Trader Joe’s Wild Salmon in Yogurt & Mint Sauce Reviews

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16 reviews for Trader Joe’s Wild Salmon in Yogurt & Mint Sauce Reviews

  1. Steffie

    I like this frozen meal but not as much as Cod Provençale. The salmon taste good and flaky. Its a very satisfying meal with only 350 calories. Many of my favorite frozen meals from TJ.

  2. Lara

    I decided to try this again, as I’m dieting. It was edible, but quite bland. I prefer the TJ’s mojito salmon, but it’s got too much fat to fit into my diet.

  3. Cynthia cook


  4. Cam24

    Quite possibly the worst item I’ve ever bought at Trader Joe’s.
    After over seven minutes in the microwave, the fish was completely raw in the middle, while the outsides were more rubbery than my car’s Michelin tires. Whoever thought making the whole dish taste of mint needs psychiatric evaluation. This is a filet of salmon, not a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

    If you enjoy chewing on schoolroom pink erasers, bathing in mint-chip ice cream, and gambling with the sterility your food, this is the dish for you.

    If not, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

  5. Susan Stone

    After reading several earlier reviews wile I cooked the salmon dish, I was already set up for disappointment with the dish.
    I decided to broil the dish as it did look very sick after it had been in the small oven. Also grabbed lemon pepper and grated it. The vegetables had a nice taste and benefitted from the extra cook time as did the salmon. I would not buy again- the first in many years.

  6. Lynn Swan

    I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s, but this meal just doesn’t do it for me. The orzo pasta is watery and mushy and way too sweet. I hope Trader Joe’s will come up with a better salmon meal soon.

  7. Lynn Swan

    I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s, but this meal just doesn’t do it for me. The orzo pasta is watery and mushy and way too sweet. I hope Trader Joe’s will come up with a better salmon meal soon.

  8. Linda

    I found the salmon very tasty my kids say I am very picky with my food but on a diet found it very filling

  9. Kristy

    So good. Yes it needs salt and comes out better in the oven than microwave, but it shouldn’t be a shock that microwaved salmon isn’t the best. I’m actually hesitant to write a review since it’s not always in stock and I don’t want more people buying it, but I was shocked at the bad reviews. This is my go to treat dinner when I’m trying to eat lighter. I stalk it at the store and buy 10+ when I see them.

  10. Jean

    I love this quick and easy dinner, low in salt and calories and carbs, high in protein. Tasty and satisfying. I’m worried that it is being discontinued. Please, TJs, continue carrying this product!

  11. Alison

    I am obsessed with this meal! My favorite go-to meal when it’s just me and I’m not cooking for others. It’s quick and healthy. I mix it in with a bowl of spinach or arugula that wilts with the heat. I sometimes add juice, grape tomatoes, truffle salt or basil, but it’s tasty on its own without anything else. It keeps going out of stock at my store and I hope they keep carrying it because it is my favorite!

  12. Betty

    It keeps going out of stock at my store and I hope they keep carrying it because it is my favorite! Why don’t they have it in???
    It is very good for a frozen meal. If you want better, be prepared to do some COOKING or go out!

  13. Meg Wood

    Terrible. Not edible. Don’t do it.

  14. Ruth

    One of my three favorite frozen meals. Love the taste and the mix with the orzo and mint.

  15. Judy Weintraub

    last time i was at TJs, i was told sadly, this is discontinued. i read revues here, i see various reasons that some don’t like it. That’s understandable for them, but others like it and i wish TJs would not discontinue it, i will buy a whole big freezer and put it in my garage so i can get hundreds of them at a time, i never want to run out, But i’m out now and so sad. It was unavailable in 2020 and has been unavailable for long periods a couple of times since then, there were shipping problems unrelated to TJs, it was a general economic problem, or global problem. But i was always grateful because whenever i asked, they said yes, they would have it again, it was not discontinued. i can’t bear that it’s discontinued. i don’t see it on this site so i hope it’s wrong. What i love about it is that i got recommendations from a great nutritionist a long time ago 25 years?, following those guidelines changed my life and i have super healthy ever since. One thing she “got” for me (she advised me intuitively, not by any book, and everyone is different)–for me she got fish, certain kinds of fish, one of them was salmon. i buy fresh salmon at TJs, it’s great. She did NOT get chicken, and so i stopped eating chicken. That was a hard one because if you buy an instant meal at a market, like a frozen meal, it’s almost all chicken, and that was the only meat that she didn’t get for me. She did get protein and she encouraged me to eat beef and fish. She also did not get much starch if any, very little bread. Not really any bread, it was ok to cheat a little but the basic diet has had those guidelines and has worked great. She mainly got rice as far as starch type things, and i learned to make it from scratch. The thing is, some nights for dinner, i don’t want to cook, i don’t have time, i’m too tired, but as long as i had TJs frozen salmon dinner , i was so happy. i love the flavor of it, and maybe that’s because my nutritionist didn’t get salt for me so my taste buds adapted to not using salt. Therefore i look on labels for low sodium ad this TJs frozen salmon entrees are low sodium. As others have said they are low calorie and that too is important to me. i want to be healthy and this is the healthiest frozen meal i’ve ever known, by a long way. As someone who doesn’t eat chicken and doesn’t eat pasta and doesn’t eat cheese (she did not get dairy for me), unless there is a frozen dinner with salmon and rice, i’m out of luck. I have bought and eaten so many of these over so many years. i just can’t bear it that i will not be able to get them anymore, forever !! i don’t want to feel hopeless, i want to be told that it’s unavailable now but some day it will be back i would also like to know of any other frozen entree that has fish or beef without cheese and pasta, like a beef entree with broccoli, and no high sodium sauce on it. About the cod entree which was a counterpart of the salmon entree, i tried those more than once but couldn’t eat it because it would get often have tiny bones in it. i don’t want fish with bones, it stresses me out. Otherwise i would have loved to have another fish option, and i will always be grateful that TJs provided that option in such a healthy lo cal low sodium form. One of the reviewers said it was good but it needed more salt. Wouldn’t it work to put your own salt on it? would it have to come with the salt already on it or could a person just salt to taste? So that people who want or need to keep sodium low could enjoy it too? i will wish forever that a miracle will happen and i can know that TJs will provide this wonderful healthy (and to me, delicious) option again, even if it’s not now, if it could just be some day. i found that i like to have it together with the microwave asparagus which comes lightly oiled and seasoned. i don’t have anything to have together with that anymore.

  16. M. Valle

    Best and healthiest frozen food I have ever eaten. Please bring it back. I have GERD and can’t eat anything with tomatoes in it. I’m also in my first year of being a cancer survivor patient and you can’t imagine how wonderful it is to find a nourishing meal that cooks quickly. Plz restock it.

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