Gran Capitan Hard Cheese with Black Olive Paste Reviews

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Made from cow, sheep, and goat’s milk.


2 reviews for Gran Capitan Hard Cheese with Black Olive Paste Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Had a sample. Couldn’t really taste the olive paste. Maybe my piece didn’t have much olive paste. Taste like other semi-hard crumbly cheese like toscano, unexpected cheddar, etc

  2. Maynard Gugggenhiem

    Generally, tasty. Needs to be room temperature to fully enjoy. Cold it lacks any real flavor just texture. Olive flavor present but not overwhelming. Varies by piece as its spread around. Saltiness is strong but manageable. Hoped for more of that gamey quality considering the other animal milk, was disappointed, no game. Still a nice addition to any charcuterie board. Pairs well with cured meat, dried figs, marcona almonds. Also folds into to eggs beautifully. Definitely a red wine cheese. Pinot, zinfandel or tempranillo.

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