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7 reviews for Mango Velamints Sugar-Free Mints Reviews

  1. Helen Bird

    So freaking good, I almost cried recently when I couldn’t find them anymore and the salesperson said they were a seasonal item. I had just discovered them.
    Very mango flavor, sweet/sour with a touch of mint. I found them addictive. Love the texture. I hope they come back soon. I have searched the Internet for them and they’re nowhere to be found.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG! I LOVED them. I, too, was so disappointed to find out that they’re seasonal. I can’t wait until they come back!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I love, love, loved them! Can’t believe they’re seasonal:(

  4. Anonymous

    I guess I’m happy to have found this post so now at least I have closure, but I’m also devastated.

    Who the hell decided that mints should be seasonal. How dare you!!!

    I smite thee!

  5. Amy

    Same here-couldn’t find them at Trader Joes yesterday and was so sad when they told me they were seasonal. The velamints website doesn’t even have them so they might actually be discontinued. They did have some others that sounded good- blood orange, cranberry-lime.

  6. Carol Adams

    Perfect flavored mints! Absolutely nirvana!!

  7. Nanette Hebdige

    I LOVE TJ’s I practically live there… if I am traveling and there is not a TJ near me as very disappointed as I purchase 99% of all my food there. I found these at the store in Scottsdale AZ and then went back because they were so good I was going to buy 2/4 tins to return to Miami. But they are seasonal. Like a TON of products at Trader Joe’s … they bring them in, you buy them, love them and then cannot find them again. As much as I am a loyal customer of TJ everywhere I go, I find that to be extremely frustrating and something that TJ should consider changing. It’s very disappointing to go search the whole store looking for something you want to re-purchase only to be told they don’t carry that item anymore.

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