Plant Folk Coconut Creamer Reviews

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Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at many Trader Joe’s locations.

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21 reviews for Plant Folk Coconut Creamer Reviews

  1. Catherine Weeks

    I was so upset this past week when I learned that the Trader Joes coconut creamer had been discontinued (I used 3 a week), but I thought that this would be similar. It’s not. It has an artificial sweeter taste and is not made from organic coconut milk. Not sure if the bad taste is from the unidentified natural flavors or the other 3 different ingredients. Will have to find something else to use for my oatmeal and chia pudding.

  2. Anonymous

    I was very disappointed when my coffee had a sickening sweet taste to it. The main label does not indicate it is sweetened. Which I find misleading. Pass.

  3. Daphne Montouri

    not worth even one star. Off putting taste, not organic and not thick and creamy like the original coconut creamer in the green container.

  4. Jessica Brown

    I’m SO incredibly disappointed to find out that my beloved creamer has been discontinued! The new alternative is not even close to the same. Very artificial sweet flavor and too many unknown ingredients. The original Trader Joes coconut creamer was always flying off the shelf as soon as it was stocked. Just curious as to why a product that seemed to be in such high demand would be discontinued?

  5. Sharon

    Had to select one but I give this Zero stars for this product. This stuff is absolutely awful. I was in love with the previous coconut creamer using two a week for as long as I can remember. This new one has a terrible taste and worse leaves terrible after taste that ruins my coffee. Please Trader Joe’s find a way to bring back the original. This stuff is really bad.

  6. Pat

    Just horrible- ruins my morning coffee. Terrible taste and aftertaste. Not sure why they changed but this product is not good! I was a fan of original TJ coconut creamer and used it for years. I’ll be looking for another creamer.

  7. KM

    I actually LOVE this stuff! It’s a little thicker than the original TJ’s coconut creamer, which i also liked too but since they dont carry it anymore, I like this as a replacement.

  8. Mary

    Why did they remove the original coconut creamer? Production issues? Not sourced sustainably? The Plant Folk is horrible and very disappointing. Bad after taste

  9. Emma Roberts

    This cream is gross. yes gross. Ruined my coffee. will never buy again, tasted so awful ..If I could I would rate it a ZERO,

  10. WillieMaify


  11. Ariel

    Sooo disappointed, I loved the previous TJ branded one. Have not tried this one because it bear no kosher certification.
    Please bring back the original green/white TJ coconut creamer!!

  12. Karen

    The Plant Folk Coconut Creamer is delicious. I need more!!!

  13. Diana

    Disastrous replacement for the old one. Tastes like those horrid sickly sweet flavored coffee creamers. I tossed both cartons I bought after suffering through 2 cups of coffee. It ruined the coffee. The front label needs to identify it as sweetened. My mistake for not reading the ingredient list.

  14. Brenda

    Contains Titanium Dioxide.

  15. Cynthia Sands

    I totally disagree with most of these reviews. I tried the previous TJ creamer and found it tasteless, but I love this new one. I can finally taste the coconut. I wish TJ would also carry the Plant Folk coconut almond creamer that I have read about.

  16. Wei-Tsyr Shyu

    To me this is not much different from the previous green package one. I like it in my coffee, just the right smoothness with very low calorie(I’m doing intermitting fasting so this is perfect), not odd taste and won’t crudle. I would prefer this more than nutpod.

  17. Adaeze

    Love this creamer! Low calorie (5/serving) and great texture. And only 1g of sugar!

  18. Trina Lemons

    Terrible! I hate hate hate the new coconut creamer they replaced the old green and white one with. The one from Plant Folk is way too sweet.
    Plain Creamer should not be sweet. Please bring back the old stuff!

  19. Patti Gobeli

    TERRIBLE!!! Why would you replace a product that flew off the shelves? Find a way to bring back the Trader Joe’s original coconut creamer in the green carton. This is tooooo sweet. Just horrible.

  20. SEG

    I loved the old creamer, but had issues with it several times. They did have a production issue with it getting slimy. The Plant Folk is creamy and delicious. I do not taste the fake sweetness others describe. It is consistent and I do not have to buy five at a time since the next time it is likely to be out “for a few weeks.” I would seek this out at another retailer if Joe’s brings the old one back at this point.

  21. Kristina

    Tastes terrible and was disappointed to see so many ingredients and coloring added. I will not be purchasing again.

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