the bad reviews. I like it too- worth keeping so that vegans have options. Yummy in an eggless egg sandwich or scramble 🙂

  19. Gloria

    I was super excited to see Trader Joe’s had what I thought was a Just Egg dupe. I’m not vegan, but I love Just Egg and would buy it regularly if it was cheaper. Well, seems like the price point was justified in this comparison because Simply Eggless is disgusting. It doesn’t get anything right, from texture to taste (even after seasoning heavily). I can’t even finish one serving. I’m really disappointed!

  20. Sandra

    This is horrible. We’ve enjoyed Just Egg so I thought I’d give this a try. I’m a huge fan of Trader Joe’s. The texture is like flour mixed with water and oil. A slippery, grainy, gelatinous thing. And there’s no remarkable flavor. Not savory like Just Egg. I just wasted $5.

  21. Jasmine

    This product blows all other vegan egg options out of the park. If you know how to cook it right with a bit of extra virgin olive oil on a non-stick pan it comes out great. I can use it for all my cooking needs like frying or baking. The product pours out of the bottle so smoothly and bright yellow thanks to the healthy Lupini beans and there are no clumps, unlike Just Egg. And its free of all allergens that’s a huge ++++
    10/10 for sure!

  22. Joe

    I was skeptical at first as I eat regular eggs but wanted to try it anyway. First time cooking was not a great result then I did some research and noticed it was best to cook in a hot non stick pan with olive oil. The result was fantastic and not mushy as others have commented on. Maybe a bad batch for some but I’ve cooked omelets and scrambles just fine. A+

  23. Wicket

    I actually really like this product. I’m venturing into Vegetarian/ Vegan territory and this is pretty great. I use it to make omlets and it’s PERFECT for that– love the texture. It’s fluffier than real eggs. I usually season veggies to put in my omlets anyway so it’s a great base for that. Also makes a great omlet if you sprinkle in the Trader Joes Ranch seasoning while you’re cooking.

  24. Rachel

    Tastes like soggy toilet paper and is more expensive than JUST egg.

  25. Jessica

    The texture was terrible. It was mushy and flavorless. I wouldn’t purchase this again. JUST egg is the way to go if you want an egg subsitute.

  26. Ryan

    How did this get released? Hands down the worst Trader Joe’s product I’ve ever had. Mushy, gummy, flavorless. Maybe you could use it in baking or battering, but I doubt it

  27. Patrick

    I echo all the comments of other 1-star reviewers. Stick to Just Egg if you want a plant based egg substitute!

  28. Cindy S

    I’m so confused with all the negative reviews which leads me to wonder if the ones who gave negative reviews knew how to use the product, or even cook! I tried Simple Eggless and it was great, especially with baking. I baked a vegan cake that was so moist and airy, not like most vegan cakes where it would be super dense. My friends raved about the cake and it was all because of Simply Eggless. Just Egg could never do that and so for years, baking vegan cakes was a problem and actually wasn’t common. With this, anything is possible. I love this product! It works so well as an egg alternative and feel bad for those who did not know how to use it. I’m so excited that it made it to Trader Joe’s because now I can get it anytime! I wish it was in local supermarkets so it can always be readily available.

  29. Val

    I would actually give this a negative star and would not recommend it to anyone. The consistency was like mashed potatoes and no flavor considering all the ingredients. Very disappointed in this product when I had high hopes for a vegan egg substitute from Trader Joe’s.

  30. Russ

    I couldn’t stand the curiosity. I finally grabbed s bottle this week and tried it. Utterly ghastly. Like wood glue infused with cardboard. Why does this exist at all much less cost north of $4?

  31. Russ

    I couldn’t stand the curiosity. I finally grabbed a bottle this week and tried it. Utterly ghastly. Like wood glue infused with cardboard. Why does this exist at all much less cost north of $4? This is not food.

  32. RS

    This is horrible. I guess it sort of reminds me of eggs because it’s yellow, but that’s about it. Just Egg, on the other hand, actually tastes like eggs, with an almost identical texture. I’ve never asked for my money back at Trader Joe’s. This may be a first.

  33. Elizabeth

    Honestly, Simply Eggless is one of the better Vegan egg substitutes. I can’t stand Just Egg. The last time I purchased Just Egg it was grainy like sand texture. I’ve never had an issue with how Simply Eggless cooks or tastes. I trust Simply Eggless products more than any other product that substitutes eggs.

  34. Valentina

    Very excited for this product to be at Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s has products that are perfect for a person with a busy lifestyle that’s trying to maintain good health and Simpy Eggless has finally arrived along with all other great products. I used to order it online from another store and it would be such a headache. Very impressed with Simply Eggless as it seems the packaging and taste get better formulated. Couldn’t be any more satisfied with this purchase due to the quality and price.

  35. Grace

    THIS IS THE MOST FOUL SMELLING PRODUCT I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I tried using this products weeks before its expiration and it instantly stank up my entire house! I could not even try one single bite of it without gagging. I’ve opened all my windows and lit candles, but the smell won’t go away. I have NEVER smelled anything worse in my life!!!

  36. Bre

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one complaining about the texture with this product! I just made it for the second time because I thought maybe the first it was user error but NO! I was surprised and excited to see this at TJ so I thought I would give it a try over the usual just egg but the mushiness in my mouth is just NOT IT. I had to throw it out. Please try to reformulate this.

  37. NYC Vegan

    Surprisingly bad. I am shocked that a wonderful place like Trader Joe’s would even bring this to market. I’m sure they must have tried the Just Egg product before releasing this. What were they thinking?

    I had a really tough time getting through the entire bottle. I even tried mixing this with the Just Egg before cooking, and it simply ruined the Just Egg.

    I have since probably gone through 10 or 20 bottles of Just Egg. I am a big user LOL! I love that stuff.

    I’ll keep an eye out for a reformulation from TJ’s.

  38. Sophie

    I really am surprised how well this product was thought out. Not only can I quickly whip up some ‘eggs’ in a pan but I can also bake with it too! very multiuse which is a game changer.

  39. Srini Rao

    Who are the people who are giving it positive reviews.. Has to be fake. I thought I was using it all wrong at first but after reading the reviews I realize it’s a terrible product. This reminds me how they messed up morning star sausage patties and tried selling them as original.. So awful..

  40. CJ

    I bought this product a few weeks ago and just hot around to trying it. I prepared it like scrambled eggs. I added some shredded cheddar cheese, salt and pepper. I thought it was delicious. I will absolutely buy this product again and enjoy this every few days for breakfast. I do hope it is not discontinued as this is the first egg substitute I have really enjoyed.

  41. Sue Mascitelli

    The nastiest thing I have ever tried from Trader Joe’s! The texture, the smell how it cooks up, Blech! I wasted my ingredients for my omelette because it all ended up in the trash! Please bring back the liquid egg you carried before!

  42. James Saupan

    Sorry Trader Joe’s, back to the drawing board. This product is a gooey mess. Definitely didn’t scramble in any way shape or form. Texture is chewy, rubbery and tasteless. Added my spices, but that was a waste of spices.
    Love Trader Joe’s for vegan varieties, but this product is a no repeat.

  43. Anonymous

    Absolutely disgusting texture and taste. Please just get Just Egg.

  44. Steph

    Not as bad as all the reviewers say. Just Egg is better. Especially Just Egg’s frozen egg patties but this is a decent alternative. Now, I probably would not eat a plate of this by itself. It’s not good enough for that but it’s good in a breakfast burrito. Husband and kids liked it too so I’ll keep buying it but I do hope Trader Joe’s comes out with something a little closer to Just Egg in consistency since that can be enjoyed by itself.

  45. Kevin

    Looks bad.
    Smell was so off-putting I couldn’t get myself to even taste it after pan scrambling it’s like you would with eggs or just egg.
    It smelled like some type of familiar chemical, maybe wood or wood glue ?
    Texture was glue like or rubbery but not like scrambled eggs.
    It was also kind of translucent, not egg like at all.
    Maybe in baking you could get away with it.
    We even wasted the first one because it expired, got a second one and made sure we used it before we forgot we had it.
    I like many other reviewers thought maybe it was a bad batch or a teething problem, but my wife just said we will not even think about trying it again.
    I can’t properly voice just how bad it was.
    I love Trader Joe’s but somebody dropped the ball on this.
    Please fix it since it would be nice to have a credible competitor for just egg.

  46. Jim

    If you love the taste of rubber drenched in oil, this is the product for you! If you love sending people the green puke emoji you’re about to get sore thumbs. It’s as if the people who made this product are secretly working for the egg industry trying to convince people to never try a humane analog product ever again. I really hope whoever greenlit this product gets hired by Arbys or some other producer of dead animal “food”.

  47. Siri

    Worst product ever at TJ’s. Still love TJ’s. Basically plant based but this is horrific. Makes a pancake like texture and tastes like what I imagine the bottom of a gym shoe in a locker room would taste like. Yuk. Just egg is a different ball game. But keep trying TJ for more plant based vegan options. Appreciate the effort, not the outcome.

  48. Lauren

    Made me sick for 2 hours. It’s nasty.

  49. Robert

    Best vegan eggs I’ve tried. I cannot understand the negative reviews. Curious that many of the negative reviews repeat claims that seemed to be the opposite of my experience. The texture is excellent. I have scrambled it and fried it in a circular form for putting on English muffins. It holds up better than any premixed vegan eggs I have tried.

  50. Roberta Parch

    Simply Awful is what they should’ve named this. I’ve been vegetarian/ vegan for many years and this is the worst substitute for anything I’ve ever tried. UGH

  51. LeeDan

    By far one of the worst things I have ever purchased. Disgusting. Tastes like what play doh smells like. Texture is weird. No amount of hot sauce, spice, herb, will make this edible. Such a waste. Don’t do it.

  52. Anonymous

    I’ve used just egg a lot and when Trader Joe’s wasn’t caring it I grabbed this. A
    With eggs and just eggs I tend to take make the same baked egg dish of red peppers, mushroom, onion and pesto. At this point I’m sad I ruined the rest of my ingredients. Got a little solid after ten minutes so kept my on it at 375.. 5 minutes later still runny. 5 minutes lates still runny and had a car board like taste. 5 minutes later still mush consistently. Put it on low broil for five minutes and it firmed up the top thin layer a bit. Still gross tasting and mushy :(. So disappointed as I enjoy so many tj products

  53. Sandra

    I really am enjoying this product. One of the best egg replacers I’ve used thus far!

  54. Tash Nah


  55. Emily

    Honestly, all you have to do is know how to put some oil in a pan and lightly pour this product in the pan evenly on a medium temperature. High enough to cook but not burn, obviously. Gradually stir the egg around until fully cooked. If you overpour too fast and thick your results are not going to be what you desire. It’s very simple and the name really fits the product. Simply Eggless is a simple product to use and yet people can’t use it right. it’s not the product, it’s people not knowing how to use the product.

  56. Sandi G.

    Much better than Just Egg. Maybe the negative reviews are by people who aren’t vegan? Simply Eggless doesn’t stick like Just Egg, it tastes better, and is delicious scrambled with veggies and topped with vegan cheese.

  57. Christina

    Absolutely disgusting! I’m actually offended. The audacity of everyone involved in putting these plant-based eggs on store shelves!! I literally spit them out and gagged. The smell was bad, but I figured I’d still give them a taste. Just… Yuck! I have no more words.

  58. Shauntell T

    Really enjoying this new to-the-market product. Best Egg replacer I’ve tried so far. It’s great because not only is it as easy as ever to make scrambled eggs but MY KIDS even eat them! My life has been simplified. Must try!

  59. Jenna

    I mistakenly gave this a few try’s wanting it to be a good eggless option. Threw it away after one bite every time. I found myself wondering, much like the other reviews state, how on earth did a group of people at Simply Brands let this hit the shelves? This product has a horrible, horrible powdery -almost clay like taste to it. The texture is so slimy, greasy, and mushy. Just wrong in every way.
    Save your time, money, and taste buds. Do not buy.

  60. Trix

    So the first taste test… RUBBER… probably because of the xanthan gum and other ingredients.

    HOWEVER, I did manage to make it ‘more edible’ by only using two tbsps of the mixture and 2 tbsp water + 1/8 tsp black salt.

    I want to continue experimenting but it’s giving me a serious upset stomach…

  61. Yolanda

    No need for me to repeat everything negative (and VERY correct!) that has already been said about this product so, my two cents…this product is made for folks who have a dull palate and reject flavor in their meals. I added (more like, dumped) a spice medley & two helpings of salt to enhance the flavor of spices and STILL, blandness dominated the taste of the finished product. DO NOT BUY! Just EGG is where it’s at, buy that instead! Lastly, I hope TJ discontinues this product, SMH.

  62. Patti

    Sorry guys, you missed the mark on this. The names brand is much better in taste, texture, everything.
    Back to the drawing board. Yuck.

  63. Vegan Traveler

    A real turnoff! Smell is horrible. Stick with Just Egg. Seriously I try all new plant based products and this just doesn’t cut it.

  64. Vegan Traveler

    I could not get past the smell! This would turn off anyone thinking it was a vegan or plant based substitute. STAY AWAY. TJ’s needs to discontinue it!

  65. But It’s Vegan

    Swamp Eggs

    Omg. Where do I start? When I poured the eggs into the pan they began to pop as if I poured water into the pan. Thought that was strange because that has never happened with Just Egg.

    I like my “eggs” cooked hard so my texture was not like how others explained theirs.

    The smell… the product smells like a factory… can’t explain it… think chemicals.

    Now onto the taste… omg…absolutely AWFUL! I put a forkful into my mouth & spit it right back out. I think I’m more upset that I added my other vegan ingredients to this swamp mixture they are calling Simply Eggless.

  66. cee

    I am trying to eat more plant-based and decided to try it in a quiche. I am an experienced cook, in answer to a reviewer above who thought negative reviewers might not know how to cook. The “egg” would not set up. I kept the quiche in the oven for about 2 hours, hoping it would and it just didn’t. I have tried one other “egg” product from safeway about a year ago and am pretty sure there was a similar problem. Maybe plant based egg products just haven’t sorted the bugs out yet? I came online to look it up and see if others had issues and apparently they do. I don’t generally leave reviews, but I thought I’d help others in the same boat.

  67. CW Brown

    This stuff is revolting. Not just disgusting, but absolutely revolting. How in the world did this product pass TJ’s usual high standards?
    What a disappointment.
    Minus star

  68. Nicole

    All the reviews about it as a scramble are true. It’s atrocious, and I never feel that way about food. Even if I’m not in love with something I can still eat it to not waste it. But the scramble was like bland, weird, egg-like potatoes. Doesn’t compete with Just Egg at all.
    As an egg replacement when cooking/baking it’s awesome. I even used it to make lemon curd. It’s far better than Just Egg when it comes to swapping eggs in a recipe and I like it better than flax egg. I hope they don’t discontinue it because of the bad reviews, because while it’s not good on its own it still fills a need that other products have yet to be able to provide.

  69. Tom Cee

    Shame on TJs for not testing this product and if they did get rid of the testing panel. We’ve been veg a very long time and give all plant-based a tryout. We are open-minded and employ the ‘ol “grain of salt” if you catch my drift. On opening this Simply product there was a gross smell to it, like a combo of chemical and cardboard. After cooking it (scramble) we discovered it was totally inedible with a chemical/cardboard taste and chalky/grainy texture. Simply put, it was disgusting. Took it back to TJs and got refund. Simply Eggless-zero stars and worse plant-based product ever.

  70. Skip

    These were inedible. They tasted rancid literally. I think whatever oil they are made with was rancid. I love .Just Egg and I love almost every other vegan product at trader Joe’s but I have never been so disgusted by anything else. I’ve ought a trader Joe’s as I was with this product?.

  71. Hannah

    Really disappointing. I was very excited about this at first because it would be nice not to go to other grocery stores to get an egg substitute, but this is not a good product. As a vegan for four years and a user of JUST egg for almost as long, I’m not really sure how this can be sold at Trader Joe’s since almost everything I buy at TJ’s is exceptionally good. I cooked simply eggless like I always do with JUST egg–with TJ’s soy chorizo, onions, and tons of spices, and could not get down the first bite, nor could my boyfriend, plus the smell was extremely off-putting. I really like Trader Joe’s and I hope they change this product into something that is just as good as JUST egg. I did not try to bake with it like some of the other reviewers did, but at that price point, I will not be buying it again to try.

  72. Josh Philibert

    I can not fathom a 5-star rating for this product. It just isn’t good. Maybe for baking? I made “scrambled eggs,” and while the texture was good, the flavor had nothing to compare to eggs. There is no sulfurous smell, just a pasty mouth feel and unpleasant taste. I am not going to finish the bottle or ever buy this again. I can only imagine that the 5-star ratings are fakes. There is no way someone could like this product that much.

  73. Sharon Gatt

    Complete fail! Sorry TJ…you can do better!
    I do most of my shopping at your stores and love most of your brand name products. This one needs to go back to the lab. It tastes horrible! I know you will refund me. Can’t wait till you redevelop this into something better!

  74. Nina W-D

    I forgot the brand of low cholesterol eggs Trader Joe’s used to carry (came in a carton). When that went away and I saw Simply Eggless, I gave it a try. Texture does not work as scrambled eggs–it’s almost rubbery. Tasted blend (but I am OK with that…never expected “fake eggs” to taste like real eggs). But it’s got the aroma of very stale oil. The first thought that came to my mind to describe it was gasoline! I rarely waste food but I am not sure if I want to force myself to finish the bottle.

  75. Leah

    Absolutely foul. From the second I poured these into a pan they smelled horrible, but I thought I’ll hang in there and give it a chance. They looked promising as they scrambled up nicely, but I had to spit the first bite out. I never waste food like that, and will pretty much always eat something even if it doesn’t turn out great. But these simply egg substitutes were disgusting. Too bad as I guess I’ll have to stick to just egg for now. Would’ve been nice to find a suitable alternative at TJ’s!

  76. Stefanie

    Amazing product. Extremely satisfied.

  77. HBJess75

    I agree with several of the reviews with a similar rating. I was excited to try this new product which I greatly regretted and was a complete waste of money and food. First, I could hardly get past the smell, I can’t even begin to describe the odor which passed onto the taste as well. I made a crustless veggie quiche using this product and again, both the taste and the smell was awful it was not edible and had to be discarded. Do not waste your money on this product, it should be pulled from the shelves, I love Just Egg which is my go to.

  78. Merv

    I really wanted to like this. It’s cheaper than JUST (when not on sale) at $5/16 oz vs $5/12 oz, but apparently with good reason.

    Like many other reviewers, I tried scrambling first. It had an off putting odor and quickly turned into a paste. Still, I pressed on. Eventually got it to a scramble like finish and seasoned it as I would with JUST.

    It had terrible mouthfeel and absolutely no flavor. Even drenched with condiments it was barely edible. The texture was still pasty and dry, did not coagulate or hold shape as denatured egg protein would.

    The one good thing I can say is that it came from the pan very easily and cleanly, did not stick nearly as bad as JUST.

    I’m going to try baking with it, only because I don’t want to waste food. There are plenty of other simpler, cheaper options when it comes to egg replacement in baking that I am well accustom to; applesauce, coconut yogurt, tapioca starch, arrowroot, to name a few, as well as commercial mixes from Bob’s Red Mill and Follow Your Heart.

    I hope they can take this feedback and improve, it would be super if there were more options and competition in the egg replacer market. We need to get these cost competitive with the animal industry.

  79. Rose Ann

    I echo the other one star comments. I’ve been vegan for over 20 years and this is possibly the worst plant-based product I’ve ever wasted good money on. I prepared the Simply Eggless this morning for breakfast, scrambled with veggies, vegan sausage and vegan cheese, like I would JUST or tofu. Hated it from the first bite. The texture was weird and the flavor was simply gross. I thought it tasted kind of like the smell of dirty socks. My husband tried adding catsup and vegan mayonnaise but still inedible. We did manage to choke down a serving with our delicious TJ hash browns (highly recommend). The rest is going in the trash. I don’t want to contaminate my compost bin! Disappointed!

  80. Anabell

    awesome product my life is so much easier now

  81. Corryanne

    Really wish this product was sold in more stores as Trader Joe’s is far for us but certainly worth the trip!

  82. Jedihada

    For God sakes all of these 1-star reviews are absurd and honestly, it seems quite fake from my POV. The product is not that bad from what the reviews are saying. The reviews are definitely exaggerated. If you actually do use JUST EGG then you’d know it doesn’t taste half as good as Simply Eggless. Not only does Simply Eggless look and taste better but it’s also HEALTHIER. So for all you so-called “Vegans” reviewing this product if you’re actually real then you would’ve read the ingredients and noticed this. Arent we vegans concerned about our health? And you really think eating JUST EGG is healthier? JUST EGG HAS CANOLA OIL. GROSS. The 1-star reviews on this forum are nonsense and unbelievable. SIMPLY EGGLESS product is cheaper, healthier, cleaner, and overall a completely better product.

  83. Stefanie

    Really happy about this new vegan egg. Game-changer!

  84. Mikayla

    Couldnt have asked for a better Vegan Egg to come to market!!

  85. Riad

    Was hoping to get a hold of Simply Eggless at Trader Joe’s but it was sold out!! Becoming popular!

  86. Daniel

    Taste and texture for a vegan egg 10/10

  87. Katrina

    The texture is good. Consistency is really good. Doesn’t pour out clumpy looking like throw up like JUST egg.
    Loving Simply Eggless!

  88. Chris

    This is the kind of food substitute that people make fun of. It tastes strongly of sunflower oil–and nothing else. Explodes when you try to make scrambled eggs. If you manage to get it cooked without being spattered by scalding yellow goo, you’ll be delighted to find that it cooks into strangely glossy, plastic-like blobs. Utterly devoid of salt. I can’t comment to its gastric effects as I haven’t been able to bring myself to eat that much of it in one sitting. Took several weeks of sneaking it into my own food to get through it.

  89. Sarah

    I’m not sure why there are so many negative reviews. My “eggs” came out perfect. I put some olive oil in the pan, added some s&p with hot sauce and it was just like eating fried eggs. It didn’t get 5 stars because the flavor was a little lacking, but overall it was good.

  90. Eve

    The winner of the most disgusting products I’ve ever tried. I’m not a picky eater and I eat pretty much everything. But I could not even swallow it. It started with the smell. I couldn’t bear this stink. But I still decided to try it, it taste as bad as it stinks. I put it to trash immediately and opened all the windows to get rid of this smell. How could TJ even put this product on the shelves.

  91. alison

    i love all of the JUST EGG products, so was curious to try TJ’s version of a legume-based egg substitute.
    honestly, i prefer JUST EGG so much more; they have the texture/aroma/flavor spot-on for delicious eggness.
    Simply Eggless is quite a bit different. i wasn’t bothered by the texture, even though it does cook up much more “smooth” than JUST EGG. but the flavor was not “eggy”, and there is an aftertaste that matches the aroma, and for me, whatever it is, it’s pretty unappetizing and off-putting. i decided to freeze the remainder of the bottle in a silicone ice cube tray, and bag the cubes in the freezer, to try it in baking. maybe the smell and aftertaste will disappear in a different context. (but now my ice cube tray wells stink – hopefully i can get this bad smell scrubbed out -silly me!)
    i’m giving it 2 stars because i have hope that it will work ok in baking.

  92. Aubrey

    Horrible I can’t believe it was allowed on the shelf did no one taste test??

  93. Lauren

    My local grocery was out of Just Egg, so I decided to give this a try. Sadly, all I can say is YUCK! It tastes exactly how it smells… like cardboard. I’ll definitely be returning this! It cooks up fine and the texture is mostly fine (although faintly powdery), but I just can’t get past the strange, almost stale taste.

  94. Majelly

    I hadn’t been to a Trader Joe’s in a min now. Was at the gym next door, and figured I’d get some groceries done after. Found out they didn’t carry Just Egg, but they had their own version. Was actually pretty stoked to try it….made it as a scramble with some baby Bella’s, spinach, topped it off with some salsa, and avo. The texture was horrible, if your weird on texture…just Don’t. It was like runny porridge. I was feeling icky while I was eating, but pushed through, I didn’t want my veggies or avocado to go to waste, maybe I should have though, my stomach hurts, looks like I’m gonna sip on some tea for some hours. Trader Joe’s, I like you, but this wasn’t it..fix the formula.

  95. Dave Pomeroy

    Terrible, awful, no good, very bad product. It has an unpleasant texture, a bad taste, and a weird aftertaste. I wish Trader Joe’s would actually read these reviews and carry Just Egg instead, so that I wouldn’t need to go to other stores to buy it. I tried calling customer service, and they suggested I received a bad sample and that I should return it. How many times do we have to tell them that this is a bad product?

  96. Tõnis

    I’m a Just Egg super fan and decided to try this product for scrambled eggs. Like most people here, I couldn’t get past a few bites. Cheese helps/fixes a lot of things. I used my last piece of white American cheese anticipating a terrific plate of scrambled eggs; this product ruined the cheese by turning it bland. I tried to be a good sport, to make it work but couldn’t. Because some people say it worked great for baking a cake, I’m convinced this product is a victim of bad marketing. Perhaps it should be marketed as an egg replacer for baking, not for scrambled eggs.

  97. Janelle

    I can overlook the fact that it has no cooking instructions and scrambled like I would normal eggs. I can overlook the rubbery texture, even. But it just tastes terrible. I tried saving it with hot sauce and even that couldn’t do it. I’m going to pay the extra buck for Just Egg next time.

  98. Joe

    It tastes like mashed potatoes, cooks up well but I threw out half of what I made. there is not enough ketchup in the world to kill the taste.

  99. russell langbein

    i went to shoprite 4 just egg, but the were out. so i went over to stop& shop, they were out, but i noticed eggless on the swhelf and grabbed it and i’m glad i did. i fried it fur a sandwich and loved it. i keep going back to stop & shop but never seen it since.
    love this product.

  100. Adam

    I almost never have thrown out food, but this had to go. We gave this a try and could only conclude that we must have gotten a rancid batch. But after reading all the reviews here I realize no, it’s not just us, this stuff is awful, has a terrible chemical smell and flavor. No amount of condiments could hide the gag-inducing chemical odor. Either something has gone terribly wrong in their production process, and we have been sold entire batches of rancid lupin bean oil paste, or as someone mentioned here, these should be marketed as baking only egg replacements. We vegans also love the Just Egg product and we’re excited to try this competitor. I don’t understand how anyone could give this five stars, let alone even get down one bite.

  101. Trader’s No’s

    I had to seek out reviews (and this wonderful site) just to make sure that I wasn’t going crazy. My first batch of Simply Eggless had (and I am not kidding here) the slight odor of a rest stop public restroom. I know, it sounds like I’m trying to pull out the worst possible comparison, but it had the vaguely chemically smell of disinfectant, with an underlying rotting organic odor. As others say here, the consistency was soft and mushy like watery oatmeal. A few days later, I tried again: same rancid smell and taste. I was able to firm up the Simply Eggless “eggs” by cooking them on HIGH. But the dish was inedible–literally. I ate one bite and had to scrape the rest into the trash. I poured the unused product down the drain and dropped the bottle in recycling. Thanks for this site, no I know I’m not going crazy!

  102. Becky Rupert. ND, CCH, PGHOM

    As a naturopathic doc who is allergic to eggs, I used to order simply eggless by the case! I just want to point out that I chose simply eggless over just egg because Canola oil is terrible for you, just egg sets off an allergic reaction to me similar to eggs. Also some people may be interested in the fact that just egg is very estrogenic compared to simply eggless.
    We make frittata’s with it or we made creme brulee for the holiday. You do have to shake it very well. We often just put it in the freezer and pull it out when we’re ready to use. We often use it for french toast on sunday morning. For us, other applications seem to be better as an egg placement, such as in cakes. We tend to use a lot of herbs in cooking so our fritatta was not bland at all. Obviously with the reviews here, people either love it or hate it. But hopefully some of these comments will help people to use it more effectively and to make the appropriate choices for their individual health needs.

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