Trader Joe’s World’s Largest Fusilli Pasta Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

Italian artisan pasta macaroni product.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s World’s Largest Fusilli Pasta Reviews

  1. Mike

    Made a home-made alfredo sauce which was perfect for these noodles. Topped with crispy italian sausage and roasted broccoli. It was super dangerous and awesome

  2. ‘stina

    This stuff is amazing. Holds sauce really well. Good texture. Cooks well.

    Only downside is I was told it’s “seasonal” and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Dammit.

  3. David

    This was great! It easily cooked to a perfect consistency, and was fantastic paired with the Truffle Picante Sauce. Now I keep looking for it at our local TJs, and it’s not in stock. Would like to make this a regular purchase!

  4. Donna J Setz

    My whole family (and they are picky) LOVED this pasta! I went back a few weeks later specifically to buy a lot more and it was no where to be found 🙁

  5. Kyae.s

    The perfect noddle for mac and cheese. Like the comments above, this holds sauce VERY Well. I just wished it wasn’t a seasonal thing.

  6. Nancy Faust

    Excellent but can’t find it again. One comment says it’s seasonal. When is it sold then?

  7. Anonymous

    Taste like normal sized fusilli pasta.

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