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12 reviews for Milton’s Multi-Grain Bread Reviews

  1. ART


  2. Tom Buss

    The bread taste good. Flavor was ok. But, they put a grain or something that was rock hard! It reminded me of a piece of rice not cooked. Even chipped my tooth. Never again. I contacted them to about hard grains. They said they would get back to me. They didn’t!

  3. Carol

    Just awful. The squirrels and birds did enjoy it though.

  4. Bob F

    One of the best mass produced breads we have ever tasted.
    I heard that Trader Joes is discontinuing it because of low sales but I think they would rather just try to sell their own brand. The other reviews that I see say this bread is bad but I think these reviews are bogus and put their because Trader Joes is no longer selling it. Now we cannot seem to find it locally anywhere else. Bad move Trader Joe!

  5. Elizabeth K.

    Milton’s multigrain bread is the best tasting and healthiest bread our family has been enjoying for almost 20 years. My kids, when toddlers, ate it plain! Now, as teenagers, they make the best grilled cheeses with Milton’s. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued at Trader Joe’s! WHY? WHY? PLEASE BRING MILTON’S MULTIGRAIN BACK!

  6. Kashe

    Best bread ever! So disappointed that Trader Joe’s stopped carrying it. Been buying it for years. Now have to go to Whole Foods or Target to find Milton’s Multigrain bread.

  7. Kelly rodriguez

    I’m so so sad about this bread being discontinued.. it was the best sliced bread i’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. I hope I can find it elsewhere. In the meantime, you’ve negatively impacted my life Trader Joe’s. Tsk tsk.

  8. marsha Benoff

    The only healthy bread I really like, I have been willing to drive 28 miles to the closest Trader Joe every month to stock up but yesterday they had none and while the lovely customer service person tried to research for me she was unable to find any evidence of it’s existence.

  9. Joanne Sawyer

    Pese bring Milton’s bread back ! I have medical issues whose dietary restrictions contradict each other. Milton’s is the only bread that gives me both the protein and fiber I need plus tastes great ! It makes the BEST toast !

  10. Laura R.

    Milton’s Multigrain is the best packaged bread I have ever had. It makes great toast and grilled cheese (esp in combo with Trader Joe’s yogurt cheese) in addition to sandwiches. I am disappointed Trader Joe’s has discontinued it because they were the only distributor in my area. Please bring it back! And where did that Power juice go?

  11. Gilly410

    Just went into Trader Joes to buy the Miltons Bread and was disappointment to find they no longer sell it. It is my favorite store bought bread. Hope I can find it somewhere else.’

  12. MindyDC

    Milton’s Healthy Multigrain Bread is the best bread I have ever had. I have been eating it for over 20 years. I started buying it because it didn’t have any high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. But the taste and texture is perfect. I am truly disappointed I cannot find this anywhere.

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