Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie Chocolate Chip Reviews

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3 reviews for Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie Chocolate Chip Reviews

  1. HB

    yummy treat, I wouldn’t consider these the healthiest snack option but they do taste good

  2. Wes

    At first I thought that this would be pretty bland/unappealing, given that it’s marketed as basically being “healthy.” However, after seeing the sugar/calorie count (both of which are high), I thought it must actually taste dessert-like.

    Unfortunately, it was closer to my first impression. Not very flavorful, and definitely didn’t feel like dessert to me. I’ve had many delicious vegan cookies, so it’s not about that part. But I wouldn’t eat this one again. If I’m going to have 400 calories and a bunch of sugar, I could eat real dessert!

  3. Erica Manishevitz

    DO NOT EAT THESE! Look at the amazon reviews. They cause awful GI distress !!! So terrible. Literally the worst gas and stomach distress.

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