Cachet Premium Belgian Chocolate Assortment Reviews

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Includes chocolates like milk chocolate with hazelnut cream, dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt, and white chocolate with vanilla mousse.

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8 reviews for Cachet Premium Belgian Chocolate Assortment Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    rc pro came through these smack

  2. Nick

    Outstanding … please make it a yearly seasonal buy or … even better increase its availabitiy to year-long. Thank you

  3. Xxx

    How much is it?

  4. Lin McKay

    As good as it gets for chocolates, wonderful selection. Cachet is the best.

  5. Mikey

    An instant hit. They have the best presentation and the chocolates are delicious. Should not be seasonal. Make it available year-round.

  6. Titi

    10 stars!! Please make it available all year long.

  7. Coco

    Suuupper delicious !!! I had 5 boxes for myself planning to finish in 6 months. Sadly it’s gone sooo sooon!! Yum yum ) Now I have to wait another year ??

  8. David Meyer

    Whatever changes were made, they weren’t for the better. These were close to real Belgian chocolates the last couple of years. They now are not even close.


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