Cucumber Watermelon Velamints Reviews

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4 reviews for Cucumber Watermelon Velamints Reviews

  1. Lea Clark

    These are so good! They’re not “minty” mints. They have cucumber and watermelon flavor, with just enough mint to be refreshing. The tin packaging is terrible – the lid slides right off(reason for a missing star). They spilled out inside my purse. My Trader Joe’s no longer carries these mints…why? I really hope TJ’s brings these back with (hopefully) better packaging. I would buy these again and again!

  2. Dawn

    Love these! But I can’t seem to find them at TJoe’s anymore

  3. Nan

    Love them. Can’t find them at my TJ’s anymore! Please bring back to Paramus and Westwood NJ.

  4. Anonymous

    I love these things and am so sad that they are seasonal!

    For all those that love these refreshing mints, know that they will come back. I can’t remember if it’s in the spring or summer. But they will return

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