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15 reviews for Coconut Lime Velamints Reviews

  1. Mark-Ellis Bennett

    Call the doc and wake him up, Harry Nelsson would be proud. Stimulating new marriage of flavors with a refreshing mint aftertaste. Best new confection since the Trader Joe’s green tea mints.

  2. George Heussenstamm

    Super mint. But they sold out and you have not re-stocked them. PLEASE do so IMMEDIATELY!!! They are TERRIFIC!

  3. Jan Fluchere

    Love the coconut lime Velamints but the container is horrible. Very hard to open and close. Would buy more but needs a better container.
    My favorite are the Green Tea Mint. Container is easy to open and close and the mints are perfect.

  4. Annie

    Love them! perfect size, great flavor! Container slides open, odd but works fine. store my me out, they are more expensive on amazon =(

  5. pixie shannon

    Awesome, but I’ve been told they aren’t going to stock them any more. Grand daughter walked off with my entire supply after her visit. Bah Humbug.

  6. tracy

    best candy out there – please reconsider stocking them!!

  7. Ellie

    I agree with Annie. Fabulous taste but the package is awful. It’s hard to open and reopen without the mints spilling out. (I now put them in an old mini altoids container after I open the package.) My store said they’d be back in the spring. Please consider having these for sale all year round.e

  8. Dawn

    We love “the lime in the coconut” mints!! So sad that they were only stocked for a short time!!! Bring them back? Please???

  9. Anna

    These are my all-time favorite sugar-free mints. The coconut-lime flavor sounded intimidating at first, because all I could think about was the over-scented hand creams at Bath & Body. But the flavor is subtle. The mint is not over-powering as in my opinion are Altoids. And best of all, there isn’t an aftertaste as is often the case with sugar-free mints. I’m hoping that they restock this seasonal item again soon.

  10. Andy

    These coconut lime mints are the best I have ever tried. The box open smoothly by it slide system. Please please bring them back!!

  11. Melayna

    Bring them back!

  12. Cuqui

    Oh TJ, why do you tease us so, had my last super wonderful Velamint coconut lime mint today and your stores are out of stock. Hate to have to mail order them, PLEASE restock!

  13. Sybyl

    What is going on in the world; why don’t you have these anymore? These mints are so good – Pretty Please get them back on the shelf>

  14. Laura Brown

    For everyone saying “Have them all the time” — you know TJ’s philosophy is keep ’em wanting more! They’ll be back…eventually. You have to keep coming to look for them. (Kind of like the dried pears, and a hundred and one other short-term items.

    I don’t really mind, actually. Keeps things interesting, and you try out new things in the meantime.

    For those who think the lid is difficult, pry it off, and remove the mint that is stuck between the tin top and the plastic part. It affects a certain percentage of the tins, true, but it’s an easy fix, once you know what to look for!

  15. Kristen D.

    Worst packaging ever. Love the mints, but won’t buy again because of the poorly designed container.

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